Silent stadium, offside and SOS Gigio… The Classico, this huge circus

Joys of fables told by Uber drivers on the way home from the stadium, you never know whether to swallow them naively or laugh in silence. Our man’s suits us, so let’s believe it: English supporters who had articulated their weekend in Paris around the Classico, coming out furious from a match “with no atmosphere” where “Messi and Mbappé did nothing”. We can understand them. This PSG-OM will also be disappointing for us until the end. Waiting an hour in the mixed zone for two minutes from Amine Harit to break everything. Paris did not even deign to give bread to the journalists on the spot, and warned if one cowardly dropped an ex, in a hurry by text message. Nothing, what.

Marquinhos unhappy with Ultras strike

Mutism, official sponsor of the Parc des Princes. Fortunately, before kickoff, there was this tribute to Pauleta and Katoto to reassure us about the health of the Auteuil corner, otherwise it was radio silence. The CUP still mugs, the Marseillais were not invited to the party and, since hardly anyone else is able to create a bit of atmosphere at home, the main Paris-Marseille has been played since the extinction of dinosaurs in an atmosphere previously attached to a PSG reminds -Lorient. What Marquinhos regretted after the Prime Video mic match.

“I did not expect this atmosphere,” said the Brazilian. A ‘clasico’, you have to put everything aside, it was not the time for that. We understand that, they have their arguments, they may not have the answers, but pride had to be put aside for that moment. As a player, I disagree. †

Neymar, ray of sunshine in the dark

As observers, we disagree with the level of play suggested by the two teams that faced each other in the League of Talents showcase match, while Sevilla and Real offered another lemonade at the same time. We will still thank Neymar for finding his football just in time to save the furniture. He was the only one to take the opportunity and ultimately would not be lost to football given his recent achievements. To the statistics (a goal and a scratched penalty) the striker added style with the pass. One of the few fun things about this game.

Sampaoli, defensive possession

But let’s go back to the source of our discomfort, starting with Jorge Sampaoli’s strategy. Admittedly, the Marseillais returned from a tiring journey to the prestigious Europa League Conference, but is that enough to justify this hyper-sterile possession game with five guys behind it (a whole concept)? The Argentinian justified himself at a press conference.

“If we lose the ball it can go very quickly against, up front they are still the three best players in the world, that’s why the plan was to control the game tonight. You had to have possession against a team with three players up front who were on could score any minute, otherwise it would have been suicidal.”

However, it was when the Marseillais allowed themselves a bit of verticality towards the end of the game that they became more menacing, but hey, since we push less than Jorge on the bench press, we won’t argue with him too much.

The big offside ball

And if that wasn’t enough, as if the spectators had no right to happiness, the few times the ball went into the cage, there was actually offside. William Saliba refused special mention for the goal, his aura was in front of the Paris defense line, so no goal. It’s stupid, Dimitri Payet’s crockery had its place somewhere in the museum of modern art in Paris. We give you the goals that have been denied to Messi, Mbappe and almost all PSG players, otherwise we will still be there in three days.

Donnarumma needs help

Circus Pinder, always. We save the best for last. Both because it’s the best of the worst, and because we had doubts about shooting the Donnarumma ambulance. We thought the Italian had nothing left to offer after his gift to Caleta-Car in the Marseille equalizer, but that was without counting on the unending generosity of the goalkeeper who went from Manuel Neuer to Apoula Edel in 2.5 seconds. From a cold-blooded and hook came a FIFA bug-like panic attack, where poor Gigio completely lost his brain to snipe the billboard. A ridiculous throw-in that he could at least have made up for via the anti-game. In short, this Classico will have made us laugh, but not necessarily for the right reasons.