Russia fires at Ukrainian targets 2 minutes’ flight from Poland, but ‘Ukraine doesn’t really need fighter jets’ analyzes Washington

This is the continuation of Westerners’ waltz on whether or not to deliver combat aircraft to Ukraine, a delivery that has been loudly demanded by President Volodymyr Zelensky and his foreign minister. Dmytro Kuleba against the Russian air force that is pounding their country.

Ukraine dogfight: President Zelensky accuses the West of failing to keep their “promises”

As the Russian tanks continue their encirclement maneuver, they stand today at the northeast gates of Kiev and Russian forces.According to the Ukrainian General Staff, continue their offensive on many other fronts (in the east, the cities of Izium, Petrovske, Hrouchouvakha, Sumy and Okhtyrka or in the Donetsk and Zaparojie regions)surprised Washington last night by saying Ukraine didn’t really need fighter jets to fend off Russian attacks.

US accused of Ukraine failure

The United States, which on Sunday 6 March declared to be “actively working on the subject”, finally decided last Wednesday not to send MIG-29s to Ukraine via Poland, in order to prevent all NATO countries from becoming involved in a direct confrontation. with Russia, which had clearly announced the color in the event of an armed intervention by the West in the air or on the ground. For the record, Poland was initially reluctant to send such military aid from its territory, and when it finally backed this solution – risky for him – the United States returned.

Ukraine’s allies plan aid to Ukrainian air force: Putin warns them

And that’s exactly what Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelensky feared when on Tuesday, March 8, he accused the West of being reluctant to supply warplanes to Ukraine and imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, while the Russians were just entering the airport. the city of Vinnytsia, some 200 kilometers southwest of Kiev:

“We repeat it every day: close the skies over Ukraine, close it to Russian missiles, to Russian fighters, to all these terrorists,” he was launched.

Before specifying:

“If you don’t, if you don’t give us planes to protect ourselves, we can only draw one conclusion: you too want us to be killed slowly! †

Ukraine dogfight: President Zelensky accuses the West of failing to keep their “promises”

The United States’ Tactical Analysis: No Fighters Needed…

Last night, Washington made another argument to justify its refusal to resupply planes — and to make it look less like a retreat from Russia. This new justification now comes in the form of a tactically finer analysis of the Ukrainian military situation, according to which the Ukrainians’ biggest problem is not the lack of fighter jets.

To make such an argument, when for 14 days we have only been talking about the terror that the Russian armed forces are ruling over Ukrainian territory, whose airspace they completely dominate, Washington bases itself on the observation that the destruction is much less is due to combat aircraft than cruise missiles and artillery fire, especially missiles.

“Airplanes are not what our Ukrainian partners need most right now,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

He explained the analysis of the Ukrainian military situation as follows:

“If we analyze the destruction wrought by the Kremlin on regions of Ukraine, it is mainly due to missiles,” to missilesto artillery fireAircraft are not in the best position to take out these weapons.

… but more anti-aircraft systems (Stinger…)

According to US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price, the Ukrainian military also has “several squadrons of aircraft” capable of flight – but he does not say that runways are capable of taking off the said planes…

But he added that the “effectiveness” of the Russian air fleet was “limited by ground-based air defense systems,” whether “surface-to-air missiles” or portable systems — such as the Stingers. US short range surface-to-air missile launcher used to hit helicopters or fighter jets at low altitudes, supplied by the Americans.

“We will continue to provide our Ukrainian partners with ground-to-air systems,” and “maybe we can provide more,” he said.

Washington’s Byzantine position

However, if the United States “finally” rejected Poland’s proposal to supply its Mig-29 aircraft to the US military on Wednesday, the door to this solution will not be completely closed by Washington, which, in a new statement by Byzantine excludes the possibility of a NATO country supplying fighter jets to Kiev, but that would be a matter of its “sovereign decision,” the spokesman underlined, suggesting the United States would not “openly” support it.

He recalled that US intelligence had warned against the transfer of aircraft from the Atlantic Alliance countries to Ukraine, as this would be considered “an escalation” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the risk that it would lead to an direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Russian planes destroy targets 2 minutes from Poland

But how will NATO react if the Russian air force has just fired on targets in relative proximity to Poland?

Last Friday, the Russian Air Force destroyed two Ukrainian military airfields, that of Lutsk (in western Ukraine, just 87 km from the border with Poland) and that of Ivano-Frankivsk (still in western Ukraine, but 250 km away). to the south).

To recall the orders of magnitude – of speed in this case – a quick calculation makes it possible to understand that a fighter plane traveling at 2,600 km/h (or Mach 2.45, the top speed of a Sukhoi Su-57) is only Takes 2 minutes to cover a distance of 87 km (3,600 sec: 2,600 km x 87 km = 120.46 seconds).

These two attacks were explicitly claimed by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, who announced this morning that “the military airfields of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk (west) have been dismantled”.

On the Ukrainian side, the destruction of the Lutsk military site was confirmed via Telegram by the head of the Volhynia Regional Administration, Yuriy Pohuliayko:

“At 05:45 (03:45 GMT), according to our information, four rockets were fired by a Russian army bomber at Lutsk Air Force Base,” he said, specifying the human toll: “two soldiers killed and six injured.

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