Russian offensive continues in Mariupol, Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia
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  • The strategic port of Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine, is subject to a “blockade” of the Russian army and attacks “ruthless”, said the mayor in the night from Friday to Saturday. The ceasefire promised by Russia in the morning was not respected, preventing civilians from fleeing.
  • The two global credit card giants Visa and Mastercard announced on Saturday, March 5, that they were ceasing their operations in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. Russian Visa and Mastercard bank cards are no longer valid abroad and cards issued abroad no longer work in Russia. Russian consumers with cards issued in their country can still use them, but neither Visa nor Mastercard will complete the transaction.
  • Several thousand protesters marched in France in support of Ukraine on Saturday.
  • NATO members on Friday rejected Kiev’s request to establish a no-fly zone in Ukraine over fears of participating in a total war in Europe”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced their “weakness”. Vladimir Putin has warned he would consider… “co-belligerent” any country wishing to impose such an exclusion zone.
  • The Russian army has occupied the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in eastern Ukraine since Friday after fierce fighting, raising fears for the safety of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. French President Emmanuel Macron is “very concerned about the risks” about nuclear safety “due to the Russian invasion” and “will suggest in the next few hoursconcrete measures to ensure that the safety of Ukrainian power plants.
  • Russia has blocked Facebook and tightened its measures against the media, introducing heavy prison terms for any spread of“false information about the military”† In the evening, Vladimir Putin signed the amendments, which came into effect.
  • Ukraine expects a third round of negotiations with Russia this weekend, said one of the Ukrainian negotiators, Mykaïlo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the presidential government. But the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said in an interview with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that dialogue is only possible if “all Russian requirements” were accepted.

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