Rugby sevens. Stade Caennais wins national bronze

The Stade Caennais sevens rugby team finished third in the French federal championship on Saturday 2 July 2022. ©Hugues Roussel

Meaux host of the Saturday 2 July 2022 the French Federal Rugby Sevens Championship final† An atypical discipline that brought together the fourteen best teams in France. Among them are the Caennai Stadiumswho climbs onto the podium after three games and the . wins bronze medal

“Dive into the unknown”

Rugby sevens, only olympic discipline Rugby is still a sport in full development. Stade Caennais showed this by taking their team to the national final, while the club aimed for the regional final at the start of the season. The Caen club is mainly focused on rugby, so this qualifier was taken “with great humility”, says Hugues Roussel, co-trainer of Stade Caennais with Pierrick Gaillard.

Sevens rugby matches have nothing to do with the traditional rugby union. The game takes place in two halves of seven minutesand players are subject to a intense game† This format is athletically particularly challenging for organizations, especially since it was very hot on the lawns of Meaux on Saturday 2 July. However, the people of Calvados were able to stay focused and mobilized until the last minute.

In rugby sevens, individual failure is terrible. A lot can happen in seven minutes. The reversal balls are vital and we managed to exploit them. There were better teams than us, but there are a lot of small parameters that make all the difference in rugby sevens. We made few individual mistakes and the players managed to score as soon as they got the ball.

Hugues Roussel, co-coach at Stade Caennais Rugby Club

‘We created a surprise from the first game’

To warm up in the tournament, the Normans faced off against the formidable team of Polynesia, land of rugby sevens. In the end, de Caennais came out largely victorious with a score of 22-7

They offered a different game than we expected, with a game of direct confrontation. We were able to move well and play recovery balls. We have a good first game.

Hugues Roussel

After the victory over Polynesia, Stade Caennais takes on the team of pessac on a totally different style of play, and wins 18-12

They offered us a much faster game and less confrontation, so we struggled at the start of the game, but the players recovered and it was in the second half that we made the difference.

Hugues Roussel

The Caennais meet the club ofEpernay, against whom they have played many times in rugby union. Powerless against this “high quality opponent”, the Normans bowed 42-14

The team plays the small final against theAmerican metropolitana club in the suburbs of Lyon and won 31-21and so climb to the third step of the podium.

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Rugby 7s
General standings of the 2022 French Federal Sevens Rugby Championship. ©JC Technique Seven’s

“Proud to wear the colors of Caen and Normandy”

“Through the club we represent the city of Caen”, says Hugues Roussel, emphasizing the players’ sense of belonging to their city and region. The former Basse-Normandie and the city of Caen are not considered rugby grounds, but the ambitions and talents of Stade Caennais are real. For this the club needs: partners and from volunteers to strengthen its teams at all levels.

The composition of Stade Caennais

The delegation of Stade Caennais for the French Federal Championship consisted of: Lucas Remaud, Julien Salle, Zaur Kacharava, Loïc Millet, Lucas Deshogues, Matys Benoist, Lucas Kisielewicz, Paul Gaillard, Damien Carrillo, Hugo Lechesne, Grégoire Desante, Corentin Legras, Justin Pierre, Samuel Guillaume and Pierrick Paulin. Their coaches Pierrik Gaillard and Hugues Roussel were also in attendance.

Players are now on vacation until July 19the date they will start with the summer preparation† For the 2022-2023 season, Stade Caennais will maintain its dominance in rugby union, aiming to progress to Federal 2. As for rugby sevens, “we’ll see what the players want to do”, says Hugues Roussel. Their medal will be put into play next year and the club hopes to continue the momentum started this year with this third national place.

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