Sodex Sport, “the” French supplier of the Sea Games

Perhaps while watching the Sea Games you have wondered where the soccer goals or the basketball hoops used for the occasion came from? Know that they are the work of a French SME based in Nha Trang since 1991!…

Global sports equipment manufacturer, the SME . family Sodex Sports, which is run by a certain Alan Bouvot, has had a firm foothold in Vietnam (in Nha Trang) for a little over 30 years. Recently she had the honor of being chosen to operate a large part of the sports facilities of the Sea gamescurrently underway in Hanoi and environs.

this honor, Sodex Sports not only owes it to its three decades of presence on Vietnamese soil (it is de facto one of the oldest foreign companies established in the country…), but above all for the quality of its sports equipment, which meets French and European standards, and which is tested by international inspection bodies before being put on the market. shipped to schools, gyms and stadiums around the world through a network of distributors: Europe, the United States, Australia, ASEAN and the Middle East.

A French company in Vietnam

As for Vietnam, Sodex Sports considered a leader in sports equipment.

“Because we wanted to focus on what we could do (equipment for football, tennis, futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, handball, athletic fields, etc.), we developed partnerships with French companies that are benchmarks in the field of sports, like Onut, Gymnova, Bodet… This is what allows us to offer a range of quality products while diversifying the offer, and this is also how we became leaders in the Vietnamese market: by choosing quality…”, explains Alan Bouvot, who rightly can be proud of contributing to the socio-economic development of the country…

Starting block Sodex Sport (Ref. S61041)

Sodex Sport: firmly anchored in Vietnam

But why Vietnam? The answer is surprising to say the least and is enough to show that sometimes a little nothing is enough to start a great adventure…

“Until the 1990s, I bought sports nets in South Korea, but I wanted to become independent from my supplier… The trigger, I had it when I watched a report on French television, a report on Vietnam where we saw fisherwomen repairing nets…”, says Alan Bouvot.

futsal with Sodex equipment
Sodex Sport futsal goal (Ref. S16118)

Shortly after, Sodex Sports was going to live in Nha Trang. Like…

The 98 World Cup Effect

It will be necessary to wait for 1998 and the effect of the World Cup (the nets of the goals were signed) Sodex Sports!…) for the company to take off and develop metal products (targets, poles).

sodex badminton posts
Post (Ref. S27024), Net (Ref. S27875), Referee chair (Ref. S27361) for badminton Sodex Sport

And so it is that in a little over thirty years, Sodex Sports has grown (3 production units and 230 employees, right!) into a world famous company in the field of sporting goods.


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