RUGBY. Wales – France: Burning end of the match, the 6 Nations match live

WALES – FRANCE. France’s XV retains its advantage but suffers from the attack and Welsh footwork. The end of the match promises to be very tough.

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23:15 – Thank you

Thank you all for following us for this live commentary which saw France’s XV win against Wales with guts; See you in 8 days for the final day and the clash against England at the Stade de France, with the Grand Slam on the line.

23:10 – Blues with character

We imagined a game test, a contrast between two teams who love wide open spaces and attractions, inspired and inconsiderate memories. Not much of a battle. Instead of lyricism and romance, the XV of France is subject to a different kind of test, the one that defines your character comes to test your solidity and your determination. Beneath Biggar’s shells, the tricolor lines held up and swept the waves away without showing the slightest flaw. There was of course technical clumsiness, lack of discipline, but these were always compensated by constant effort and solidarity. An aggressiveness exemplified by Gabin Villière, a winger with a big heart and a fierce appetite for battle, who would sneak into a maul to box the Welsh whore, or even Alldritt who always quickly put his hands on the ball as soon as an attacker opponent was tackled, as when Gros caught by the Adams shorts. It is also on an action of this type that the Blues took the victory. We played the final moments and in the fury of the Principality Stadium, the Welsh threw their last force into the fray and in contact Mauvaka put his hands on the ball before yanking it from the opposing arms. Tired, the locals abdicated after crashing into the tricolor wall.

However, nothing had predestined the assembly to such a sight. The start of the match was playful and as usual France managed to find the opening quite early as Jaminet, very available, negotiated perfectly on a slick move the excess from the outside to send Jelonch into the goal. It was only then that the Welsh started the war in the air, devising a cleverly crafted plan intended to put pressure on the tricolor receivers. The plan worked well as Galthié’s men made mistakes that were sanctioned by the Red Devils striker, of which it was the 99th roster. But not enough. Pavic and his staff certainly did not expect such resistance and self-sacrifice. Because in addition to offering dazzling sequences, France’s XV has proved that it has managed to close the ranks and has shown that it has grown in all areas of the game. With this success on merit, the Tricolores offer themselves the scalp of title holder and above all we meet in a week to play the Grand Slam at home against England.

23:06 – Everything for the Grand Slam

By beating Wales, the French team won the fourth game in the Six Nations Tournament, its seventh in a row in all competitions, and may consider reaching the Grand Slam. The Blues haven’t achieved this feat since 2010, when they last won in the league. To achieve this, it will be necessary to dominate the English rival at the Stade de France next Saturday, March 19.

23:04 – Galthié: “We knew it was going to be super hard”

“We knew it would be very difficult against a hyper-tactical team, masterfully led by Biggar, that it would be played like this. We made a few mistakes but we are a learning team and we will continue to grow with these matches where you have to make clear decisions. We didn’t tick all the boxes tonight, but enough to win”underlines Fabien Galthié, a coach who is satisfied with the state of mind of his group.

23:02 – Ntamack: “The team really didn’t give up”

“The team really didn’t give up, even though we were in trouble three quarters of the time. We showed that we were solid in defence. We offered them nine points, so there is still a lot to correct for next week but in terms of mood and commitment we are satisfied”, coolly analyzed Romain Ntamack, praising his partners’ formidable defenses. The opener is also included, as he intercepted a pass from Biggar on the 22 French meters at the end of the game.

23:00 – Marchand: “One of the toughest matches”

“It’s one of the toughest games we’ve had in the tournament. We showed solidarity in defense today. Thanks to that, we didn’t give up, we caught up with all the blows. Even if we got a little luck in the end, we provoked it. It was a very committed match”explained the whore Julien Marchand, voted man of the match.

22:56 – Dupont: “You have to know how to win”

“It wasn’t our best game to watch, but you have to know how to win like that. It’s a very pragmatic team, they controlled us well, but we didn’t go out of strategy. We knew how to use our blood cold and that was necessary to win”responded Antoine Dupont, after France’s fourth victory in this VI Nations Tournament in 2022.

22:50 – Victory of the Blues in Cardiff

With courage, strength and selflessness, the French team emerged victorious from a bitter clash against Wales (13-9). After an excellent start to the match and a try from Jelonch, Gabin Villière and his team-mates were brilliant on defense and fended off the Welsh attacks to claim their 4th win in the 2022 VI Nations Tournament.

22:48 – Exit barbed wire

The French defense wipes off the Welsh attacks, leaving not a single flaw in its armor. On a final attack, Mauvaka managed to get his hands on the ball and snatch it from the opposing arms. France will knock on the line and win.

22:46 – The defense holds up

The Welsh grabbed the ball on a too long candle from Lucu and tried to get his hands on the ball madness. Rees-Zammit tries to sow discord, escapes a tackle but is eventually knocked down.

22:44 – Jaminet misses the target

Shifted to the right, on the center line, Melvyn Jaminet forces and crosses his attempt too much who will die to the left of the posts. Anscombe catches in his in-goal and works his distance on foot, playing the ball back after a touch from 30 yards.

22:42 – Danty suitcase Adams

The Welsh try to make a raise and Adams is very close to the trunk but he is grabbed by Gros in the shorts and then Danty comes over to put his hands together and press him to the ground. Penalty for the XV of France at the center line. There are still 4 minutes to play.

22:40 – Ntamack intercepted

Closed sideways, Biggar sends Adams into percussion, but the blue curtain absorbs the shock. Behind, the Welsh try to find the opening wide side, but at 22 meters Biggar is intercepted, without a solution, by Ntamack who anticipated. The Blues get a penalty on the ground and will leave their camp.

22:38 – Dupont leaves

Antoine Dupont is recalled to the bench and relinquishes his place eight minutes before the end of the game, replaced by Lucu, who will have to manage a hot scrum on the 22-yard line.

22:35 – Overdue

The Welsh are masters of foot exchanges and once again manage to put pressure on the Blues. With a new candle, the French sidelined themselves and got a scrum on their 22 meters.


The Wales v France match will take place from 9pm, on the side of the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, the country’s capital.

This match, which counts for the 4th day of the Six Nations Tournament between Wales and France, will be broadcast exclusively by France 2. France Télévisions and the official broadcaster of the XV of France and will re-broadcast all matches of the Blues.

BetClic: Wales: 4.30 / Draw: 25 / France: 1.28
Bwin: Wales: 3.60 / Draw: 17.50 / France: 1.22
Winamax: Wales: 4.35/ Draw: 26 / France: 1.28

Wales: 1. Thomas, 2. Elias, 3. Francis – 4. Rowlands, 5. Beard – 6. S. Davies, 7. Navidi, 8. Faletau – 9. T. Williams, 10. Biggar © – 11 Adams, 12. J. Davies, 13. Watkins, 14. Cuthbert, 15. L. Williams.

France: 1. Baille, 2. Marchand, 3. Atonio – 4. Woki, 5. Willemse – 6. Cros, 7. Jelonch, 8. Alldritt – 9. Dupont ©, 10. Ntamack – 11. Villière, 12. Danty , 13. Fickou, 14. Mufana – 15. Jaminet.