The big RMC Sport file (part 3)

RMC SportFILE – In Penafiel, Luis Campos will experience his first major disappointment. Despite supposed ambitions, the experience comes to an abrupt end. Marred by violence…

In the summer of 1999, Luís Campos was made official at FC Penafiel. The Durienses have been hoping for promotion to D1 for about ten years. But their new Mister wants to be ambitious: “We are 16 or 17 candidates for the climb and I assume. A lot of clubs don’t do it. They are wolves dressed in lambskin.”

The Rubro-Negros have teeth that scratch the floor. They only conceded their first goal on the sixth day and have only lost one after 11 games. In addition to the numbers, the content seduces. Dominant, offensive, Campos’ 4-4-2 switching to three forwards has good press. FC Penafiel cracks the first places, but starts to pay for his bad steps at home. The team dominates but does not kill its matches. The stage goes away. Penafiel finished their 1999-2000 season in sixth place in the II Liga. Campos, who has just completed his second full season, is once again among the top strikers in the championship. He goes back a year.

As in Esposende, making finances oblige, he throws several children in the deep end. At Penafiel, he reveals Abel. The current Palmeiras coach (winner of two Copas Libertadores) is a young defender who doesn’t really believe in football. “He wanted to study physical education,” says Campos in the After review. I told him he could reconcile those two things perfectly. [étudier et être footballeur pro]† So I said to him: ‘You are going to university and I will give you all the support you need so that you can graduate and become a professional player, because I think you have the conditions to do both’. And Abel went to college with me that year. Since then I have become a kind of advisor to him.” Abel Ferreira will then evolve into Guimarães, Braga and Sporting and even be called to Seleção by Scolari. Recently, during a press conference, Mr. Abel warned his dressing room to watch his spending: ” I tell my players to be careful with their money, because that’s been done with me too. I’ve learned to have three piggy banks: one for regular expenses; the other for my purposes (buy a new bed, a computer, etc.); and another that I never touch, that’s my reserve, my safety.” When a Brazilian journalist asks him who recommended this to him, Abel replies: “The one who is currently a sports advisor for PSG…”

However, the story of Luís Campos at FC Penafiel comes to an abrupt end. On September 10, 2000, four days after blowing out the 36 candles from their carriage, the Durienses received the Nacional. At ten to eleven from the 23rd minute, Professor Campos has to correct his composition. Supporters of Penafiel (le) whistle in the stands. The insults coalesce. So when Rui Gomes – who he brought in during the match – scores, the coach turns to them. He is put to work. Words, blows fall. Penafiel wins 3-1 and has two wins after three days but none of that counts.

The incidents push Campos to resign. The president, António Gomes, refuses, tries to dissuade him, but the teacher stands by his decision. “I’m not going back,” he says. It hurts me a lot because we were friends with the board and the workgroup, but I can’t sell my soul to the devil. It happened beyond the bounds of decency.” But this sudden separation, reluctantly, however, will give birth to another new and beautiful story…