Pulisic cools LOSC, everything has to be redone

Lille still has everything to do during the break

It is calm in the Pierre-Mauroy stadium after this cold shower after extra time. This first half, almost nothing changes: Lille has to score two more times (without catching up) to believe in a qualification.

AIE Aie Aie…

Equalizer for Chelsea!

On their first chance, the Blues equalized with a brilliant attack from Pulisic. The American’s crossfire, launched by Jorginho in an overly passive defense of Lille, completely deceived Jardim. 1-1…

three more minutes

LOSC have three minutes left to take advantage of the euphoria of the goal scored and pack up the game even more before half time.

The wall pushes back!

Lille sends a cross from Marcos Alonso straight to a corner… which also doesn’t help Chelsea.

Gudmundsson’s big mistake…

The LOSC left winger lost the ball a bit stupidly and returned to his goal on a pressure from Havertz. He immediately makes a mistake on the German… and offers an eccentric free kick to the Blues.




THE REFEREE WHISTLES FOR LILLE! The 1-0 ball for LOSC is here… Yilmaz qualifies to take the penalty.

Offset free kick for Lille

Mendy forces himself into the air to clear the ball for the first time. The ball stays near the penalty area, is put back in the heap… and Lille claims a penalty for a handball from Jorginho. The referee stops the game and starts to consult the images.

Yellow vs Chalobah

On his first defensive move, Chalobah is overtaken by Jonathan David’s speed and liveliness. He keeps the striker on the edge of the penalty area… and gets a yellow card.

Access to Chalobah

The defender who was loaned to FC Lorient last season is making his appearance for this round of 16 of the C1 return.

Christensen injured

The Chelsea defender appears to have been touched by Djalo’s action… and is on his way to an exit from the pitch. Chalobah must take his place.

Djalo is going back

All alone on his left wing, the LOSC defense takes to the field, carries the ball, lets the ball slip, gets injured… and gets a free kick for his team on the halfway line.

Well, until now…

Lille is clearly not out of action, but qualifying is still a long way off. Since the first 10 minutes, LOSC has not shot on target. Neither does Chelsea. It’s a 0-0 that has no dispute.

Kovacic in power

The Chelsea midfielder hurt Lille very badly in this first half by hitting the ball hard at the foot. It’s not far from Havertz taking advantage at the end of the action, but the German has no time to strike.

David and Yilmaz against

David recovers the ball from Jorginho’s feet, at the entrance to his penalty area, and returns the ball to the other area… to watch Yilmaz’s cross escape in front of him.

Chelsea has the ball

Even though the Blues seem to be in trouble so far at this start of the match and have not been able to shoot on target, they manage to hold the ball a little more often (40-60) and control the intensity of the match. to lower .

Lille perfect in his match

Thomas Tuchel’s players have been quite passive thus far and have struggled to worry about the Lille block. Even after making the difference, Pulisic can’t find anyone in the middle… and Chelsea must make a foul to avoid Yilmaz’s counterattack.

Yilmaz in force!

The Turk’s shot goes high above the wall… and then falls a little too late. The frame slips, Mendy will be able to revive the Blues.

Free kick by David

Full ash, on a serve from Xeka, David puts his body in opposition to protect the ball. Christensen makes a big mistake… and offers an excellent free kick to LOSC.

The strike of Yilmaz!

At the start of the match there is room for Lille. With a high recuperation, the Reds can quickly project their way toward Mendy’s target. At twenty yards, Yilmaz takes the time to position his body before firing… at Thiago Silva, well placed to counter with a header.

Yilmaz on the ground

The Turkish striker complains about his ankle after Azpilicueta’s sole dragged on his foot. The referee says nothing, it becomes a throw-in for LOSC.

First bend of Lille

Gudmundsson forgets the ball a bit after a throw from Yilmaz. Unfortunately, the corner does not benefit Lille, while the audience reacts and pushes his players.

Let’s go for LOSC!

Jocelyn Gourvennec’s Lille has 90 minutes to recover the 2 goals from the defending champions of this Champions League in the first leg. Real Madrid did that against PSG in just 45 minutes. Can LOSC in turn have a crazy evening for its audience?

Entrance of the players!

It’s time for the Champions League song at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium. For the last time of the season or not?

The warm-up ends in Pierre-Mauroy

As the Lille and Londoners finish their warm-up, the atmosphere in the LOSC stadium begins to rise. Kick-off of this all-important Lille-Chelsea for France’s UEFA coefficient in ten minutes.

Summary of the first stage

On the Chelsea lawn three weeks ago, the Lille struggled to be dangerous and were punished twice. But at home this season, LOSC hasn’t conceded a single goal yet… It will only be necessary to score to scare the Blues.

