Strasbourg temporarily on stage, Angers dives in again

The SCO .’s Terrible Lack of Success

The Angevins scored 4.15 expected goals against Reims this afternoon… because in the end there was no goal on the scoreboard. A lack of success that is very expensive when Angers is only 3 points ahead of Saint-Etienne, 18th.

It’s over in the multiplex!

Four small goals this afternoon on the lawns of Ligue 1, especially Strasbourg’s win at home against AS Monaco (1-0). Stephan’s players are taking a big step towards Europe.

At the bottom of the standings, Lorient offers 3 very precious points on the lawn of Clermont thanks to the 2-0 victory, while Angers puts itself in danger after another worrying defeat against Reims (0-1). Lens and Metz split at a timid 0-0. The full results:

Anger 0-1 Reims (snips)
Clermont 0-2 lorient (Kone, Petrot)
Metz 0-0 lens
Strasbourg 1-0 Monaco (Djiku)

Metz-Lens (0-0): Ganago’s chance!

On a totally failed intervention by Kouyaté, Ganago slips away and is not far from returning victoriously. But his strike is flying to the stands!

Strasbourg wins 1-0 for Monaco!

After a full and controlled race, and thanks to a wonderful gesture from Djiku on a corner, Racing won against ASM and temporarily took 3rd place in the championship. Europe moves away from the Monegasques…

Angers-Reims (0-1): Manceau banned from Angers

The SCO team, which had caused Donis’ red card in the first period, was penalized for an anti-spelling error with a second yellow card… and had to leave the field a little earlier.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): the counterattack for Racing

Diallo tries to launch Ajorque on the penalty area after carrying the ball from the center line and transplanting it into the shaft. Jakobs makes a big return and puts the ball for a corner.

Angers-Reims (0-1): the Rémois are hanging by a thread!

Incredible opportunity for the SCO! The Angevins only find the bar! On a shot by Mendy, the ball bounces off the crossbar. The head that follows goes in turn on the bar. Then the Reims defenders resist and push back for a corner… where the SCO still finds the bar! Incredible run of chances for Angers but the SCO lags.

Angers-Reims (0-1): Fulgini … on the crossbar

The SCO attacking midfielder tries a difficult shot, from a tight angle, which surprises Rajkovic. The keeper is lobed… but the ball bounces off the crossbar and comes out.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): Racing still dominates

The Blue and Whites continued to threaten Nübel’s goal, even as Bellegarde’s cross went behind ASM’s goal. Strasbourg looks set to win, while the Monegasques still haven’t found the frame.

Clermont-Lorient (0-2): THE PAUSE FOR LORIENT!

THE SECOND FOR HAKE WITH SUCCESS! Thanks to Pétrot, who saw the ball bounce off his shoulder after a cross from Monconduit from a free kick and a slight deflection from Gastien, Lorient scored a second time and was on his way to a very valuable victory.

LOUUUT OF LORIENT! Clermont 1-0 Lorient!

KONE FINDS MISTAKE IN CLERMONT’S DEFENSE! The striker recovers the ball in Gastien’s feet and manages to resist the defender before adjusting Djoco. Lorient offers a breath of fresh air and leads 1-0!

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): Boadu and Golovin . entry

As Ben Yedder already takes to the field to revive the ASM attack, Boadu and Golovin take turns coming in to get at least a draw.

Metz-Lens (0-0): Flour strong!

The RCL goalkeeper flies away and comes to block the well-placed shot on a free kick by Candé. The Messins insist, but fail to shake the nets.

Metz-Lens (0-0): Danso informed

Mikelbrencis manages to make a big rush to launch a quick attack in Metz’s favor. He escapes a first tackle before collapsing after an intervention from Danso. The Lensois defender is shown a yellow card.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): Ajorque by heart!

On a corner, the Racing striker escapes the defense’s mark and tries a header that bounces and goes over the crossbar.

Metz-Lens (0-0): the chance for N’Doram!

Metz was very close to opening the score! On a corner, Japhet N’Doram’s son stands up and takes over with an uncrossed header… which goes in front of the goal without finding the frame.

Angers-Reims (0-1): Foket warned

Foket comes into play instead of Flips, completely missing his intervention on Boufal… and conceding an off-center free kick. The referee shows a yellow card.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): an opportunity for Racing!

What a great action from Bellegard. The midfielder recovers the ball very high, pushes, advanced and crosses back for Prcic… Nübel goes for the ball in the skylight and concedes the corner.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): Monaco can’t do it

The Principality’s players struggled to be dangerous in this match, apart from a failed cross from Gelson Martins that nearly caught Sels by surprise. On the contrary, it is Pcic who is the most dangerous, but Nübel is at the top.

Metz-Lens (0-0): Replace Mafouta and Boulaya

Note that Fred Antonetti swapped two players in the Metz ranks and brought in Grandpa Nguette and Ibrahima Niane for the second period.

Metz-Lens (0-0): Eccentric free kick for Metz

The strong cross in front of goal is well repelled by the Sang et Or. Benitez then intervenes with his fists on the corner to eliminate the danger.

Play resumes in La Meinau

The Strasbourgers start the second period against Monaco and are currently 3rd in Ligue 1 ahead of OM (which will face Brest tonight at 8.45pm).

The break in Ligue 1!

It is calm on the 4 fields of this multiplex, very timid so far apart from a beautiful acrobatic gesture from Djiku… and a ball from Petkovic against Reims.

Anger 0-1 Reims (snips)
Clermont 0-0 Lorient
Metz 0-0 lens
Strasbourg 1-0 Monaco (Djiku)

Angers-Reims (0-1): the shy reaction of the SCO

In numerical superiority, the Angevins try to return to the game before the break, but fail to approach the penalty area. Bentaleb is obliged from afar… in the arms of Rajkovic.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): Diop warned

The ASM striker misses his intervention on Guilbert, towards the center line, and lets the sole drag. He is called by the match referee.

