Sports: 5 goals to focus on instead of losing weight

We live in a world where food culture and body worship are still ubiquitous. Implications? Many train to try and adhere to modern beauty standards, resulting in erratic and incomplete sessions. However, setting goals to achieve and handle both mental and physical challenges helps to exercise more regularly, as well as being healthier. So to take advantage of the beneficial effects of exercise on mental and physical health, here are some goals to focus on instead of weight loss.

1. Be stronger

Building muscle and more strength can be a goal to focus on. What do we love? Building muscle has great benefits for mental and physical health. “Nothing else matters when you’re lifting because all your attention is focused on it, so it’s a great way to escape stress,” says Yanar Alkayat, a sports coach with the UK version of “Cosmopolitan.” “It’s also super empowering, you feel on top of the world after lifting something you never thought you could do. But that’s not all, working on strength improves posture, strengthens bones and energizes and self-confidence Not bad right?To start, start by lifting small loads that you increase over time.

2. Make a specific move

You know that yoga pose you never think you’ll do? Being able to achieve it one day can become a real motivation to exercise more regularly. “Aiming to master or develop a specific movement is a great way to set long- and short-term goals,” George Palmer, a fitness instructor, always tells the UK version of “Cosmopolitan.” . However, he points out that it is good to maintain realistic goals and take the time to achieve them. Slow but sure !

3. Improve flexibility

This is an aspect that we often overlook, but which is nevertheless essential: improving muscle flexibility and mobility. Note, these are indeed two different concepts: the first allows you to lengthen a muscle (for example, to touch your toes), while the second allows you to move in different ways (go lower when doing a squat). In any case, they can help reduce the risk of injury, as well as provide a more effective workout over time. The little extra? Stretching is a great way to release stress and take a few minutes for yourself.

4. Be healthy

Several times a week it is important to do a little cardio to take care of your heart. “Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to improve your fitness and achieve an increase in endorphins (the hormone of happiness),” says Kyle Edwards, personal trainer at JOHN REED Fitness, always at “Cosmopolitan.” His little advice to measure the progress we’re making? Measure your resting heart rate and your heart rate during different training intensities. The fitter you are, the lower your resting heart rate will be. A healthy heart and better mental health thanks to the endorphin boost.

5. Get Exercise Every Day

It has been proven that even a few minutes of exercise a day has many health benefits. “Exercising, even if it’s 10 minutes or 15 minutes a day, will unconsciously switch the body to a slightly more balanced diet or at least richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber,” explained Lucile Woodward. To reap all the benefits of regular exercise, you can use an application (e.g. Seven Minutes Workout). Eventually, a little exercise every day will become a habit you can’t live without. Result ? Less stress and more energy every day. Be careful though: short sessions require persistence, but also a certain intensity. “Actually, it’s better to do 5 20/30 minute sessions than one hour a week. Regularity is really the key word again,” the sports coach clarifies.