Record abs, champion of “chase tag” … This Sarthois multiplies physical prowess

Under his shirt of honest National 3 footballer hide holy chocolate bars. It must be said that Nicolas Bodereau, 23-year-old Manceau, has been maintaining them for several years. Especially since he became the world record holder for the number of sit-ups performed in one hour (8.007)! It was last October in Tours, in the city of his main competitor, Roger Prévost, a muscular man of… 85 years. How did this left-back from Sablé-sur-Sarthe (N3), who went through the Laval training center and future recruit for Corsican club Lucciana (N3), manage to set this record listed in the Guinness Book of Records?

Nicolas Bodereau follows the leitmotif of his story that changed “one night, in his room” while watching sports videos. We are in 2019. “I ran into Roger Prévost, a former soldier and bodybuilder and most importantly world record holder for abs in an hour. I said to myself, “Why don’t you try this record?” Nicolas warns local journalists and those around him about his crazy challenge. March 2020: In his garage, in front of 300 to 400 people, he breaks the old record with 9,700 abdominal contractions – “on your back, raise your chest with your hand behind your head as many times as possible in one hour” -. He reaches 3,000 abs more than the previous record.

In TPMP and Ninja Warriors…

His performance received “incredible media coverage”. Local media are interested in his physical strength. France 3 devotes a report to him. One evening he stumbles upon his record… in Touche pas à mon poste on C8. “I was shocked when I saw that…” And then, a few weeks later, a call from the production of the Ninja Warriors show. “There, I’m in a dream…”, confesses the one who goes to Corsica to continue his football career and who still thinks about turning pro. On the TF1 show, which will never air, Nicolas fails at a hurdle. “I wasn’t fast enough in qualifying. But I would have had my little moment of glory. †

Early 2021 phone call from Roger Prévost, the former lord of the abs. “He is calling me to challenge my record. It lacked messengers, bells. In short, according to him, nothing was done according to the rules of the art. A few months later Nicolas Bodereau dominates under the watchful eye of bailiffs Roger Prévost with 8,007 abs. “He found excuses, he was hit in his ego, but I don’t blame him,” smiles de Sarthois, who trained parallel to football to become a sports coach. A new spotlight that propels him to the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes a month later. “It was like a dream…” slips the one who has now paid for the services of a real estate agent.

French Chase Tag Champion

The young man stands out again in another discipline, but this time with his friends from Le Mans. Team Broco (“because I eat a lot of broccoli”) accidentally registers at Le Mans for the French “chase tag” championships (game or tag in extreme sport mode) and wins! Semi-finalist at the last European Championships in Belgium in January, the Le Mans team will participate in two competitions in Poitiers and Lille at the end of June. With the leader: the inexhaustible Nicolas Bodereau. A young man who claims to remain “simple” and has succeeded “thanks to his determination and his ambition”. But especially a sports prisoner: “I train every day for between an hour and an hour and a half. It’s my way of life. And for chocolate bars, any other advice? “The sign is important and I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. †