Sports: Boris Johnson does not want trans women in women’s teams

Boris Johnson believes that transgender women should not participate in women’s sports competitions. His comments fuel an already heated debate over the past few weeks around transgender rights.

By speaking out on the issue of transgender female athletes on Thursday, April 7, leader van de archipelago clarifies its approach to the issue of trans rights a little more. He said that, in his opinion, the ” biological men are not allowed to participate in women’s sports competitions “, before adding that he never thought he had to”think about these questions

Boris Johnson’s comments come just after the ban on conversion therapy, promised by the Queen and now endorsed by the government. Note that if gay and bisexual people in the Kingdom are no longer forced to follow any of these pseudo-therapies, their practice will continue to be allowed on transgender people. On April 11, a demonstration took place outside Downing Street, during which a “ forbid ” completely.

Boris Johnson’s Doubts About a “Complex” Subject

These comments come 15 days after a parliamentary question-and-answer session in which he already commented on these issues. On the question ” Are transgender women women? he replied evasively that, according to him, ” basic biology facts remain extremely important. A rhetoric lamented by Iain Anderson, the executive adviser on LGBTQ+ issues, who believes the prime minister is part of a ” anti wake war

Boris Johnson, for his part, seems rather to admit that he has not yet grasped the full complexity of the subject, adding that he is well aware that his April 7 comments could cause controversy. During his speech, he had also indicated that his words do not mean ” that he does not offer enormous support to people who want to change gender, who are in transition », and insists on the need to surround and give them « lots of love and support Thus, the Prime Minister now understands the need to come to a consensus. A confession that is in stark contrast to his political decisions, but goes hand in hand with his changing attitudes in recent weeks: pinned for a joke on the trans community and the PvdA, he would at the same time have shown a “ great support now to his colleague, Tory MP Jamie Wallis from† [ouvertement transgenre]according to his statements.

Developments in the sports world

These debates take place just weeks after the gold medal in swimming by Lia Thomas, the first transgender university swimmer to win such a title in the United States. Faced with criticism of this victory, the International Olympic Committee did not wish to establish a testosterone concentration threshold to be respected for sportswomen, and to transfer this responsibility to the various federations. The event seems to be dividing the British political scene a bit more, where the plow and Tories are both criticized by different personalities with varying positions. Swimmer Sharron Davies, for example, blames the Labor Party for “ give up women’s rights by championing transgender athletes in women’s competitions.

These heterogeneous reflections on the place of trans women in sport raise many other questions that remain unanswered. How do you tell a transgender woman from a cisgender woman without running some potentially costly and intrusive tests? On the biological advantage argument, should we harmonize competitions according to morphologies and anatomical dispositions, including within cisgender teams?