Rugby. National rugby sevens final for Stade Caennais

The senior rugby sevens team of Stade Caennais will be in the national final on July 2, 2022 in Meaux. ©Pascal’s Photos – Facebook

Unprecedented qualification for the senior rugby sevens team of the Stade Caennais Rugby Club! After finishing second in the regional championship, the Caen team travels to Meaux the Saturday 2 July 2022 dispute final of the French Rugby Sevens Championships† The first game of the Normans takes place against a major opponent, Polynesia.

A first national qualification for the inhabitants of Caen

At the end of the rugby season in April, Stade Caennais formed a sevens rugby team by challenging themselves to qualify for the regional finals. Finally, the septists from Caen provided a surprise by ranking second in the qualifying tournament in Normandy, behind Evreux. The first two regional places to offer a place for the national final, the people of Caen are selected to the fifteen other top teams in mainland France and abroad† The meeting will take place on Saturday 2 July 2022 in Meaux.

For example, the regional vice champions take part in a national championship for the first time.

A very strong competition

Every team plays four games during the day. The Caennais’ first meeting will face a formidable opponent, the Polynesia

We start the competition by meeting an atypical team: Polynesia. We can hardly do better in terms of opposition. Culturally, rugby sevens is part of their DNA. Polynesians bathed in this spirit of sevens rugby from an early age.

Hugues Roussel, co-coach of Stade Caennais Rugby Club

“We go there with great humility”

At the start of the seventh rugby season, the ambition of the Caen team did not extend beyond the regional level. By finishing second at this stage, qualifying on a national scale means “just a bonus”, in the words of Hugues Roussel.

It’s a bonus for the players and for the club. We go there with great humility as we are not sevens rugby specialists. But we go there to proudly wear the colors of the club and the city of Caen.

Hugues Roussel, co-coach of Stade Caennais Rugby Club

What is the difference with rugby union?

Rugby sevens is a fast game† The dimensions of the country are the same as for rugby union, so each player has to cover more ground. The main difference from rugby union is that there are far fewer clash phases. The game requires: athletic qualities strong enough so that the playing time is very short. Instead of the traditional 80 minutes, a sevens rugby match takes place in two halves of 7 minutes

A thriving sport

Sevens rugby is often associated with recreational rugby, but this sport has become a discipline in its own right at the level of the French Rugby Federation.

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“It is an atypical sport that requires great individual qualities from the players,” says Hugues Roussel. It is for this reason that the Stade Caennais sevens rugby team was created on a voluntary basis, as this type of game is not suitable for all rugby players.

At the international level, rugby sevens is the only form of rugby to be present at the Olympics since the 2016 Rio Games.

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