Sports, alcohol, clothing… how do you adapt your daily life to the heat wave?

The month of June is not over yet, but the thermometer is quickly racing. While the heat wave is hitting the entire country, a temperature of 40 °C is expected in Paris next Saturday, according to Météo France. The mercury had never risen this high at this time of year since filming began in the capital. The heat wave, linked to global warming, sets in and disrupts our daily lives and our nights. Above all, this heat wave is forcing us to change our habits. Le Parisien gives you some advice and reflexes to get through this episode of “early” heat as best you can.

Should sports be avoided?

Many would be tempted to keep jogging or go for a bike ride in the sun. But above 30°C, the body has trouble dissipating heat and the athlete exposes himself to the risk of heat stroke. How do you keep exercising without putting yourself in danger? Our reactions can be read here.

How can I freshen up my home?

Faced with rising temperatures, keeping your home cool can sometimes be a challenge. Closing the windows and lowering the shutters before the sun sets remains the first reflex to be adopted. You can find all our tips for cooling your interior in our article.

How to dress ?

In the heat wave it is recommended to avoid dark outfits. For more comfort, choose white such as lighter colours, in natural fibres. Details about choosing your outfit can be found in our article.

what to eat

Difficult to know which meal to go to when the mercury reaches 40 degrees. In the midst of a heat wave, it is advisable to eat light meals, rich in water, “thanks to cucumbers, tomatoes and even radishes, which we don’t necessarily think about”, says Florence Foucault, dietician and nutritionist in Paris. Cold soups like gazpachos are also recommended for hydration, in addition to being light on the stomach. Our advice for your meals.

Why not drink alcohol?

Have you always dreamed of a nice beer on the terrace to cool off during a heat wave? Order a glass of water instead. Alcohol during hot weather is strongly discouraged by doctors who cite a risk of dehydration. All the details in our article.

What precautions for pregnant women?

Like the rest of the population, it is advisable to stay cool during the day as much as possible and to avoid prolonged physical exertion. It is still recommended that they drink plenty of water. “Even more than the others,” said Caroline Combot, general secretary of the National Trade Union Organization of Midwives (ONSSF) interviewed by Le Parisien. Here’s what you need to know.

Can you go out with your baby?

Toddlers can also suffer from high temperatures. Better not to go out with them when the mercury is at its highest. However, a stroll in a pram is also possible in the morning and sheltered from the sun. Do not forget to offer your child something to drink regularly. You will find our advice in this article.

LP / Delphine Goldsztejn
LP / Delphine Goldsztejn

How do you take care of your animal?

Vigilance is also required for our pets. Of course, do not put your dog or cat on heavy physical exertion and do not let him play excessively.

VIDEO. 3 tips to protect your dogs and cats from the heat

Multiply the water points in the house and keep your interior as cool as possible. You can find all our advice to help your companion withstand the heat in our article.