should we fall for this new sports game?

Three weeks ago we were invited by Nintendo to watch Switch Sports, 16 years after the release of Wii Sports, which changed gamers’ habits.

A real revolution, the game and the Wii had allowed millions of people, not necessarily gamers, to have fun playing (other) video games. Nintendo is about to return with a new installment designed specifically for the Switch.

After spending several hours on this Switch Sports, we give you our opinion. Is the revolution in 2022 still relevant? Can the game still entice and reconnect non-gamers with video games?

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Yes for this instant fun side

As we mentioned in our preview earlier this month, the magic happens from the first minutes of the game. Whether you’re used to dealing with joy-cons or a beginner, Nintendo Switch Sports will get you up and running quickly and easily.

For that, you need to create your own character to evolve in the world of Switch Sports. At this point, don’t plan to spend two hours customizing your avatar. You have the choice between four or five different characters, two or three hairstyles, eight clothes and no more. For the most nostalgic among you, it will be possible to make a Mii, like on the Wii. When you’re ready, head to Spocco Square, the mini-city dotted with several stadiums and fields to put your skills to the test.


Most of the six sports in the title are accessible and offer varying degrees of difficulty to learn against the computer smoothly and at your own pace (artificial intelligence). If you’re playing with several people, you have a lot of opportunities to play as a team to, again, beginners to master the joy-con’s motion detection and have fun during the meetings.

In general, the disciplines ask us to reproduce the gestures of real life to play. Aside from football (whose games are only played with joy-con for now), the various gameplays shouldn’t be a problem. The trickiest part will be the timing. To make the perfect gestures, you have to manage to make movements in a precise time to make your shots more effective.

Yes for the diversity of sports

Switch Sports Tennis Review


When Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29, you’ll have the chance to excel in six disciplines, including:

  • Volley-ball
  • Badminton
  • the Chambara
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • american football

Since we were able to explain this in our preview at the beginning of April, the gameplay is quite different for all disciplines. No major changes for Bowling, Tennis and Chambara compared to Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resorts. To make the game accessible, the buttons are used very little and everything goes through motion detection. In bowling all you have to do is aim and make the gesture to throw the ball. The pros can even give the pulse a last minute to try and achieve some effects.

Switch Sports Bowling Review


The main novelty in bowling concerns the “special” mode. The latter offers you the opportunity to participate in a series of challenges with disturbances on the track: obstacles, holes, traps, etc. You have the option to choose between three levels of difficulty that get harder as you progress. This is a very fun game mode that will be a good challenge during evenings with several people!

In tennis, it is always possible to perform forehands or backhands, as well as smashes. Still, be careful with timing and precision so as not to end up off the field.

Switch Sports Volleyball Review


Among the novelties, volleyball is undoubtedly the sport that provides the best sensations. The cuff, the pass, the smash, the blows are many and you quickly get caught up in the game by reproducing the real gestures. For badminton, the gameplay is a little less rich and most of the time we just give a solid blow to try to destabilize the opponent. But again, watch the timing!

Switch Sports Soccer Review


Football is the only sport where immersion and fun are least present. Playing football with the joy-con is not really pleasant and it always remains very messy. Impossible to tell the difference between a strike and a pass, impossible to handle, it really feels like a bad version of Rocket League but with people. We are impatiently waiting for the update in May that will allow us to play with the legwarmer. Currently, the only “on foot” mode of play is penalty shootouts. It is fun, but with little interest and above all very repetitive very quickly.

This fall, a free update will include Golf in the list of sports present in the game.

No for single player

Switch Sports Badminton Review


Like many other Nintendo titles, this Switch Sports is no exception to the rule. If you do not have the opportunity to have several evenings and you are not a fan of online games, you may quickly get bored. Indeed, apart from the exhibition matches, you have nothing to do in the game. No “story” mode, no competition mode, no challenges. You just need to link the games together aimlessly, just for fun.

This is not a problem with several people and you can easily spend several hours there without noticing it. On the other hand, only we go around fast and the importance of the title quickly finds its limits. It’s a shame to see no semblance of a solo mode that allows you to start small careers or others to give challenge and above all purpose to the game.

No if you use Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch Sports Soccer Review


This seems logical, yet important to mention. Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the few titles that is not compatible with the Switch Lite. The game necessarily requires you to connect your machine to the television and play with the joy-cons. Therefore, if you are on the portable model of the console, be careful, Switch Sports can not work.

My review of Nintendo Switch Sports

Finally, our first impressions are confirmed with this full Nintendo Switch Sports verdict. We were not able to try the online part, because the servers were not yet open during the test period. On the other hand, the title is still a must for the console and will be ideal for evenings with family or friends.

You immediately find the pleasure of playing with others, which gives you a different way to enjoy video games. Accessible to everyone, it will again be an excellent way to introduce the game to people who are not used to playing. However, we regret that the title was designed specifically for multiplayer games and that it quickly becomes repetitive and uninteresting on its own.

Nintendo Switch Sports may not be as impressive as Wii Sports in its day, as the Switch is already well established in our homes and the concept of the game is now well known. In any case, it is certain that the title will be a huge success and that many players (or not) will have hours of fun!

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Nintendo Switch Sports


Nintendo Switch Sports Preview

We love

  • The side that’s accessible to everyone
  • Nice, direct grip
  • Sports diversity
  • The ability to play online or locally

We like less

  • Alone, the game will make you tired after half an hour
  • Football with the joy-con, it’s not unforgettable
  • No single player mode: no competition, no challenges… Only quick matches