STRAIGHT AWAY. Covid-19: 1.5 million doses of Novavax vaccine expected in France this week

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  • The health protocol will expire next Monday in companies.
  • The latest assessment in France reports 173 deaths in 24 hours. 22,208 people are hospitalized with Covid-19, compared to just over 25,000 a week earlier. 2089 are in intensive care against 2456 a week earlier. 14,496 infections were registered against 13,483 seven days earlier.
  • The vaccination pass will be lifted next Monday. The mask will no longer be required indoors except during transport.
  • The pandemic has killed at least 6 million people worldwide in just over two years. More than 10.6 billion doses of vaccines have been injected.

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Julien Denormandie tested positive

Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie announces positive for Covid-19 after spending ten days at the Agricultural Show where 500,000 visitors flocked, many of them unmasked. “In accordance with current health protocol, I will isolate myself for the necessary time and continue to work remotely,” he said on Twitter.


In spite of the covid-19, South African growth recovers in 2021

The South African economy, shaken by the epidemic of Covid-19 with the rise of the Omicron variant and due to riots, registered a growth of 4.9% in 2021, the largest since 2007. This rebound should be nuanced by the last two quarters less well, according to the South African statistics office, due to stricter containment measures to fight Covid-19 and a wave of civil unrest in July. A series of arson and looting has ravaged the country after the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for contempt.


Fewer vaccination centers coming soon

The vaccination centers dedicated to Covid-19 are “not meant to last” after the end of March, if the epidemic wave in France continues to ebb, the health ministry says. The idea is that “the territorial network will be mainly based on vaccination in the city. A number of permanent vaccination centers “will be able to complete the system if necessary.

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Minister Julien Denormandie positive

Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie announces that he has tested positive for Covid-19. He isolates himself “for the time it takes, and continues to work remotely”.


Malaysia reopens to tourists after two years of closure

Malaysia will reopen its borders to fully vaccinated tourists from April 1. They had been closed since March 2020. From now on it is enough to show a negative test to enter.


1.5 million doses of Novavax vaccine expected

France will receive 1.5 million doses of Novavax vaccine this week, the health ministry said Tuesday. From next Monday, doctors and pharmacists will be able to order doses directly. To date, only 522 injections have been performed (until Sunday evening).

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US sends vaccines to Uganda

The United States is shipping 840,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Uganda through a special international humanitarian emergency mechanism.


Novavax in Martinique also next week

In addition to Guadeloupe, the Novavax vaccine will also be available the same day in five vaccination centers in Martinique from Tuesday.


Vaccination in slow motion

This is the lowest level since the start of the vaccination campaign. On average, just over 40,000 doses of vaccine are administered per day. In France, fewer than 3,000 people receive their first dose of vaccine every day.


Monday end of company health protocol

In addition to the end of the mandatory mask in companies, the health protocol will expire on Monday. This is announced by the Minister of Labour, Elisabeth Borne, when asked about: LCIA

“All the rules will disappear, the health protocol introduced in the spring of 2020 will disappear (…) I told the unions and employers’ organizations that we would hold a practical guide on washing hands, cleaning surfaces…” For telecommuting, the rules are defined “in the dialogue between the employer and the employees”, she recalls.


Moderna takes over other diseases

Moderna, the biotech behind one of the first serums against Covid-19, wants to work on developing vaccines against 15 emerging or neglected viruses and bacteria to mitigate the risks of a new pandemic. They mainly target chikungunya, Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, dengue fever, Ebola, malaria or tuberculosis.

The point is not to continue the research until commercialization, but to push the development of these potential vaccines until the first human clinical trials. The goal is to establish a sort of library of vaccines that, in the event of a pandemic, will be ready to be drafted and enter Phase 3 of clinical trials, the very last step before being launched on the market. . the market. This would save a few months.


Novavax Tuesday in Guadeloupe

According to the site coordinator, the first doses of Novavax, a vaccine without messenger RNA, can be administered “from Tuesday” at the Baie-Mahault vaccination center in Guadeloupe. This vaccine, which the technology is said to be “more classic than that involving messenger RNA,” she recalls, could convince some who are refractory to vaccination.


Is the start of the school year causing a revival?

The departments where the start of the school year took place on February 21 are those where the incidence is increasing. This is not the case with those where re-entry took place last week or this week. But in addition to the holidays, other countries are also seeing a spike in cases. The BA.2 variant, a “little brother” of Omicron, is said to be involved. More details in this article.


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