Sampaoli’s message to supporters ahead of Basel

End of the OM press conference for the Basel reception

It’s over for William Saliba and Jorge Sampaoli’s press conference for the first round of the 16th leg of the Europa Conference League between OM and Basel.

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Sampaoli on the possibility to talk to the supporters

“I have spoken to the president, but he has not told me about this meeting with the supporters. Since I have no certainty on this subject, I will not talk about it.”

Sampaoli on the whistle and the anger of the supporters

“Sometimes people feel above the club. When I got here we were 11th. Let’s not forget that, and we were second there almost all season. We were above Lyon, Lille and Lens, those are established teams. I think that it’s a good thing I don’t mind the support of the people You have to feel love to win and not just when we win It’s easy to appreciate and love each other when we win But what we want and what we need is real support and being pushed. Especially the young people. The team has seen a lot of changes with players leaving. Sometimes we tend to lose our goals a little bit towards the end and we really need to turn that back. It is good to play in the Conference League and to face opponents at international level It is important to be united We must not think too negatively We must ensure that on the field and in the the stands everyone thinks about what’s good about the club. It doesn’t matter who is on the field and in the starting eleven you have to form a unit. I know there are people who expect failure and you have to prove to them that it isn’t.

Sampaoli about the young coach of Basel

“There is a new line of coaches with a lot of ideas and desire. We have to adapt to face them. I know this coach and his team, we have studied them. We have seen how they attack and defend. We did the usual work.” †

Sampaoli on the levers to operate during a crisis of results

“I believe the moments of extreme demand when we have to win immediately bring pressure. If we don’t win, it generates pressure and a kind of frustration in a young group like ours. We had a good first period against Monaco. been here for a year when the Commanderie was on fire You can’t play with fear in your stomach The most important thing is to play without fear.

Nobody is important to me, neither the players, nor Sampaoli, nor the presidents, nor the supporters. What counts for me is OM and the fact that the club finishes as high as possible. Tomorrow we have a big game and we should not be afraid. It is a practice stage for young players. We must overcome our fears.

Sampaoli by his side and what he expects of them?

“If we look more at the stats than the results, the players haven’t changed much. Rongier has had a very good year with a lot of success and good passing. Luan Peres is a more central wing back and gives us superiority to go against the opponent If we want more depth, we can think of others. That’s where we look for players in good shape to win matches.”

Sampaoli on his state of mind and ways to recover

“I’m happy, these are moments when I can learn to find the solution. The team has the tools to find the solution. We need to be more determined. We are good on the pitch, but we are missing the last meters of finishing ” We missed that all year. We have possession and chances, but we don’t score. This lack of success in the finish has to change and that will allow us to go far in the competition.”

Saliba about his future

“I am very happy in Marseille, even if it has been bad since February. We will sit down at the end of the season to see. We have to go as far as possible in the cup and qualify for the Champions League first.”

Saliba on defeats against Lyon and Nice

“It hurt. They are direct competitors. Nothing is over, we are going to receive them at the Velodrome. We are still in the Conference League and we are fighting for a place in the Champions League.”

Saliba on his lesser recent appearances

“Since the beginning of February I have been very average. You cannot hide. Since the Lyon match. I have to work, I am a young player and I have to work to get back to my best level.”

Saliba in the Basel team

“It is a team that is used to European competitions. We are prepared for this game and we know it will not be easy.”

Saliba about the state of mind of OM in recent weeks

“We have had a tough and difficult month of February. We started badly in March. But we will soon find the taste of victory and the beautiful game of the start of the season. We must not wake up too late. We must remain positive to quickly back to the right place.”

Saliba in the Conference League

“Because we lost at home on Sunday, we are lucky that we can catch up. The cup allows us to regain confidence at home. We want to go all out.”

Saliba on OM .’s recent troubles

“Obviously it’s a bit of a delicate situation. We’re not doing well. We’re trying to be positive in the dressing room, it’s not the end of the world either. With work and desire, we’ll get the taste of victory find .”

Let’s go with Jorge Sampaoli and William Saliba

We start with William Saliba.

Just a few more minutes before the OM conference

Jorge Sampaoli and an OM player arrive shortly for the press conference on the sidelines of the Europa Conference League game against Basel. William Saliba will accompany the Argentine coach.

Meanwhile, enjoy Arek Milik’s comeback against Metz in Ligue 1, voted League Goal of the Month for February.

Milik’s entourage calms the game about his future

Not used by Jorge Sampaoli as much as he would like this season, Arek Milik is the subject of many rumours. Announced on departure if his Argentine coach does not leave the club, the Polish striker let it be known through one of his agents that he had never indicated that he wanted to leave the Public Prosecution Service.

“Milik has never said at any time that he wanted to leave the Public Prosecution Service in June due to disagreements with Jorge Sampaoli, one of his representatives said on Monday. Arek respects his coach and his decisions.”

And the player’s representative clarified: “On Sunday, he simply explained that he had to adapt to all systems. And he was the first to be dissatisfied with his performance. When he plays, he tries to do the maximum. He is focused on his season and want to do everything to make sure that OM is in the Champions League next season and that the team has a good run in the Europa Conference League.”

Crisis meeting between Longoria and supporters

Facing recent criticism of the first team and Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Longoria has decided to fully assume his role as president.

According to information from RMC Sport, the Spanish leader received groups of prosecutors at a meeting on Tuesday.

How Sampaoli lost control of his group

OM remains on two consecutive defeats in Ligue 1 at the Vélodrome. To avoid another bronca next Thursday, the Marseillais must beat a solid team from Basel. More than ever the target of critics, Jorge Sampaoli is expected to be next.

The coach risks new attacks if he performs poorly on the European stage. Impatience now reigns and the Argentine coach has lost his immunity totem among Marseille fans and players.

Good morning all,

Follow the press conference of the Public Prosecution Service live from 2 p.m. with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app. A media passage to which coach Jorge Sampaoli and a player from Marseille will adhere this Wednesday on the eve of the first leg of the knockout phase of the Europa Conference League against Basel.

Not at their best for a few weeks in Ligue 1, the Marseille club will try to regain confidence in C4 against a Swiss team accustomed to European competition.

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