Sport, an answer for peace


Peace and Sport, the Organization for Peace through Sport, based in the Principality of Monaco under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II, calls for the mobilization of the international sports community to use sport as a tool for dialogue and the promotion of peace, in particular by waving his #WhiteCard.
Recognized by the United Nations and international institutions as a formidable lever for developing and building a culture of peace, sport can and should play a useful role in the current crisis by taking concrete initiatives. Without waiting. And by relying above all on the Champions, exceptional opinion leaders.

“Sport: an answer for Peace”, a call supported by the greatest athletes

Sports diplomacy exists. Unlike the current boycotts, the forum pays tribute to the sports world’s commitment to peace and shows the solidarity of athletes from all countries, as well as their desire to contribute to the return of peace. It reinforces the message carried for 15 years by Peace and Sport, which aims to develop peacebuilding programs through sport before, during and after conflict.

In the current crisis, this forum promotes a vision of inclusive and unifying sport that opens dialogue without exclusion. It is supported by more than a hundred athletes representing 33 sports disciplines, more than 20 countries and 30 Olympic and Paralympic medalists. Among them we find D.Drogba, P.Radcliffe, T.Estanguet, C.Darleux, Q.Fillon-Maillet, S.Ourahmoune, C.Froome, M.Hurtis, C.Karembeu, G.Thiney, R.Pires , M.Harnois as well as Russian and Ukrainian athletes.

The #WhiteCard: symbol of peace through sport
Symbol initiated by Peace and Sport and used since 2013 to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, every April 6 the #WhiteCard has gone viral and brings together on the networks all those who recognize themselves behind this symbol of universal peace, reaching more than 170 million people by 2021.
This #WhiteCard symbolizes the universality and neutrality of sport that overcomes division and conflict by bringing people together. It makes it possible to show brotherhood between communities and nations, including between Russians and Ukrainians, many of whom have already mobilized for peace.
Given international current events, Peace and Sport calls on actors in the sports movement to show off their #WhiteCard today to demonstrate the power of sport in response to conflict and persuade international decision-makers to use sport as a means of promoting values of peace, to build a culture of peace.

Peace through sport: when the myth becomes reality
The concept of “Peace through Sport”, which was created in the early 2000s, is now recognized by all international organizations. Sport and the role of actors in the field are associated by the United Nations with its Sustainable Development Goals as a lever for development and peace building.
So sport can have a long-term effect:

  • For the conflicts : As a preventive tool, sport contributes to addressing the roots of conflict in regions affected by instability.
  • During conflicts: Sport is used to maintain social ties in the worst of circumstances and guides the resilience of refugees fleeing the fighting, once first aid and emergency priorities are in place.
  • After the conflicts : Recognized for its active role in reconciliation and coexistence, sport contributes to building a culture of lasting peace and to restoring the conditions for dialogue necessary for peace.

Join the Movement: Sign the Tribune “Sport: A Response for Peace”
You too can show your support for the Peace through Sport movement by signing the Tribune at:

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Patron of Peace and Sports:
“Day in day out I see the importance of the values ​​of sport in terms of peace, solidarity and social inclusion. Sport’s neutrality and universality make it a formidable tool for dialogue in the service of peace. I support the mobilization of the Champions in favor of peace and encourage everyone to participate in Operation White Card. †

Joël Bouzou, President – ​​Founder of Peace and Sport:
“The sports world must become aware of its major role in promoting peace. Sport is not just competitions with medals. It is the ability to hold the world together through dialogue and respect for the rules. †