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Roads, social, spatial planning, sport: the various measures of the Department Council

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A new part of the work is planned on the RD612 between Albi and Castres, near Puygouzon. © Archive – Alexandre Renault / Free Tarn

The departmental advisers met on Friday 13 May during the Standing Committee. They voted unanimously in favor of 45 measures, in particular for opening up the department and developing mobility or preventing the loss of autonomy of the elderly. The Departmental Council has also reiterated its support for sports structures or even for municipalities and intermunicipal companies in the territory.

The Faculty Council has provided clarity in a press release about the various measures that have been voted on.

For the departmental roads, it involves a global envelope of 9 million euros that was arbitrated this Friday. In particular, it includes:

– the construction of the RD 612, a main axis linking Albi and Castres, which runs for 4 km to the town of Puygouzon.
– The last part of the development of the RD 964 between Gaillac and Graulhet over 2 km in the municipality of Técou.
– The development of a crossroads in Castelnau-de-Montmiral.
– Rehabilitation of roads after bad weather in Mazamet, Dourgne, Escoussens, Boissezon, etc.

805,000 euros for social action

In the field of social action, the Tarn Departmental Council has also approved the program of action for the current year, as well as the departmental aid allocated to the 78 project owners who carry out 105 collective actions for prevention, support for carers, the elderly and people with disabilities and psychosocial support. This financial support of a total of 805,654 euros will enable these structures to carry out and organize these projects in favor of healthy aging in an adapted living environment.

142,000 euros for several small municipalities

In addition, the Tarn department is continuing its efforts to develop the municipalities and intermunicipalities and the services present in these areas, in the general interest of the inhabitants of Tarn. For example, € 142,215 is divided among various municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants for the realization of various projects. The municipality of Sidobre Vals et Plateaux receives € 50,258 in support for works and improvements in Vialavert and Fontrieu. Finally, a financial support of more than € 140,000 will be paid to the community of municipalities of Carmausin-Ségala for the development of a bakery in Pampelonne.

Help for sports

In particular, the Department Council has approved a number of financial support measures for sport in the Tarn. For example, 18 departmental sports committees have received support, in the form of an agreement, for a total amount of € 402,787. A second distribution will take place in June, which will finalize support for the departmental sports committees in 2022. With a support of € 23,000, 8 sports associations can organize and organize different events such as the Albi Marathon, the 14th Regional Rally of Val Dadou, the 2nd Carmausin Ségala Bike Tour or the final stages of the UFOLEP National Volleyball Cups for adults. Finally, 4 associations, for a total amount of 21,199 euros, will be supported for the purchase of new equipment: the departmental committee UFOLEP, the departmental athletics committee, Albi Sport Vélo and the Olympique Montredonnais.

100,000 euros for culture

Finally, in the field of culture, almost 100,000 euros were mobilized for some twenty associations and players in the neighbourhood.

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