Clermont-Lorient (0-0): the message found by Rashani!

While the Hakes try to be dangerous, the Clermontois quickly combine. Da Cunha finds some space and hits hard, low to the ground… on Dreyer’s post!

Angers-Reims (0-1): direct red against Donis!

The Reims striker throws himself stupidly in the back of Manceau, who lifted the ball up the sideline, and mows the Anjou away from the ball. The referee decides to crack down with a direct red card.

Metz-Lens (0-0): Milkenbrencis, the youth of Metz

The Metz defender, who started this afternoon against Lens, has grown up at the club since 2015. Discover him thanks to the Scouting podcast on RMC Sport.

Strasbourg-Monaco (1-0): a chance for Volland!

On a billiard shot, the ball almost returned to Volland in front of the empty goal… The German was amazed to see the ball bounce off his leg before he could hit. The people of Strasbourg are doing well.

Metz-Lens (0-0): The Sotoca Attack!

On a nice collective action from the RCL, Kalimuendo sends to Sotoca who attempts a curled shot… that fails to find Caillard’s frame.


PETKOVIC MISSES AGAIN… and the ball goes to the bottom! On an almost harmless attack by Flips, the SCO goalkeeper lets the ball go between his hands and his legs… Reims opens the score, 0-1!


THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE MULTIPLEX! Strasbourg opens the score at home against Monaco!

On a corner for Racing, Gameiro moved in for Djiku, who sent the ball deep with a magnificent shot. 1-0 for Strasbourg!

The SCO wants to stop the bleeding

The Angevins remain on a horrendous run of 6 straight defeats and also seem determined to end the streak this afternoon, defending well against Reims. After a good start to the season, the SCO is only 5 points ahead of the red zone.

The observation round continues…

Very small start of the multiplex today, with a few blows between Metz and Lens. Boulaya is grounded after a late intervention… and is shown a yellow card.

Strasbourg-Monaco (0-0): the Alsatian reaction

Stéphan’s players react immediately thanks to Gameiro, who is very available in the penalty area. The ball is pushed back for a corner… which does not benefit the Blues and Whites.

Strasbourg-Monaco (0-0): the chance for Martins!

Starting behind the RCSA defenders, the Portuguese striker advances in front of Sels and crosses his shot… which goes just wide. The linesman’s flag goes up anyway to indicate offside.

Clermont-Lorient (0-0): corner for the Hakes

The center is pushed back very easily by the players of Gastien. But Lorient naturally wants to make this afternoon a success, with a rather attacking team.

We start slow

The day started quietly on the lawns of Ligue 1, with the first four minutes of play very quiet. We start with 4 rounds of observation, as we say in the industry.

Let’s go to Strasbourg!

The kick-off will be on Racing’s turf by the Monegasques, who will launch Ligue 1 this afternoon with a game that could bring the winner a lot of money. As a reminder, there are 4 matches scheduled for today at 3 p.m.: Strasbourg-Monaco, Metz-Lens, Clermont-Lorient and Angers-Reims.

Warming up in progress

As PSG wrap up their match at the Parc des Princes against Bordeaux and head for a clear win, we are preparing for the multiplex kick-off on the other Ligue 1 ground.

Clermont-Lorient leaves the red zone

The Elves of Clermont : Djoco – Zedadka, Hountondji, Seidu, Nsimba – Magnin, Gastien, Berthomier – Da Cunha, Kyei, Rashani.

The elf of Lorient : Dreyer – Mendes, Laporte, Petrot, Le Goff – The Fairy, Boisgard, Innocent – Monconduit, Moffi, Laurienté.

Strasbourg-Monaco with Gameiro, Ben Yedder on the bench

In Alsace, with a win, Monaco can recapture their opponent of the day and remain well positioned for a European spot at the end of the season.

The Strasbourg eleven : Salts – Liénard, Djiku, Nyamsi, Perrin, Guilbert – Bellegarde, Prcic, Sissoko – Gameiro, Ajorque.

The Eleven of Monaco : Nübel – Sidibé, Disasi, Badiashile, Jakobs – Lucas, Tchouaméni, Fofana – Gelson Martins, Diop, Volland.

Angers SCO-Reims lineups

In the underside of the soft belly, Angers and Reims, 14th and 13th respectively in Ligue 1, will meet this afternoon at the Kopa Stadium.

The Eleven of the SCO : Petkovic – Manceau, Traoré, Thomas, Ebosse – Pereira Lage, Mangani – Fulgini, Bentaleb, Boufal – Cho.

The Elf of Reims : Rajkovic – Konan, Faes, Abdelhamid, Busi – Zeneli, Flips, Munetsi – Kebbal, Donis, Matusiwa.

The compositions of Metz-Lens

In this match that smacks of the 90s, Lens travels with his quintessential team to try and revive before the end of the season, while Metz needs points to get out of the red zone quickly.

The elf of Metz : Caillard – Mikelbrencis, Bronn, Kouyaté, Jemerson – Candé, N’Doram, Sarr – Boulaya, Préville, Mafouta.

The elf of Lens : Farinez – Danso, Gradit, Medina – Clauss, Doucouré, Fofana, Haïdara – Kakuta – Sotoca, Kalimuendo.

Strasbourg-Monaco for Europe, Lorient and Metz to get out of the red

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the four matches of the Ligue 1 multiplex from the 28th day, with a tempting poster between Strasbourg (5th) and Monaco (8th) to stay well placed for the European places. At the same time, the maintenance is played for Metz, who receives Lens, and Lorient on the lawn of Clermont. Finally, Angers will want to make a new start at Raymond-Kopa against Reims.