Sportall positions itself as a sports streaming platform

250 million euros, then 600 million euros and even a billion euros which will ultimately be just a dream in the air. In the world of sports broadcasting, there is a lot of talk about the rights of French football. So much so that we forget the other disciplines. †The battle for football has been uphill, but it is the opposite for other sports such as basketball or handball when many disciplines are not available on our screens.“, describes Alexandre Freliger.

It is from this observation that this engineer by training, who has 15 years of experience in Internet television, decided, together with Arnaud Caron, to create Sportall in early 2021. It is an application that broadcasts fifty disciplines. †With the most live events“, specifies the frontrunner. In summary: music had Deezer, Netflix series and Sportall wants to be the counterpart of these two giants for the sport.

Currently, the application has 250,000 users who continue to join new sports fans as disciplines appear in the catalog. This is how we find rugby, especially the British Championship, athletics or futsal (5-a-side football on gymnasium grounds) just to name a few. Among the great successes in terms of audience of the company of 15 employees, the junior and cadet champions of athletics or Fight Nation that brings together different martial arts. Sports with less media attention, which can no longer sell their rights and whose distribution does not come into direct competition with television channels.

A marketplace for sports

Moreover, Sportall does not position itself as a competitor of these chains. †We can’t just be a streaming application, we are first and foremost a streaming management platform available to sports rights holderswarns Alexandre Freliger.We let everyone manage their own media and be independent“, continues the manager. The company also offers channels for certain federations. This means that Sportall offers on its site all sports with which it contracts, but not a worldwide subscription. The consumer has to pay for each discipline. It is clear that the company established in Allauch plays the role of Amazon that brings together many different buyers on its site.

Not enough to delay its development according to Alexandre Freliger for whom “fans follow only one or two sports, but not five or six“. The leader explains that the work of Sportall “is to enable rightholders to choose their economic model“, but he encourages them to offer free content because “they seek visibility“Above all. To take football as an example again, we can clearly see that there are fewer and fewer matches in view, and therefore accessible to as many people as possible, as the number of TV rights increases.”

In addition to Sportall’s technical contribution, the company emphasizes the management of its fan base. †We provide means of communication to promote her“, Alexandre Freliger suggests. Getting the attention of potential audiences is essential as the ways of consuming evolve. The success of a platform like Twitch demonstrates that.”Young people go to the small screens”, notes the leader. To attract them, ”you have to reinvent yourselfhe cuts.

Gamification and new disciplines

A mutation that according to Alexandre Freliger involves several factors. This can also directly relate to sports, where new, still confidential disciplines can gain popularity, such as chase tag or swim run. But that also applies to the way in which the activities are distributed. The Sportall leader calls this gamification in relation to esports. †In order to keep the focus on traditional sports, it is necessary to propose quizzes or interactivities in addition to the broadcasting to hold the spectatorshe continues.

Sportall wants to further develop this gamification. A fundraising of 2.9 million euros in equity has just been completed. If not all projects can be revealed yet, Alexandre Freliger promises innovation. †We control the chain from start to finish, enabling us to bring new products at all levels“, he underlines. The start-up hopes to sell internationally, whether by bringing back broadcasting rights in France as for rugby or by offering its application abroad. And since sport is universal, the company does not propose boundaries, a value that is present in sport.