Team Vosges VTT: collective spirit in an individual sport

April 11, 2022 by Stephane Magnoux

Part of Team Vosges VTT prepared for the season under the Spanish sun before starting the rounds of the Coupe de France.

The Vosges team, approaching its tenth anniversary, has become a safe bet in French mountain biking. She suffered from the health crisis, but her ant mode management and her family spirit saw her take second place in the Teams Trophy in the Coupe de France last season.

“The health crisis has severely damaged our cash flow. In 2021, a World Cup round cost us between 500 and 600 euros for PCR tests, admits Spinalien Sébastien Sibille, manager of Team Vosges VTT. We anticipated it, but it blocked our investments. I can’t wait for this to end to find healthy cash flow and continue to grow the structure. †

The 2020 and 2021 seasons were tough, but the Vosges team is still standing. The Covid-19 has caused a carnage among the most financially vulnerable structures. At Team Vosges VTT, which specializes in cross-country, we don’t have some people’s tinsel. On the other hand, we are showing off a ninth season in a row on the national and international scenes. The initial choice not to put all her eggs on the same rack paid off.

“We are atypical. Most teams will look for a partner for the complete bike. During our first World Cups, we noticed that the big teams had different partners for bicycles and peripherals,” says Sébastien Sibille.

The example inspired Team Vosges VTT. “We decided to assemble our own bikes. We didn’t want a big brand partner that imposes a lot. The day one of the sponsors is gone, we’ll figure it out,” beams the manager who has led eight drivers this season. “We have been working with the same brands for a few years now. They are faithful. That is why we are still here today. There is a great deal of management. †

A management from a good father

VRP in his professional life, Sébastien Sibille keeps the wallet with the rigor of a good father. “My job taught me to count and plan. I always try to anticipate. A team like ours is run like a business. I don’t promise the pilots mountains and wonders, but I do what I say,” he says profusely. No pilot gets a fixed salary.

“I prefer to be a smaller structure, but keep my agreements. A driver, when he arrives with us, his season is financially empty. That is, he will have nothing to spend. That did not stop the homogeneous team from finishing second in the Trophée des Teams in the Coupe de France last season. She also received a bonus of 1,100 euros.

It was redistributed to the pilots. “Thanks to them we won. When they achieve individual podiums, they also receive bonuses. My goal is to support them as best I can so that they get their bonuses through their results. †

Sébastien Sibille strives to transmit certain values. “When I was younger I was a rugby player. Being from a team sport, I like the team spirit. We all stay in the same place at the games. I want everyone to stay together. We do not go to the hotel and take a rental car. We do our shopping and meals ourselves. » Team Vosges VTT’s recipes are quite good.

The next big meetings of Team Vosges VTT

  • From April 15 to 17: French Cup in Guéret (Creuse)
  • From 27 to 29 May: French Cup in Saint-Etienne (Loire)
  • From June 30 to July 3: French Championships in Ploeuc-l’Hermitage (Côtes-d’Armor)
  • From September 23 to 25: French Cup in Levens (Alpes-Maritimes)