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Winter is over, spring is well established and summer is just around the corner! If it doesn’t promise to shed ugly pounds, the Switch’s latest sports game invites you to get moving. Go hop hop hop!

For a long time we thought the concept of motion gaming was buried (except in VR of course), and now Nintendo has decided to dig up Wii Sports † This fun game that was immediately available and sold for free with every machine as standard had established itself as the system seller of the Wii at the time. the sequel, Wii Sports Spring did not leave me such an imperishable memory. It seems to me that it mainly served to emphasize the possibilities of the WiiMotion Plus. An accessory that gave the first generation of WiiMotes more precision in recognizing movements. And last but not least Wii Sports and the sequel took first and third place among the best-selling games on Wii. Not bad ! But why the hell did Nintendo wait so long to get the concept? Wii Sports closet ?! This is the question we can ask ourselves! After five years of existence and a hundred million units sold worldwide, the Switch, as good as it gets for the next generation, has delivered the feat of being a hit. What brutality!

Of course, when we talk about Wii, we can only remember those evenings we spent in good company on wii sports, or those countless lonely afternoons perfecting your bowling throw. No need to feign surprise Switch sports takes more or less the same ingredients that made the success of its older one without being a pale copy, not even an HD remake. Amazing, right?! Not a matter of exploring an open environment, unlike Wii Sports Resort, the title offers to enjoy a selection of different activities in solo or multi. After personalizing his avatar, with a chara design halfway through a character from ARMEN and an avatar of Animal Crossing, the game offers to participate in half a dozen activities. Among these sports we find the inevitable Tennis and Bowling, as well as matches in Badminton, Volleyball, Football and even Chanbara which has replaced the noble art (boxing). Another notable absence is that of the Golf. If you like swinging, pulling the ball out of bunkers or tall grass, you’ll have to gnaw on your iron or your wood until next fall. This event will be added to the base game via a free update: Joy and Happiness?

As is often (always) the case with Nintendo Switch game reviews, this title went on the grill thanks to a store-bought version. If it can be played alone and in multiplayer on the same screen or locally, this game takes on its full dimension online. History in order not to explode the records for the vanity, in the corner it is possible to measure himself against other players to… unlock cosmetic items intended to personalize the appearance of his avatar. If, like me, you bought this game out of curiosity, you’re not sure you wanted to break online records for this “party game”. Let’s take a tour of the owner by going into a little more detail about the few games present on this Switch sports† As explained a little further upstream, the title offers two “racket” games (tennis and badminton) that offer more or less the same thing. Understand that the characters automatically move around the field and we make mid-air movements with the JoyCon to perform forehands, backhands, lobs and smashes. The bowling didn’t change grip. Before firing, change your alignment with the lane, then make a back-to-front motion to throw the ball at the pins, hoping to make a shot by giving the ball a slight twist. That the amateurs of castagne are reassured if boxing was not integrated into the game, among the new tests one finds the Chambara. A less “spicy” saber fight but that doesn’t lose any intensity because it takes place on a smaller playing field and in height. Stop falling! As with the previous events, Chambara can be practiced with a single Joycon, but nothing prevents you from using a pair of controllers instead of two swords… like boxing on the Wii. In addition, we can put ourselves on guard to repel attacks (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) and of course attack, attack, attack to damage the opponent or make him fall in the gun. A nice release without a doubt.

If he seems to live a little bit of the achievements of the illustrious Wii Sportsthis one Switch sports introduces two other new sports disciplines. Let’s start with VolleyBall. Usually it is a matter of moving the JoyCon vertically (from the bottom up) to either achieve a cushioning intended to pass the ball to the teammate or to counter a shot when you are at the target. just located. There is only this position that you can “attack” the opposing team after you receive the ball during an extension jump, you have to do a smash by making a move from top to bottom of the JoyCon. Beware, the timing has to be perfect to hope to score a point. A fun sport, but a bit repetitive and stingy in interactions. The new queen discipline of these Switch Sports, pending the arrival of Golf, is undoubtedly football. This revised version (simplified futsal) played with an oversized ball must be practiced with two JoyCons per participant. This time we control the player’s movements on the ground via the joystick of the left JoyCon, just like for the shot, this is performed by a movement of the right JoyCon. Simply move this controller from bottom to top for a lobed shot, from top to bottom to fire a praline, or a flick of the two JoyCons allows you to do a ball-in-head dive. However, if the buttons on the controllers are for pass or run, it will be impossible to tackle the opponent. History to vary the pleasures, note that the game offers to practice target shooting. Switch sports can be sold with a strap to place a JoyCon on the leg (at the level of the thigh) we can’t say it requires formidable precision or strength worthy of CR7 or Benzema to keep the ball in the back of the net , in the better rhythm: what a gadget! A reproach that can also be made to Volley Ball that sins a bit too much due to its lack of interactivity and fun.

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Technically, the game turns out to be more beautiful than the Wii Sports Released on Wii 16 years ago. Normal! We reiterate that Switch Sports is not recycling, but rather a new generation of Nintendo’s Bestseller with graphics slightly closer to the (minimal) specifications of current productions. Spocco Square’s playgrounds, for example, are equipped with more detailed, colorful and lively environments. Tested on a base switch connected to the TV via the dock, the game shows slight aliasing around some surfaces. Forgivable given the depth of the environments or the beautiful graphical effects that do not hinder the fluidity of the animations or the action. Own ! The music comes directly from the themes of Wii Sports and Mario Kart 8† The good mood is at the rendezvous in the menus or even during the tests. The music is also muted to add atmosphere to the matches, with the commentator announcing the results in French. Note that the game is also entirely in our language, a good reason for the youngest players to try this Nintendo Switch Sports. They will also have no trouble holding the JoyCon in their tiny hands to simulate a racket smash. The veterans of Wii Sports will probably find the exercise a little less pleasant in the hand and especially less precise.

Test – Nintendo Switch Sports – There’s sports


On the other hand, when the fun is back in the game, we regret a slight lack of precision in the JoyCon’s controls, such as a lack of interest in volleyball and the target shooting minigame. Nothing serious overall the game fulfills its mission of a fun party game. Switch Sports should gain more interest once golf becomes part of the playable events next fall.


A graphic realization without too many false notes

Often simple and fairly intuitive gameplay

From solo to multi, enough to have fun alone or with several people

For €39, the proposal remains acceptable

the inferior

Not always at the top of motion recognition accuracy

Unnecessary events (tennis/badminton) or a bit devoid of interest.