RSA under conditions, pensions, education: the main lines of Emmanuel Macron’s program if he is re-elected

Emmanuel Macron will present the main features of his program this Thursday. It should present about thirty proposals.

There’s the scrum and… the presidential candidate. It has been floating above it for a long time. And still rising. At 25% of voting intentions in January, that’s now over 30%, 33% according to the most favorable polls. So much so that the election seems already over. However, for a few days now, his relatives are most confident. Christian Estrosi, for example, remembers the regionals of 2015.

He was then well ahead of Marion Maréchal Le Pen, the Bataclan attacks caused him to lose 12 points and his competitor was well ahead of the first round. The presidential candidate himself repeated it in his candidacy video: “Nothing is written”, “It is not crooked at all”, “The French do not give their confidence like that”…

In this regard, Emmanuel Macron will present his program next Thursday, March 17 at 3 pm in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), three weeks before the first round of the presidential elections. These are the main points.

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“The project I want to present to you today is the result of cohesion, emancipation, progress for all, which is fueled by the crises we have gone through. It is a project with what you want to do and then you have to confront the world as it is coming,” he said in the preamble. It should present about thirty proposals.

Army – Defense

Emmanuel Macron made the issue of war the opening of his press conference. He announces that the reservists for the army will be doubled and for the internal security forces, namely the police and the gendarmerie. But also the “generalization of civilian service that enables the acquisition of skills that strengthen the resilience of the nation”.


“I hope we can strengthen the action for the renewal of generations”. With the war in Ukraine and the threat to food security, the president wants to focus on educating future farmers and helping them settle in. “In the next 12-18 months we will have deep food crises and Europe must empower itself to respond to these challenges”

Sectors of the future

EUR 30 billion for the “sectors of the future”. “We must be able to continue to strengthen the consolidation of our companies (…). We will abolish the Company Value Added Contribution”. The president thus promises several billion in sectors of the future, such as “mini-space launchers, biomedicines, semiconductors”.

Renewable energy

“France is committed to a strategy of carbon neutrality by 2050. We could be the first major country to break out of dependence on gas, oil and coal”. But also to make electric vehicles more accessible: “We are going to set up leasing to support the most modest households”.

Emmanuel Macron is betting on the massive deployment of renewable energy sources with “50 offshore wind farms by 2050”.

culture and news

The goal: “cultural and informational independence”. To do this, Emmanuel Macron proposes three objectives. The first, “protecting free information from interference”.

The second, to fund the production of “free and independent information” and finally to continue supporting artists. “We will fight to build a European Metaverse,” he added.


The president, if reelected, wants to “strengthen the autonomy of our universities to make them full-fledged research operators.” He also wants a “reform of the secondary vocational school to make it a path of excellence”.

“Financing our research will be a key element for the next 5 years.” With the implementation of new tools. and “two major levers for reform: strengthening the autonomy of our universities and positioning research organizations in strategic sectors for French independence” to attract “the best international talent”.

And if elected “to advance the fight against school and cyber-harassment.” “The suffering of our children is a phenomenon that has completely exploded in recent years and we need to mobilize fully,” he recalls.

For the school, he wants “wide consultation with national objectives” to “be able to train better, give everyone the same opportunities and trust and better recognize teachers”. Thanks to a “pact” that should go through an increase in allowances, more replacements for absent teachers and a rapprochement between the school and the families.

But also to strengthen mathematics, French, art education and sports. The culture pass will be extended to secondary school students.


The chairman did not comment on the matter, saying he wanted to take into account the specificities of each, especially long careers “in social dialogue”. He confirmed that he wanted to raise the statutory retirement age to 65.


As a candida, Emmanuel Macron wants to “transform Pôle emploi into French travail”. “The idea is to succeed on the scale of a territory to pool all the know-how: from Pôle emploi, from our regions, from the municipalities, from the local missions. There is too much segmentation of those who support the return to work.


The RSA is now conditional on a work activity. Emmanuel Macron announces the obligation to “carry out 15 to 20 hours per week of training in integration or employment to take advantage of the RSA”.


Emmanuel Macron wants to “help city doctors so they can admit more patients by generalizing medical assistants”. And “designate a pharmacist or a referent nurse in an area” as the person responsible for “simple actions”.