Sport & Collection 2022, paddock and pitlane

Sport & Collection 2022, 500 Ferrari against Cancer has been taking place every year in early June at the Circuit du Val de Vienne for 28 years. The secret of this longevity? Take Ferraris, lots of Ferraris. Add to that a few modern Supercars and a whole range of sports cars from all eras. Sprinkle it all with a few endurance myths and you’ve got an event that will delight any car enthusiast. The icing on the cake this year, real races of old Grand Prix single-seaters.

Proximity and friendliness are really two of the keywords of Sports & Collection (read our articles here)† In addition to the show on the track and through the purchase of entry to the paddock, it is a real Ali Baba’s cave that is offered to spectators. And since the profits go to cancer research, it’s a great way to combine business with pleasure!

The clogs of the paddock

The whole weekend is the part ” Ferrari » of the parking lot will not be empty! Personal favorite for this Ferrari SF90 (read here) in this Rosso Fuoco hood.

The Dinos have entered space with force Ferrari classics

The Monza SP2 (read here) sits at the entrance of the village “Les Greens”. This tribute to the 50’s trays based on 812 Super fast is really sublime!

Another variation of the Ferrari 812 Superfastthe very recent 812 Competizione (read here) whose V12 power reaches 830 hp at 9500 rpm. In terms of looks, elegance gives way to performance.

Back to Earth – though – with the Maserati MC20 (read here) and its carbon chassis.

There are also several exhibitor stands such as the Armada Racing team, preparer but also specialist in detailing and covering based in Limoges.

Finally, the parking lot is also the pre-grid area where the participants quietly wait for their entry onto the track. Here we surprise an amazing duo between the Ravage – radical version of the Alpine that we were able to test and appreciate (read our article) – and a Radical… period!

If the good part was given to Ferrari and Supercars, spaces dedicated to English women – Lotus, Aston Martin, McLaren…– to the Germans – Porsche, BMW …– as well as American ones – anything with a gurgling V8! – are also very well supplied!

On the way to the pit lane

Before entering the track, mandatory passage through the pit lane. Cool cars line those whose engines clear their throats, sweaty drivers follow those who have just donned helmets and gloves. It really is an opportunity to be closer to the action with the sound of cars passing in the straight line with your feet on the ground!
Last look at the sky before turning on… the turbines. And yes, this Howmet TX is powered by helicopter turbines!

Since we are talking about the weather, this is of course overwhelming Chevrolet Nova and its huge semi-slick tires don’t seem afraid of the most threatening skies!

Finally, a torrential downpour will outrun the more adventurous. Everyone in the stands!

BONUS: Friday night

The show will be there for the 3 days of the event, but personally I have a big soft spot for Friday night. As driving resumes from 10pm to midnight, there is a rather magical atmosphere in the pit lane during sunset and then after dark!

After a day of demonstration, the Ferrari 296 GTB (read here) peace at last!

On the side of house Lamborghinic Bordeaux, on the other hand, is not the end of the day!

Whether on the track or in the village “Les Greens”, the Lamborghini Huracan STO (read here) were everywhere this year!

But the star side of Santa Agata was the presentation of the brand new Huracan Tecnica (read here)

At this late hour, the parking lot is now much scarcer!

Here, a white Ferrari F40?! No, of course, this is rare Venturi 400 Trophy who took part in the championship of the same name in the 1990s.

Back in the Pit Lane where the endurance queens of yesterday and today have already started their night.

While the little boys are still on the track. A little air 24 Hours of Le Mans races through the Val de Vienne with these 917 Bailey Cars (read here)

After walking through the paddock and the Pit-Lane, see you soon in a new article to discover the show on the track!