PSG players’ ratings against Real Madrid: Donnarumma weighed heavily, Marquinhos condemned them

Gianluigi Donnarumma: 2

But what a ball! He single-handedly brought Real back into the game by hesitating for Benzema. A monumental mistake that shook Bernabeu awake at the same time as Real. So far, though, he’s had a quiet evening. If he can’t do much about Real’s last two goals, he is at the origin of everything by restoring hope.

In short… What possessed you, Gigio?

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Ashraf Hakimi: 3

He went through hell for the first ten minutes before beating Vinicius. The Moroccan even allowed himself spectacular ball lifts. But his game has definitely been compromised by his alignment. A gross substitution error that is expensive at the time of doing the accounting.

In short… What a lack of vigilance….

Replaced by Julian Draxler (89th).

Marquinhos: 2

His match was a slow descent to hell until this pass in the ashes was intercepted by Benzema. The culmination of a night when nothing went right for the PSG captain. Between failed recovery in the middle (25th), hind leg felt bad in his area (27th), interception too long (36th) and especially big difficulties in the air against Benzema (37th, 64th). Short of Real’s second goal, he offers the third. Catastrophic.

In short: Benzema has made it his thing.

Presnel Kimpembe: 3

He too had a quiet evening until he had spent the last twenty minutes in hell. It all started with this burning ball lost in his area (74th), the rest was an ordeal. Eaten in Benzema’s fight at the third goal, the Parisian is completely out of his game and multiplies delayed interventions

In short… Unable to withstand the pressure.

Nuno Mendes: 5

Asensio, ghostly on Wednesday, made his life easier and Nuno Mendes ruled his side. The Portuguese remains the only Paris defender to have endured this nightmare on Wednesday.

In short… Strong, for free.

Marco Verrati: 5.5

His early relationship with Lionel Messi gave PSG air and ideas and the Italian, still full of vistas, was seriously committed to effective recovery work. But he failed to close the gaps in the second half as the ship took on the water in the 16 minutes that cost Paris the quarter-finals. Overtaken by the view of Modric which, however, he has long dominated.

In short… Cruel.

Danilo Pereira: 5

Valuable at first in recovery and in the air where he was the only one to compare with Benzema, he too was overwhelmed by Bernabeu’s awakening. Why doesn’t he intervene more quickly on Vinicius in Madrid’s second goal? Unable to deliver intensity when the PSG needed it most, he guided the slow decay of his people.

Replaced by Angel Di Maria (81st).

In short… He burst.

Leandro Paredes: 5

His stupid protest card from the 7th minute gets him into trouble. He opened the score by recovering the ball and quickly passing it to Neymar. He is the one who triggers everything. The release coincided with the black hole in Paris.

Replaced by Idrissa Gueye (71st), totally irrelevant.

In short… We will regret the release for a long time.

Lionel Messi: 4.5

He continues to descend irretrievably to the ground. At ease in the first period in a distant leading role, he offered many solutions but in the second period he disappeared. Unable to make a difference in his dribble, he tried to compensate with his passing quality. This is not enough. We can’t make him carry the weight of elimination alone, but the cold observation is clear. In 180 minutes, unlike Neymar and Messi, he was never decisive. It is a task for a Ballon d’Or.

In short… Recruited to grow PSG’s dreams, he suppressed them.

Kylian Mbappe: 7

This Wednesday he scored three beautiful goals. Two are taken from him by VAR, but his shot to the nearest post should have launched Paris on the highway. In what will no doubt be his future garden, the Parisian was just as exciting as he was on the outward journey by making differences on every ball. Tonight he made football child’s play with this incredible feint for Courtois on his second disallowed goal. Unfortunately for him, his teammates fell short of his standard and he may have played his last Champions League game with PSG.

In short… What a player…

Neymar: 5

He loses the ball that must not be lost when Madrid wakes up and counterattacks Madrid’s second goal. Until now, he had fulfilled his role by sending Mbappé to the moon on the opener. Used defensively before, he has lost his crushing kick and has lost many duels. Too much for a player of his quality and importance.

In short… The genius and the devil.

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