Cygan: “Give it all, now”

At RMC Sport, former LOSC defender Pascal Cygan, who took part in Lille’s European campaigns in the early 2000s, wants to believe in the attacking momentum to make a move: “We have nothing to lose. We must give everything, attack and hope to score first. It would put the whole stadium behind the team. Imagine we are in the 80th… we finally score a goal. We only have 10 minutes left to score a goal. will that be enough? I think you should give everything right away, reward the audience and have no regrets.”

The Blues face sanctions

In a strange context after the sanctions against the Russian oligarchs and the latest revelations about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea had to evade sanctions and financial difficulties. Even though the players seem to want to stand up for their club, especially to fund the team’s journey.

Gourvennec: “You need a touch of madness”

Jocelyn Gourvennec, Losc coach, at the microphone of RMC Sport 1.

“It can be a great night. We will have to play the game intelligently. We will have to be pragmatic as well as defensively good and manage to bring a touch of madness into this game. It’s a bit like this. We missed him in the first leg. A touch of madness to change the game for us. If the game gets irrational, we have our chances”.

“Of course it’s in people’s minds. You have to be very determined, very diligent and you have to be able to pack the game. We will have the audience with us. On the other hand, there is a very strong team. It’s up to us to make it clear that the game might not smell good to them. That’s what we have to be able to do. It takes a lot of mental effort and play.”

“We’re going to work from the beginning to make a strong game. A game where we have to put our pace on them, a lot of effort. It’s the Champions League, there’s an insane intensity. We have to score.” All game situations are chances to score. You have to take that into account.”

“It still stings us, but there is a form of logic (that Chelsea are ultra favorites for qualifying, editor’s note† Chelsea is European champion, world champion. But if we doubt you, it is in these moments that we go for the maximum, that we push the boundaries. Losc have a lot of resilience, the ability to hurt themselves.

Ben Arfa on and Lukaku on the couch, Yilmaz starts

The composition of Lille:

Jardim – Celik, Fonte, Botman, Djalo – Bamba, André, Xeka, Gudmundsson – David, Yilmaz


Grbic, Raux, Ben Arfa, Lihadji, Gomes, Weah, Zhegrova, Onana, Bradaric

Chelsea squad:

E. Mendy – Christensen, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger – Azpilicueta, Kovacic, Kanté, Jorginho, Marcos Alonso – Havertz, Pulisic


Arrizabalaga, Bettinelli, Chalobah, M.Sarr, Kenedy, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Vale, Ziyecch, Werner, Lukaku

Letang after EU sanctions against Abramovich: “We didn’t ask for anything”

Olivier Létang, president of Losc, at the microphone of RMC Sport 1.

“We didn’t ask for anything (regarding a possible cancellation of the meeting due to sanctions imposed by the European Union on Roman Abramovich, editor’s note† We just asked to get a position whether the match would take place or not. The idea is to participate in this party, to make the competition take place and to play sports. There have been exchanges between the European Union, the French government and UEFA. We got answers that were identical.

“I spoke to some players that I know well at Chelsea, in relation to the situation and the leaders. They are suffering from this situation.”

Letang: “We must transcend ourselves”

Olivier Létang, president of Losc, at the microphone of RMC Sport 1.

“Busy? No. It’s a big event, the stadium is full. It’s a great opportunity. Everyone thinks Chelsea’s qualification has already been achieved after the first leg. We are playing against the European champion, world champion, who has five consecutive victories stay in the Premier League, we scored a goal here in the group stage… But I want, as chairman, for our team to make a team match. We see a great team, with great togetherness. (…) There It will take a lot of passion, expectation, enthusiasm. It will take a lot of courage, a great Lille team, but also a little madness (…) We will have to transcend ourselves individually, but also collectively”.

Gourvennec’s advice to his players to beat Chelsea

Jocelyn Gourvennec believes in the exploit. “We’ll have to be more accurate to finish, to get into their surface more. We had a consistent game, but we lack a bit of madness to finish better. I think we managed to bring some craziness into the games , but not every weekend “We played so many games that it was difficult to do it all the time. We have less than 10% chance of qualifying. In this situation, LOSC always responds. We built our European campaign by playing everything at 300%. The Champions League is an extraordinary competition,” he hammered at a press conference this week.

Renato Sanches Pack

Renato Sanches was released injured in the 24th minute against Saint-Étienne on Friday, suffering a lesion of the biceps femoris muscle in his left thigh. The Portuguese and package for the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League against Chelsea.

The reasons to believe in the qualification of the Mastiffs

Beaten at Chelsea in the first leg (0-2), Lille faces a huge challenge against the reigning European champions. If the Blues are superior on paper, there is reason for hope for Losc.

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Good morning all !

Lille was dominated 2-0 in the first leg in England and must sublimate this Wednesday against Chelsea in the knockout stages of the Champions League, in hopes of reaching the next round. A match to follow live on RMC Sport and commented here live. Kick-off at 9 p.m.