RIGHT OR WRONG. Fuel prices: in Occitania, has the liter really fallen below 2 euros as expected?

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Fuel prices would fall sharply on Monday, March 14: around 30 cents for diesel and around 10 cents for unleaded. Have resorts really lowered their prices?

It’s been a crazy week. The petrol price rose to € 2 per liter last week. Diesel rose 25.8 cents in seven days and became even more expensive than unleaded 95 E10, which rose 15.8 cents. On Friday, the Leclerc CEO’s promise filled motorists with hope: Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced a 35 cent drop in diesel and unleaded 95 by 8 to 10 cents for Monday, March 14.

Prices have indeed fallen. “I confirm the reflux, in the order of 30 cents for diesel and about ten cents for unleaded,” says the Parisian Francis Pousse, president of fuel distributors (excluding supermarkets) at Mobilians, the automotive services union. “The distributors passed on the decline very quickly, while that was not the case at all in the hypermarkets and supermarkets”. However, mass distribution represents 63% of fuel sales in France.

To check whether the service stations have applied the discount, we compared the prices of diesel and unleaded 95 E10 on the government website prix-carburant.gouv.fr, on which the service stations indicate their prices. We’ve increased prices on Monday evenings for rates updated through March 14. Please note that prices change during the day on Tuesdays.

Here the situation is department by department.


Prices have fallen. Several large retailers still sell diesel between €2.20 and €2.30 per litre. Only Leclerc in Foix and Intermarché Pamiers have prices below €2.


Diesel continued to be at high prices in some stations, but prices fell. Unleaded 95 E10 and diesel are less than €2 at Esso Express and Total Access in Carcassonne; Esso Express in Narbonne; Intermarche Narbonne; Total access in Lézignan-Corbière; Leclerc Salles d’Aude (A9) and Dyneff in Axat.


The price drop seems well applied to the department. Gas oil and unleaded 95 E10 are sold for less than €2 per litre. On Monday, the two fuels were sold for less than €2 per liter at Esso Express in Decazeville; Leclerc at Onet-le-Château; Super U at Onet-le-Château; Intermarché in Rodez, Bozouls, Saint-Geniez-d’Olt and Viviez; Carrefour market in Luc-la-Primaube; Super U in Olimps; Total Saint-Affrique.

Haute Garonne

Some gas stations remain at a price of more than € 2 per liter. Nevertheless, diesel and unleaded 95 E10 were sold for less than €2 at: Carrefour Labège, Portet and Purpan; Esso Express and Total Access Aucamville; Total Access in Toulouse (ret de Suisse, route d’Espagne, route de Saint-Simon, avenue des Etats-Unis), Blagnac, Saint-Orens, Saint-Alban, Saint-Gaudens and Villeneuve-Tolosane; Esso Express at Portet, Toulouse (route de Narbonne) and Villefranche; Intermarché and Total Access Balma; Total Access Colomiers and Portfolio; Intermarché in Toulouse, Castanet-Tolosan, Ramonville, Cornebarrieu, Montgiscard, Pinsaguel, Pompertuzat, Venerque, Fonsorbes, Castelnau-d’Estretefonds and Merville, Villefranche; Carrefour market Auterive and Cugnaux; Super U Fonbeauzard. On the highway, prices were less than €2 at Total Port-Lauragais Sud and Dyneff Toulouse Sud (A61 highway).


Refueling is slightly cheaper in the Gers. Several petrol stations went below € 2 per liter for diesel and unleaded 95 E10 from Monday: Total in Condom and Intermarché in Saint-Clar.


For diesel and unleaded 95 E10 for less than €2, go to Intermarché in Gourdon; Leclerc and Carrefour contact in Gramat. Few stations had updated their prices on the government site on Monday evening.

Lot and Garonne

Prices at the pump are lower in the department. Monday the fuel was less than €2 at Intermarché in Agen, Casteljaloux and Colayrac-Saint-Cirq; Total access in Boé, Le Passage and Tonneins; Total Marmande; U Express to Brax.


At Total Access in Tarbes, Lourdes and Argelès-Gazost, diesel fuel and unleaded 95 E10 dropped below €2; Total in Bazet and Sarrancolin; Esso Express Lourdes; Carrefour market Lannemezan.


A liter of petrol sells for less than €2 at Esso Express in Castres; Total Express in Saix; Total in Lisle-sur-Tarn and Réalmont.


Few stations had adjusted their prices on Monday evening. Diesel and unleaded 95 were sold for less than €2 at Leclerc Aussonne; Intermarché in Moissac, Montech and Valence-d’Agen; Total access in Montauban; Total in Realville.

If your gas station isn’t on the list, it means it didn’t sell diesel and unleaded 95 E10 for less than $2 a liter on Monday night or it didn’t update its rates on the government’s website. It should again be noted that since these prices were read, prices may have changed on Tuesday.

On Monday, in a highly volatile market, a barrel fell 5.12% to $106.90. The price drop at the pump must continue. For the future, everything depends on the evolution of the international situation.