The 15 cent discount on the liter of petrol, an “electoral” measure according to the opposition

For them, the “string” is a bit big. Give a 15 euro cent discount on the price of a liter of petrol, from 1er April is an electoral measure, several opposition representatives ruled Sunday, March 13, after the announcement made the day before by Prime Minister Jean Castex in the Parisian

“The state gives back the money from the increase in gasoline, I asked for that, noted Valérie Pecresse. on in “Le Grand Rendezvous” of Europe 1, the echoes and CNewsThe only question I ask myself is why at 1er April, why not now, since the French can no longer move? † And the Republican presidential candidate to answer himself: ” 1er April is ten days before the election. †

« Je ne sais pas si ces 15 centimes représentent exactement l’intégralité des gains que l’Etat a faits, peut-être pas tous les gains, donc j’aurais préféré que le premier ministre nous dise : je rends tout l’argent aux French “she added.

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By announcing this discount at the pump for four months for all French people on Saturday, Jean Castex assured that this was the case. The measure will cost the State about 2 billion euros and, according to the Prime Minister, “In the first half of 2022, and if prices remain at this level, tax revenues on fuels would increase by less than 2 billion euros”

“I can’t say the state is filling its pockets. It’s clearly the opposite.”he assured, also insisting “the 20 billion euros spent since October last year to protect the purchasing power of the French”

“Ridiculous” measure

“Since it happens to be ten days before the first round of the presidential election, the government is giving us an election discount”, on Franceinfo denounced the spokesman of the National Rally (RN), Julien Odoul. According to him, the measure is also “Ridiculous because 15 cents per liter does not even amount to the tax increases that Emmanuel Macron has decided, which were around 19 cents per liter”

“Obviously this is disproportionate to the gravity of the situation today and perhaps tomorrow. We need to lower the VAT on energy in general from 20% to 5.5%”, added Marine Le Pen, the RN candidate for the Elysee Palace, on BFM-TV. “The government gives us something for 15 cents, it may seem like a provocation”, also estimated the leader of the New Anti-Capitalist Party, Philippe Poutou, on the same channel.

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For the campaign manager of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France insoumise), Manuel Bompard, “Of course it is better than no reduction at all, but it is largely insufficient and it is not the right method”† One must “going to a price-blocking measure, to bring the price back to the pre-crisis price, around 1.40 euros per litre, and involving gas and electricity distributors and fuel distributors”he added on RMC.

“Voting ticket and fuel coupons”

Jean Castex wakes up a bit late, this measure will not be enough and especially not fast enoughon France 3 deplored the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo. There is still a little clientelist and electoral side as we were told that when you go to pay you get a little mention explaining how much the government gave you a gift. Why not confuse ballots with petrol coupons? †

For Communist Party candidate Fabien Roussel, the government could have taken such a measure “a lot earlier”. ‘It’s easy to blame everything for the war’ in Ukrainehe estimated on Radio J, while “prices used to be high”† According to him, “There is a huge responsibility first and foremost on the speculators – the oil companies, the shareholders, the investment funds – who bet on war, bet on the rise in oil prices and speculate on it”

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