The 8 Most Effective Sports To Lose Weight At Your Own Pace –

Sport is undoubtedly your best asset to lose weight fast with a balanced diet. Today, you’re spoiled for choice, and it’s hard to know where to start.So, what are the best sports to lose weight, we offer you a small selection of 8 sports to lose weight!

What are the best sports for weight loss?

The years go by, the pounds come in… But this time too much is too much! It’s been decided, you’re going to take matters into your own hands to get your young man’s body back!

To wage this war on fat, you already know the essential duo: balanced diet + exercise† But did you know that not all sports are created equal when it comes to burning calories?

To help you out, here’s a list of the top sports for weight loss. You can literally burn up to 900 calories per hour, we read on the site


This sport is suitable for both men and women and no, it is not just any Olympic sport. It is not necessary to have a high level of sport to be able to swim… just know how to swim to avoid sinking like an anvil!

It is about the most complete sport in the sports offer† It allows you to train all the muscles of the body, such as the arms, legs and shoulders. You’ll gain muscle and be able to say goodbye to your burgeoning tummy, whatever your swimming level.

This type of sport is highly recommended for people suffering from osteoarthritis, as there are no shocks to the joints in the water. The practice of swimming also improves muscle tone and protects the back and bones† The fact that the weight feeling is divided by 3 stimulates you to perform more and longer movements.

It is also an excellent sport for those who: are too heavy and start from scratch, because it avoids brutal shocks and spares the whole body.

Yes the two most calorie-intensive strokes are the breaststroke and the butterflyit is advisable to alternate them with front crawl and backstroke to train your whole body during the same session (alongside letting you recover).

By equipping yourself with fins and hand pads, you increase the resistance during exercise and therefore the calorie consumption. This varies between 545 and 680 kcal in one hour† So, after a few months of swimming, you will be able to say goodbye to your little chocolate mousse and discover the joys of beautiful tablets pulled by your abs.


Running is one of the exercise to lose weight » most popular with amateur athletes. It must be admitted that it does not require much investment in equipment and above all can be practiced both outdoors and indoors! Yes, no more excuses for bad weather not to run, because now there is the solution of the treadmill in the gym or at home.

The number of calories burned in an hour depends on the running pace and weight of the runner. We can count an average loss between 400 and 1000 kcal per hour

The top of the top, it is to be able to run twice for 30 minutes in the same day, to increase the afterburn effect (phenomenon that allows you to continue to burn calories even after exercise). And in general, it is recommended to run intermittently to lose weight.

Please note: running is not recommended for people with joint problems in the knees! In addition, it is perfect to help strengthen the intervertebral discs.

the rower

The big advantage of the practice is that you can stay indoors; so, for people who follow bad excuses for not doing their session, it’s lost in advance!

The rowing machine is a very complete fitness device. It works the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders, back and abs. Its use is relatively easy as it uses the rowing principle. There’s no point in rushing into gearing up if you’re a beginner. All you risk is a good slump and discouragement. The principle is to go slow with the same run time.

You will notice that your waistline becomes thinner during the sessions. you can lose between 580 and 680 kcal per hour† And after a while you will see that it is not a torture device!


Practicing this sport is all the more enjoyable when it is practiced in the countryside, far from the stress of the city and far from impatient drivers.

In addition to being the preferred mode of transport of ecologists, the bike helps to lose a few excess pounds and, in particular, strengthen the legs and back† Sports professionals wanted to share the many benefits of the little queen by turning it into a stationary bike and elliptical trainer for indoor training.

Calorie consumption varies between 400 and 900 kcal per hour, mainly depending on the route, the slope and the wind.


Yes, I know, you just want to lose weight, not get smaller… If the fight itself scares you, you can still go to the boxing gym and focus on the punching bag on which you can let off steam by working your body as a whole: even if that means redrawing your silhouette, as long as it’s harmonious!

Plus, it’s also a great way to release tension by letting off steam.

Jumping rope

It’s a very effective calorie-burning exercise that has the advantage of being practiced anywhere: no more excuses! Once you’ve achieved perfect arm-leg coordination, you’ll have a blast playing this sport, which is, mind you, ultra physical!

Don’t practice for more than 10 minutes the first week, otherwise you won’t be able to get up! Then increase the duration of the exercises and practice them intermittently for even greater efficiency. We also had a skipping rope training plan for you here.

Team sports: football, basketball, handball, etc.

Practicing a sport as a team can facilitate the practice of the latter. Teammates encourage each other in moments of weakness. sports like football and basketball have a reputation for making players sweat and build muscle in certain parts of the body† They also make it possible to work on cardio-respiratory endurance thanks to the many round trips that are made on the playing field.

With basketball you burn about 400 kcal per hour. It is little compared to other sports, but you have to know that you also gain muscle.

But in the sports department to lose weight, know that the most effective way to lose weight is handball† Very complete, it moves both the upper body (with throws and catches) and the lower body with incessant movements and big jumps.

To practice this sport well and reap all its benefits, do not hesitate to warm up well: jumps, movements and sudden changes of direction can hurt your ankles and knees.

Team sports: Zumba, CrossFit…

A collective sport differs from a team sport. Team sports are practiced in a group, but at a different pace for each participant. We can quote for this category Zumba, CrossFit or Body Attack

The advantage of group lessons is precisely thegroup watching and therefore encouraging, because everyone is in the same boat. On the other hand, there is no pressure to fail because there is none. Everyone evolves at their own pace in a rhythmic and relaxed atmosphere. There is no competition in the practice of a collective sport, so no complex to have if you can’t follow the first attempt. That is the perseverance that will drive you and will help you keep up with the pace.

In short, what is the best sport to lose weight?

Under this series of “sports for weight loss”, there is no single valid answer to this question. It will vary depending on the men who ask for it.

Thereby, the choice of sport should be made based on your physical needs, but also on your abilities and your personal taste† If you are new to this practice, it is better to consult your doctor beforehand to ensure your general health.

If you are afraid to give up your New Year’s resolution, you should choose to practice a sport in a group or to register in a gym under the guidance of a sports coach. This will (maybe) help you to keep your motivation up.

By practicing a sport, you can maintain a good level of life hygiene. The beginning will certainly not be easy, but you have to persevere to achieve the expected result! Come on, courage, gentlemen, we are with you!