PSG-OM. In Marseille, the “Paris” are popular. Sport

This classic will have a special taste. As rarely in recent seasons, the clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille, this Sunday evening (8:45 pm) at the Parc des Princes, is a match at the top of the French Championship: it will oppose the leader ( PSG, 71 points) to his runner-up (OM, 59 points). For some Marseille players, in addition to the sporting question, this poster will also have another resonance due to their strong ties to the capital.

Five “Paris” in Marseille

“We are from Paris. It’s our home there.”recently confided William Saliba in the program “Le Vestiaire” broadcast on RMC Sports† The centre-back, who had become a Jorge Sampaoli version of OM at the age of 21 (he is the most used Olympic player this season), grew up in Bondy. It is in the club of the city of Seine-Saint-Denis, with the American Bondy, that the French international (2 selections) started playing football at the age of six.

There too, he evolved under the command of Wilfrid Mbappé, Kylian’s father, his most important relative to Sunday evening at the Parc des Princes. “He was my coach for one or two years. He was a real coach! He taught me everything and if I’m here today, it’s thanks to him.”told the player in 2018 on Popular from downtown

Like the defender, who also passed Montfermeil before being spotted by AS Saint-Etienne, iThere are four other players in the roster designed by Marseille president Pablo Longoria to come from the Paris region.

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Currently in good shape, Pape Gueye is one of OM’s “Parisians”. The 23-year-old Senegalese international was also born in 93, in Montreuil, before touching his first balls at Blanc-Mesnil. A club where he had a seven-year license, until his departure at the age of 13 to the training center in Le Havre.

Cédric Bakambu played two more years in Ile-de-France. The former Villarreal attacker, recruited by OM this winter, was born and raised south of Paris, in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). There he discovered football at the same time as the ES Vitry logo, before joining the neighboring club of Évry to express his talent and attract the attention of FC Sochaux recruiters.

The Congo international has maintained strong ties to his hometown. In an interview on Parisian last season he explained that he continued to invest with CA Vitry to start an elite club in the city.

Harit and Guendouzi in the PSG jersey

Amine Harit and Matteo Guendouzi have a much more direct relationship with Paris Saint Germain. The Moroccan international was born in Pontoise, in the Val-d’Oise, about twenty-five kilometers northwest of Paris. He very quickly went to the capital with the Espérance Paris 19th jersey (2004 to 2007 and 2008 to 2011), then that of the young teams of PSG at the age of ten (2007-2008), before completing a season in the Red Star academy (2011-2012).

Matteo Guendouzi wore the rival club’s jersey for much longer during his very early years. The native Poissy (Yvelines) came to the Paris club when he was six years old in 2005 and played there until 2014, before signing with FC Lorient to take advantage of playing time with the pros. “I played at Paris Saint-Germain very young, but I lived in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, it was just my city’s club, I represented it. Today I’m focused on Olympique de Marseille.felt obliged to justify the midfielder when he arrived in the city of Marseille last July, as if to assure Marseille supporters of his full involvement.

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Both players now get extra motivation from this past. “We’re going to have the record”Harit has already promised.