Sport teaches children with Usep

Promoting children’s sports and their investment in associations is one of the missions entrusted to Usep by the Ministry of National Education. Listen to the Sports Union of primary education.

Born in 1939 in France and in 1986 in Eure-et-Loir, Usep comes in associative form with a steering committee chaired by Emmanuel Barré, and works with a departmental delegate, Aurélien Clouet, put at the disposal of Education National, two sports educators and a sports animator.

With 7,000 pre-Covid licensees, 4,800 last year, Usep – which recently held its general meeting – proudly shows its nearly 12,000 licensees in this year of recovery.

“The interface between the federal world and the school world”

“It’s because of what we suggested during the incarceration. We were creative and responsive by providing teachers with many things to do at home, challenges, meetings, all contactless, to all schools in the department, including those not affiliated with Usep,” comments Aurélien Clouet.

Thanks to public funders such as the National Sports Agency, the City Policy, the Centre-Val de Loire region or the Eure-et-Loir department, Usep fulfills its primary mission: organizing sports events at school, during school time. “Usep is the interface between the federal world and the school world. We have equipment, new projects, meetings on innovative themes…”, adds the departmental representative.

Currently, kindergartens and primary schools in the 550 affiliated classes (36% of Eurelian schools) try P’tits balls, Anim’cross or even orienteering games.

The P’tit ball mobilized more than 200 school children from Perche

“Getting into the Dynamics of the Olympic Games”

On June 23, during the Grand Cyclo Tour, more than 250 students from CE2 to CM2 will come together by bike from their school to the Château de Maintenon for a great day dedicated to Olympism and heritage, in collaboration with the department.

School children are good cyclists

Because in addition to the sporting aspect, Usep cultivates values ​​that the children define every year during their congress such as zero waste, diversity, fair play…
Later in the year, Generation 2024 will offer as many activities leading up to the Paris Olympics.
“Schools are committed to entering the dynamics of the Olympic Games through, in particular, three hours of physical education, sports meetings, association with local clubs…”, Aurélien Clouet refuses.

Story. Usep was founded on February 1, 1939 by a circular addressed to rectors by the Minister of National Education, Jean Zay. It was founded on the eve of World War II as a school board of the French Union for Secular Works of Physical Education (Ufolep), a sports federation of the Education League. It is the counterpart, for the first degree, of the School and University Sports Office (ancestor of the National Union of School Sports), founded three years earlier by Léo Lagrange in the great impetus of the Popular Front.

Laurence Gelineau
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