Some foods you shouldn’t eat before and after exercise

Improving blood circulation, fighting fatigue, strengthening joints, bones and cardiovascular capacity; there are so many benefits excercise from sport a person can provide. However, to take advantage of all these benefits of: sportthere are some to use food to avoid. In other words, there are certain foods that athletes should not consume, both before and after exercise. So what are the? foods to avoid before and after physical activity † Focus!

Foods you should not eat before exercising

The quality of food for breakfast or lunch before exercise may not provide the boost you expect. This is also why the dieticians recommend banning certain foods before a workout. Speaking of these foods, we can give the example:

  • Of the citrus
  • Food candied in oil;
  • From coffee
  • spicy dishes;
  • heating dishes;
  • From the water carbonated
  • Fast-food meal.

As with these foods, you can add raw vegetables, chocolate delicacies and milk or yogurt brewed

Sparkling water

Contrary to what one might think, the water carbonated falls into the category of drinks that should not be taken before exercise. Despite the fact that it is recommended to hydrate before and during sports sessions, the water carbonated is harder for the body to assimilate. Some experts recommend prioritizing the water rightto replace.


The effect of this drink has been much discussed among sporty† Despite the fact that some sporty ensure that the coffee bring them a revival energy for a sports session, professionals advise against coffee above all efficacy athletic

indeed, the coffee is acidifying for the organism. It can be the cause of issues intestinal during and after a workout. In addition, the caffeine what does the coffee can be the cause of a excessive excitement from the organismwhile attempt physical during exercise, the heart rate will increase.

In the absence of coffeeis it advisable to espressoa few hours before the start of the session sport

Dishes to warm up

Dishes that contain enough of acids in bold or that have already been prepared should not be consumed before sport† In a sense, these dishes constitute poor fats

The latter are very well known for weighing down. As a result, the sports performance you expected will by definition be less good. In addition, consuming plates Bee heat up is one of poor to use food that we develop daily without realizing it.

Stirred yogurt or milk

the milk and the yogurt brewed are also foods that you should not eat before a workout. Indeed, they may be the cause of a coagulation digestionso triggering diarrhea or so issues† In addition, consuming foods such as cheese White value small Swiss (representing the good lactose), before a sports session is possible.

citrus fruits

To consume citrus before sport isn’t necessarily the best idea of ​​the century. just like the coffeethem citrus as the lemonthem Orange value grapefruits to shape acidity regulators† Consuming them exposes you to: burns digestion, which can be uncomfortable during exercise. Therefore, avoiding them is the best option for your well-being.

spicy dishes

Eating salad with quite strong peppers or meat with mustard is not a good eating habit before exercise. These different foods contain spices† Until proven otherwise, no studies show that: food spices can booster the performance athletic† Rather, they can be responsible for: burns digestion and no one would want to live “such an experience” in full sports practice.

candied food in oil

The dieticians advise against the use of materials greasy No digestion, before sports. Among these materials, we mainly distinguish the food candied in oil-† You will certainly ask yourself why these foods should be avoided before exercise.

In fact, the liver cannot provide for the digestion of fat and the gradual elimination of waste products generated by physical exertion. It cannot systematically guarantee these two functions.

fast food

the shawarmathe Hamburgerthem sandwiches value tacos are not really recommended for sports. The body finds it difficult to absorb these foods. Indeed, when you efficacy athletic, your digestive tract will no longer be functional. This situation is explained by the fact that the blood circuit is diverted in favor of organs such as the heartthem muscles or even the lungshence the to slow down from the digestion

Chocolate treats

It is wrong to think that the consumption of foods that chocolate and sugar is practical for sports. Indeed, these foods will certainly give you energy in the beginning, but for a short time. So your blood sugar level will drop after attempt physical, and you are exposed to a crisis hypoglycemia or to dizziness

Raw vegetables

To consume vegetables or so food Empire in fiber for the sport far from a better option. It is not recommended to consume raw vegetables before exercise, because the intake of fiber can cause irritation of the intestinal wall and an acceleration of the transit. On the other hand, the raw vegetables can be effective after exercise.

In addition, there are also certain foods that should not be consumed after exercise.

Foods not to eat after exercise

After a very beneficial sports session, it would be foolish to reduce your efforts to nothing with a nutrition not suitable† To avoid such a situation, there are certain foods that you should not eat after a workout. These are:

  • sugary drinks;
  • frozen meals ;
  • Fried food;
  • meats;
  • smoked meat and fish;
  • Transformed energy bars.

In addition, one can use the . to add saladthe cheesethe alcohol and the sweets

Sweets or candies

Exaggeratedly, these types of foods are in no way a “fun party” for the body. To consume sweets or so sweets after a sports session you expose yourself to reactive hypoglycemia. They do not provide the “reboost effect” that one is looking for after an intense workout session.

The alcohol

swallowing the alcohol after the sport only increases the dehydration† It is often difficult to recover if you drink alcohol afterwards sport† In reality, the alcohol can cause dilation of blood vessels. So it may take longer for your body to return to its resting state. In the absence of the alcoholyou can drink lemonade after your workout.

The salad

It is true that the consumption of the food healthy is recommended after exercise, but there are exceptions in this case. In fact food salad is much too light for a meal after exercise. To nourish your muscles (used during the exercise session), opt instead for: food Empire in carbohydrates


In general, the body has difficulty assimilating the cheese† Digestion time is extremely long and can exhaust the body. Furthermore, replacing the cheese easyyou can de cheese White, because it is very rich in calcium and is also a very popular food for athletes. This cheese also exists in a yogurt version, recommended by dieticians

Transformed Energy Bars

It makes no sense to consume bars energy transformedafter a excercise physical† This type of food is taken when you feel weak during a workout.

cooked meat

To recover well after a session from sportto consume meats is not really an option. To replenish your energy after a efficacy athleticwould it be better to consume egg white

Contrary to what one might think, the meats do not fall into this food category as they are processed meats and can contain up to 60% fat. In addition, they can be the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, they do not represent foods that can detoxify and nourish the body in a healthy way.

Smoked fish and meat

The meat vapingthem hams Where salmon smoked are not recommended for better recovery† Indeed, in addition to acidifying the body, these foods provide it with a large amount nitrateswhich are not really good during this one phase from recovery† In the absence of this food smokedprefer meat like chicken breast or Fishing cost

fried food

It’s bad to consume food fried after a session of sport† Indeed, this one food make the stomach heavy. By consuming such foods after exercise, you add an additional load to the body.

In general, when you have finished consuming it, a certain fatigue takes over you. You might as well avoid getting into such a situation.

Frozen dishes

Usually the periods leading up to the end of the sessions from sport are very tiring, to the point where you can’t cook. However, taking into account the consumption of plates frozen like the Pizza, amounts to nullifying the efforts made so far.

Indeed, after the sportis there a period when the body better absorbs what it receives as nutrientsin particular the protein and the carbohydrates : it’s here window metabolic† Therefore, limit the consumption of foods rich in conservatives or in additives

sugary drinks

Many people consume drinks sweet after the sportso to better exit† This practice is not really recommended. indeed, the sugar what does this mean? drinks is not ideal for recovery † you might as well rob yourself of it, after the sport† On the other hand, these are drinks may be necessary for very prolonged efforts.