Sampaoli’s amazing mea-culpa on Harit

Sampaoli on Mandanda for Feyenoord

“The idea is to repeat the same format as against PAOK Saloniki.”

When asked which of Mandanda and Pau Lopez will play in the next matches, Jorge Sampaoli explained that it would definitely work the same way as during OM-PAOK. Mandanda had played both games against the Greeks and halfway through the OM-Montpellier game to keep up the pace. That would mean Mandanda would play against Lyon, with OM-OL coming between the two encounters against Feyenoord. There remains a bit of doubt as to who will hold the Olympic cage in Reims on Sunday.

If Sampaoli follows his logic, it will be Pau Lopez. But because the Spaniard’s performance has been less decisive lately, it cannot be ruled out that Mandanda will be founded on Sunday. So to be continued.

Sampaoli on the next two away games

“We think that the opponent has a lot to do. If you play outside, the opponent comes out a bit more and is perhaps a bit more vulnerable. At the Vélodrome, the opponents close the game more. We also had less control over the game. sometimes we lost our calm with the ball, our patience. Then we understood that the best way to win at home was to control the game. Against Nantes, we were two times behind and we knocked down the football, believing that the game would allow us to win. Outside it is a bit more open and we manage to be a bit firmer. It is very important that the points both at home and away will be very important for the end of The season.”

Sampaoli on Amine Harit

“Sometimes the coaches, we have so many obligations and needs, the urgency to win comes very quickly, that we don’t expect players to play a few games less well, or not as we would hope. That’s my responsibility for not having taken advantage of Amine at certain times. When we chose him we knew what was expected of him and I didn’t have the patience to put up with some mistakes he made in some matches and that led him out of the team. But I think still that he is a player who can improve a lot There are few players in the world who create as many imbalances as him I think the same as when I brought him I hope he stays for a long time He is a type of player on the edge of extinction, there are not many of them. You have to take advantage of it. I didn’t have the patience to enjoy him before, but now I hope to enjoy him more.”

Sampaoli on the contribution of the side

“We always have to evolve. The players who get the wins are the players, but they still have a lot to understand in our playmaking. At this point we have to keep evolving. If we play with a central wing back like Luan Peres, he perishes. to fix the position between the central and the winger, he is a less attacking player. The same goes for Rongier, he goes to the heart of the game to create superiority, and Pol Lirola yes, he will side, it is a full-back attacking and holding the line. The fullback is always covered by the central, and the central by the fullback. It all depends on the characteristics of the players starting. We have a lot of reasonable central wing backs, now we still have two offensive with Lirola and Kolasinac.”

Sampaoli on preparing for competitions

“The analysis is linked to the present of each team, the system that our opponents have been using lately. We work out the game plan, our position on the field and from there we determine the tactics. The position is decisive for us to being able to get the ball behind it, to keep the ball in the opponent’s court instead of ours, this requires concentration on our position, to generate numerical superiority in certain parts of the field and to be able to move forward. There are teams that go out to press high, others wait, you have to set the strategy every time. Then there is the execution and for that you have to choose the players. This is the path that we have followed all year. us, but also think about the opponent, always have a plan after watching them on video.”

Sampaoli on Guendouzi .’s mentality

“He has a very competitive DNA, he always wants to win. But apart from that he has recently shown that he is a great talent in the game, which allows us to develop very well on the pitch. He sets the pace of the game, which makes you be much more precise in making decisions I think it is the typical player with an indefinite ceiling He will continue to grow, we will discover his limits over time He is the key for us, through his energy and his football qualities.”

Sampaoli on the condition of the group

“Cedric has a little problem with his knee, we’ll see how it evolves tomorrow, but it bothered him today. Under will be there too. For all the other players there is nothing to report except of course a logical fatigue 48 hours after the game We have to be careful because we have a busy schedule.”

Bakambu about his physical condition

“I felt a little discomfort in the knee. I preferred not to take any risks, so I went back to work indoors, but I am available for Sunday.”

Bakambu about the Congolese selection

“How did I experience the last meeting? Very bad, it is definitely an elimination. We had to get back into the pool quickly because there is an unbelievable pace with matches every three days. Because we are not there yet, we will see later. For now, I’m focused on OM.”

Bakambu on OM’s European epic

“To tell you the truth, OM-Leipzig did not need to be told, I had seen it live and I had seen it was incredible. It is for this kind of emotion that we love sports and football. can relive those same emotions against Feyenoord Rotterdam.”

Alarm for Bakambu

Striker Cédric Bakambu felt muscle pain and stopped training to talk to Sampaoli and join the medical staff. The Congolese international would normally have to participate in the press conference later…

Under present in training

Not a notable absence from OM practice this Friday morning, apart from the ones that have been around for a long time (Balerdi, De la Fuente, Alvaro). Packed Wednesday against Nantes for a knee alert, Turkey’s Cengiz Under performs well at the start of the session with the rest of the group. He also trained on Thursday.


North bend not empty against Feyenoord

First sanctioned for the Conference League semi-final against Feyenoord, the north corner of the Vélodrome will not be empty. This should please Jorge Sampaoli.

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Second in Ligue 1, Marseille travels to Reims on Sunday evening at the end of the 34th day of the season. Second behind PSG, OM can consolidate their place on the podium and move closer to direct qualification to the next Champions League in the event of a win against de Champenois.

Follow Jorge Sampaoli’s press conference live for Reims-OM from 13:45.