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Whatever your fitness level or goal, whether it’s burning calories, losing weight, increasing your heart rate, building muscle through strength training or simply being healthier, we’ve selected the best sports equipment you can buy during the summer sale.

The best sports equipment promotions during the 2022 Summer Sale

  • Mako Surpass inflatable paddle set €139.99 instead of €179.99
  • the Surf Trip inflatable paddle board at €155.62 instead of €172.91
  • the Bestway Hydro-Force inflatable kayak on €74.99 instead of €154.64
  • the Garmin fenix 6S Pro connected watch to €399.99 instead of €632.43 (with promotion code) 25DES249CD
  • the CARE treadmill for only € 242.49
  • the CEZAVOK folding exercise bike €169.99 instead of €199.99
  • the ISE folding treadmill on €219.99 instead of €239
  • the ISE indoor rowing machine €189.97 instead of €259.99

Exercise at home, nothing better to be regular

If you want to start and, most importantly, maintain a regular fitness routine, setting up a home gym or exercise room is a great place to start. After all, it’s harder to find an excuse for not exercising when everything you need is already in the house. And despite the equipment purchase cost, you can quickly save money on a monthly gym membership.

By exercising at home, you no longer have to worry about the trip to the gym © Pxhere

Now that you’ve decided to workout at home, what fitness equipment is worth buying for your home workout? The options are seemingly endless: high-end smart trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, cardio machines, squat racks, weight stacks, exercise balls, cross trainers, not to mention other home gym equipment like resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga mats, medicine balls, weight plates, dumbbells and kettlebells.

The benefits of training outside

With no gym membership fees or the need to purchase expensive equipment, outdoor workouts are more cost-effective. Outdoor sports is also a fun challenge, testing your creativity by working with natural elements and more basic equipment. Outdoor workouts are particularly good at burning calories, as the lack of equipment tends to require more bodyweight-based exercise and cardio. Besides, who can deny the benefits of the landscape? Breathing in all that fresh air to fuel your workout is a lot more fun than sharing the indoor space with a bunch of sweaty strangers.

Using outdoor fitness equipment can lower your blood pressure, helping you push yourself and reach your maximum potential. They also reduce the risk of injury. It is common for people to become fatigued or overexert themselves in a gym with weights, while using natural movements reduces this risk. Natural movements also increase mobility and balance, helping to prevent injuries and make you more resilient.

While many people simply choose to do their indoor routine outside, there are plenty of other options to mix things up if you’re bored. Whether you’re lifting rocks instead of dumbbells, going for a run or rollerblading, being outdoors can make your heart beat faster than ever before. Even a staircase can do the trick! Replace air conditioning and fluorescent lights with sunshine and fresh air, your body will thank you.

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