The best time to exercise depends on your gender

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    Sport has different effects on the body depending on gender, especially on fat removal. An American study has just shown that the best time to exercise is in the morning for women and in the evening for men. explanation.

    According to the researchers, women would burn more fat in the early morning, while men would benefit from training in the evening. Conducted on a small sample of people between the ages of 25 and 55 – 30 women and 26 men -, the study was published in the journal Limits in Psychology May 31.

    Isolate the sole role of exercise

    The researchers asked all participants to do 4 training sessions per week, over a 12-week period, including:

    • Resistance training, such as fitness;
    • A stretching session, such as yoga or Pilates;
    • Interval sprints performed by means of swimming or running;
    • Endurance training: long aerobic exercises, cycling or rowing.

    Half trained from 6 to 8 am, the other half from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. The study participants all followed a fixed diet during these 12 weeks, so that their food intake did not influence the results.

    First of all, it’s important to clarify that the study found that exercise was beneficial for all participants, regardless of when they did it. But the benefits of sports can increase depending on the schedule…

    Women should exercise in the morning if they want to burn fat

    According to the researchers, the influence of hormones and the circadian cycle is more important in women.

    For those looking to reduce belly fat, the study found that a morning workout was best. Women who exercised early in the day lost an average of 10% of their belly fat, while women who exercised at night lost only 3%.

    According to the researchers, participants who exercised early in the day also saw their blood pressure drop more than those who exercised in the evening.

    dr. Paul Arciero, who led the study, said: “Si l’exercice physique, qu’il soit pratiqué le matin ou le soir, présente des avantages considérables pour la santé et la performance des femmes, cells qui cherchent à perdre de la graisse du ventre et à réduelle de leurier tension artle prielle de leurier morning”† According to the study, the drop in blood pressure may be due to a reduction in blood vessel stiffness, or to the fact that women who exercised in the morning had slightly higher blood pressure levels to begin with.

    However, if women want to improve their muscle strength, they should exercise in the evening instead, the study reports. According to the researchers, women who chose to exercise at night had better upper body strength when asked to lift weights.

    The benefits of working out at night for men

    According to the study, men would benefit more from exercising in the evening. Their blood pressure, their ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and fat storage would decrease more if they exercised in the evening. According to the study, they also feel less tired.

    No difference was found in their physical performance depending on when they chose to exercise.