STRAIGHT AWAY. Presidential: Macron’s team opens registration for the first meeting

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Zemmour poses rabbit for SME

François Asselin, President of the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises, regrets the absence of the candidate in the presence of the representatives of SMEs and VSEs. “Failing to keep to your agreements is inelegant and it is clear that you are not interested in SMEs and VSEs despite the nice words”.


Sébastien Meurant joins Zemmour

The senator, formerly subordinate to the Republicans, swears fealty to Eric Zemmour. Logical decision by a Gaullist who would reject the “intellectual terrorism of the left”, the follower of thunderous statements says in a welcome press release.


Keeping up with the (false) rhythm of the presidential elections

Meetings, trips, interviews… Everyone has their own little thing to go on: micro naps for Le Pen; sports for Zemmour. Mélenchon prefers the quality of the interventions over the quantity and Pécresse sleeps in the car. Jadot ‘feeds’ on his encounters. And Hidalgo drinks… tea, according to the campaign teams. The wrong rhythm is exhausting.


Bringing legislative and presidential elections closer?

According to Le Canard enchaîné, Emmanuel Macron would consider dissolving the National Assembly the day after the presidential election, in order to bring the parliamentary elections forward by two weeks. Still to be re-elected.


The sense of timing

Is now the right time to open the site of autonomy in Corsica a few days before the presidential elections? “The process that could lead to a possible evolution of the legislation (…) towards a Polynesian status (…) cannot happen in the 20 days that separate us from the presidential elections”, Gérald Darmanin dodges after the Council of Ministers. He admits that this is a long process of “months” or even “years”. As if Macron’s government had 5 years left…


Jadot versus Baba

Yannick Jadot will participate tonight in the show Face à Baba, hosted by Cyril Hanouna on C8. He will give the contradiction to Marine Le Pen.


An avalanche of auditions

Abbé Pierre Foundation, Medef, federation of hunters, “debate of the century”… So many associations willing to listen to every candidate on their project. A multiplication of these very “time-consuming” campaign team formats. Our article.


Registration open for the Macron meeting

The presidential candidate’s campaign team, With you, today announced the opening of registrations for Emmanuel Macron’s April 2 meeting in Paris.


A man sprinkles Pécresse with pink powder


Pécresse versus the CPME

The former Secretary of Higher Education and Republican candidate was before representatives of the Confederation of Small and Medium Businesses (CPME) this morning. She presented her measures to combat “environmental decline” and recalled the various reforms she wants to implement: unemployment insurance, pensions, decentralization, tax cuts for companies…


Sarkozy supports Pecresse . still not

Although the former president of the republic still does not support the Republican candidate, less than a month before the first ballot, fears are growing that Nicolas Sarkozy will announce his support for Emmanuel Macron, as an LR executive told franceinfo: “It would really hurt us if he supported Macron. In fact, I think I prefer that he says nothing and stays neutral until the end.


The popular primary makes its mea culpa

The civil society was deeply divided after the announcement of its support for the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon following the resignation of Christiane Taubira. In an email addressed to its 400,000 voters, the popular primary team said it regretted this decision that “evoked as much enthusiasm as anger, understanding as mistrust, gratitude as hatred” and presents it all.” [ses] apologies to those who were disappointed.

Mathilde Imer (left), co-creator of the popular primary, left the movement after announcing her support for Mélenchon. (Thomas Coex/AFP)


The headquarters of the PCF youth movement destroyed in Rennes

Labels, punctures, broken glass… During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the headquarters of the Young Communist Movement of Ille-et-Vilaine in Rennes was destroyed, reports the Telegram. An act of vandalism that is almost unanimously condemned by local political representatives. “All this intimidation will not make us stray from our path: happy days for the world of work, for France,” Fabien Roussel said on Twitter this morning.


Roussel against the autonomy of Corsica


Macron in Pau on Friday

The presidential candidate will go to Pau on Friday, for a campaign trip, where he will talk with residents, in the stronghold of his ally and president of the Modem, François Bayrou. The meeting will take place with readers selected by the newspapers Sud-Ouest and the Republic of the Pyrenees at the Palais Beaumont.


Mélenchon-Hidalgo, the last fight

There are no more ruthless than two enemy brothers. As proof of the brutal war between Anne Hidalgo and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, both from the socialist family. Ukraine, Mali, economy, pension… Everything in this presidential campaign is subject to disagreements and curses between the PS candidate and the Insoumis. Our article to read here.

LP / Olivier Corsan and Delphine Goldsztejn with Datagif


A point on the meetings of the day

Lutte Ouvrière’s candidate, Nathalie Arthaud, will hold a press conference and meeting in Marseille this Wednesday. Philippe Poutou, of the New Anti-Capitalist Party, organizes his meeting in Saint-Etienne. On the travel side, Valérie Pécresse goes to Meaux at the end of the afternoon.


“Democratic time must be respected”

When asked about Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to debate, Valérie Pécresse considers this strategy risky. “If there is mass abstention, because there is no democratic debate, there will be anger and frustration,” the Republican candidate said of France Inter this morning.


France lags behind in renewable energy

Anne Hidalgo criticizes Europe 1 Emmanuel Macron’s choice to bet on nuclear energy. “We need an energy mix. We need multiple solutions and are not dependent on one solution, especially nuclear power. We are dependent and dependent on uranium that we cannot find in France,” she explains.


Hidalgo for a reduction in VAT on petrol

When asked about the rise in raw material prices, Anne Hidalgo suggests “immediately reduce the VAT on petrol to 5.5%”. This tax is now 20%.


Macron ‘admits to violence’ in Corsica

Valérie Pécresse judged France Inter this morning that the government must first “bring order in Corsica, before starting negotiations” on the autonomy of the area. The president is “at a distance” at the moment, according to the Republican nominee, underlining that Emmanuel Macron is “admitting to violence”.


Hidalgo for the autonomy of the island of beauty

Like its rival EELV, the PS candidate thinks it wise to grant Corsica autonomy. “I think we should give legislative and regulatory powers to regions, to communities with special status like Corsica,” she explains about Europe 1.


“Corsica must remain French,” says Le Pen

While the interior minister indicated this morning in Corse-Matin that the government is “ready to go as far as autonomy in Corsica”, Marine Le Pen believes that “Corsica should remain French”. “I refuse that Emmanuel Macron’s cynical clientelism violates the integrity of French territory,” she said.


Jadot for a virtuous food model

“Our food model relies on soybeans in Brazil,” explains Yannick Jadot. That is why he proposes to redirect part of the “13 billion euros of public money that goes to agriculture each year” to “agroecology”. “What I want is for us to stop selling pork pieces to China,” protests Yannick Jadot. It’s absurd”.

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Marine Le Pen opposite Baba

The RN candidate will participate in the program “Face à Baba” presented by Cyril Hanouna on C8 tonight at 9 pm.

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