Seven stages on the Cantal tour sports program, aimed at 6-18 year olds, this summer

More than 28,000 young people have welcomed since its inception, about thirty free activities offered at each stage… From four dates when it was founded in 2014, focusing exclusively on the summer period, the Cantal sports tour is available, eight years later, in eleven stages spread over the whole year. But the goal remains the same from the start.

“Making discovery and sports accessible to as many people as possible for free. †

Bruno Faure (President of the department of Cantal)

In the presence of athlete Alexis Phelut

For this summer edition, seven dates are offered to young people from the Cantal, but also to those who come to spend their holidays on the slopes of the largest volcano in Europe. With a new stage in Vic-sur-Cère, on July 12, on the theme of Olympism, as part of the “Terre de Jeux 2024” label awarded to the department.

What are the activities during the Cantal tourist sport?

“There will be an opening and closing ceremonies, entertainment, demonstrations offered by experienced athletes and the new Olympic Games such as break dance and rock climbing will be honored,” announced Annie Delrieu, mayor of the city, whose sports facilities (swimming pool, stadium, tennis court, climbing wall) all close together, are ideal for the organization of these Olympiads.

Philippe Fabre, vice president in charge of sports and youth in particular, also announced a distinguished guest, “with the presence of the Auvergnat Alexis Phelut, 12th at the Tokyo Olympics in 3,000 towers”.

Athletics: Clermontois Alexis Phelut in the 3,000m steeplechase final

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The elected official thanks in passing the mobilization of the clubs and sports committees that make it possible to bring this event to life.

Every day, 80 people ensure the proper organization of each of the stages.

Launch of a digital youth consultation platform

In addition, the department will use the Cantal sports tour to open its digital platform to consult and mobilize young people. As part of its Cantal 2030 project, the executive wants to associate and engage the Cantal residents to envision their territory of tomorrow. “Young people are the main target of this consultation” for President Bruno Faure.

The success in pictures of the first stage of the Cantal tour sport in winter mode

One of the first avenues mentioned is a satisfaction survey around the Cantal tour sport, which will be launched for them this summer. “The idea is to be able to inform them of this device on July 8 in Lac des Graves and July 21 in Lastioulles, taking advantage of the presence of the Cybercantal bus,” hopes the elected official who recalls that “by definition , it is not a matter of voting, but of exchange with them on certain subjects”.

Steps. July 8 at Lac des Graves; July 12 in Vic-sur-Cère; July 14 in Renac; July 19 in Mauriac; July 21 in Lastioulles; July 26 in Lioran; July 28 at the circus of Mallet. Registration, program and information on the website

Emmanuel Tremet