Rouen. A big esports competition on Sunday at Novick’s Stadium

The Smash Bros Ultimate video game competition will be hosted for the second time at Novick’s Stadium in Rouen on Sunday, March 6, 2022. (©ASPTT Rouen)

Rouen (Seine Maritime) organizes this weekend, from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 March, the second edition of the ring of smash, a great competitive tournament on the essential game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Released in 2018, players battle there, often one-on-one, through characters from a video game universe. Sunday, from 2 p.m Novick . Stadium96 players will compete, including many players from the French top 20. For connoisseurs, Leon, from the Solary structure, or Raflow, from the BMS structure, will be in the game, respectively number two and three in the national ranking.

“Educate the youngest and parents” in video games

Initially open to the general public, the event is already a victim of its own success: only a few places were available in the middle of the week. This is the second edition of the Ring of Smash, which was already organized last October at Novick’s Stadium, by ASPTT Rouen. The sports association opened for the game world with the creation, at 94 rue de Beauvoisine in Rouen, of a playhouse, a place dedicated to video games. If the hall is open daily to regular visitors, it is also accessible to everyone, young and old, who wants to practice. Courses are also organized during the holidays, but they are not only devoted to video games, the aim of the ASPTT is also to open the doors of traditional sport to the youngest.

The organization makes a point of raising awareness of the dangers and benefits of digital technology among children and teens, as explained by David Cadinot, coordinator at the ASPTT: For him, the primary goal of the tournament is “to educate younger children and parents on video game practices.” .

From Friday evening and Saturday, the gaming house, rue Beauvoisine, will host activities related to e-sports.
From Friday evening and Saturday, the gaming house, rue Beauvoisine, will host activities related to e-sports. (©ASPTT Rouen)

The playhouse, rue Beauvoisine, will therefore organize the first activities of the weekend. From this evening, Friday, it will be possible to compete there on various video games. As is the tradition of the establishment, the weekly tournament takes place from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Smash Bros, which brings together the weekend registrations as well as “single players,” reports David Cadinot. This competition is open every week to everyone from the simple beginner to the experienced player.

A virtual tournament and a dodgeball

The following day, Saturday, March 5, there will be a series of new events at the playhouse, this time open from 10am. During the day, two new tournaments will take place, on the one hand virtual, always on Smash Bros and on the other hand physical. The first is played by teams, but in individual confrontation, from 2 to 6 p.m.; the second will be a match of dodge ball, another name for the prisoners’ ball that will take place at the Mandela gymnasium, in the Saint-Clément district. This playful moment allows players to break free from their busy weekend in competition!

The event is suffering from its own success... In the middle of the week there were only a few places left for the game at Novick's Stadium!
The event is succumbing to its own success… In the middle of the week, there were only a few seats left for the game at Novick’s Stadium! (©ASPTT Rouen)

Finally, on Sunday, March 6, the long-awaited event of the weekend takes place at Novick’s. The ASPTT, which also has its own e-sports team, has managed to bring together big names from the competitive gaming scene. Naetoru, winner of the first edition, will this time try to keep his title against opponents of a different caliber. The event will be followed face-to-face as well as remotely, with the match being broadcast on ASPTT Rouen’s Twitch channel.

The attractiveness of the tournament also seems to give ideas to the organizers who, if they especially want to “enrich what already exists”, are now thinking about the organization of other tournaments, of which there have been a few weeks on the FIFA football game.

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