the Blues barely get a 10th win in a row


It is over ! The French team struggled to beat Japan 20 to 15 and finished the season undefeated with a 10th win in a row! In this final encounter of the Summer Tour, the Blues were very hot with a breathless end to the match where they could have lost everything. Not much can be remembered of the individual performances of the players on this Tour, but at least it is a French team that does not lose anymore.

Cornelsen’s turn! (JAP 15-20 NL)

It’s an action that may have sealed the outcome of this match with an attacker 30 seconds from the end of Cornelsen’s match! It smells good !

Return of Japanese printing (JAP 15-20 FRA)

Penalty for Japan that has the opportunity to return to the French 22 meters! And the touch is well found by the Japanese opener…


The immediate Japanese response to Couilloud’s essay! Horie’s perfect touch for Leitch in the background and he sets the ideal pace for Tatafu! The overwhelming 3rd line seems to be leveling off, but here comes the video… TEST REFUSED, THERE WAS ONE FORWARD!

Les Bleus under pressure (JAP 15-20 FRA)

The Japanese are already back in the French area and are putting enormous pressure! Macalou repels the attack, but a penalty follows! Let’s get in touch!


Here’s the French essay that does much, much good! On a scrum at the 22m entrance, Baptiste Couilloud takes the break, takes out the sticks, drops three defenders and ends the action! Jalibert goes to investigate, 20 to 15!

Macalou close to the test! (JAP 15-13 NL)

Positioned on the wing, Sekou Macalou is close to scoring a good try with a pass at the foot of Jalibert in the Parisian’s diagonal! He is hardly stopped, put in a box and punished!

Another missed opportunity (JAP 15-13 FRA)

What a departure from Max Spring that finally stands out! He reviews the first and second Japanese curtains thanks to his view and his props! Unfortunately, the Blues commit an offside foul!

Jalibert occupies the field (JAP 15-13 FRA)

We were thinking of Jalibert’s 50-22, but it ends up being a shot for legend Shota Horie! Meanwhile, Macalou comes into play instead of Penaud.

The Blues are getting closer (JAP 15-13 FRA)

By putting pressure on the Japanese defense, the Blues get a penalty for a foul on the ground by Gunter! Jalibert adds three points, but it’s hard! 15 to 13!

What a Japanese defense! (JAP 15-10 NL)

Twice Baptiste Couilloud plays the penalty quickly and shoots well! Unfortunately, in the last attempt, he is blocked by the Japanese defenses and Gunter’s arms… The Japanese are emerging!

Penaud in contact (JAP 15-10 FRA)

New turnover ball quickly exploited by Vakatawa! He hands it to Jalibert who tries to give it to Penaud at the last minute, but the ASM winger is pushed into contact!

When it doesn’t want to… (JAP 15-10 FRA)

Nice combination with Muefana who finds Penaud well launched inside but the winger commits a new attacker!

Japanese make mistakes (JAP 15-10 FRA)

It all started with a bounce from Spring and Japan moved again by sending a lot of play! Yamanaka’s support goes way too far and is being sanctioned!

The Blues Still Spoil (JAP 15-10 FRA)

Superb turnover used by Lebel who takes the break, kicks, recovers the ball but commits an attacker behind Bourgarit! Penalty to the Blues who add three points, 15 to 10!


Here we go again for the last 40 minutes of this meeting! Abused by brilliant Japanese, the Blues will soon have to start on the second. And why not change something!


It’s calm in the Japan National Stadium! The French team is 15-7 behind Japan and has not yet found a solution to change the game. Lebel, however, had launched the Blues perfectly in a speed test, but the Japanese responded with a full-scale action that was capped by Yamanaka. Worse yet, the Japanese planned a final try before the end of the first period with another good play that ended with… Yamanaka of course! The Lucu-Jalibert hinge completely thwarted the organization of the game.


But another brilliant effort from the Japanese enjoying the ball in hand! Sakate eventually finds Leitch in a chistera and the 3rd line continues its race with a false pass! Yamanaka is found inside and brands. Lee investigates, 15 to 7!

Penaud contacted (JAP 8-7 FRA)

Nice combination in the first hand of the Blues and the ball comes to Penaud! He duels with Yamanaka and the Japanese back sends him in contact!

Mauvaka is doing well (JAP 8-7 FRA)

Another major Japanese offensive with Sakate overthrowing Bamba! Mauvaka throws himself at the ball and prevents it from letting go! Punishment for the Blues!

The balloons fall too much (JAP 8-7 FRA)

The French commit a lot of hand errors that make for a very choppy game!

Jalibert chooses profession (JAP 8-7 FRA)

The Blues try to set up some sequences, but also hit the ball back at the foot a lot. Nevertheless, Jalibert finds an indirect touch in the Japanese 22 meters.

Mauvaka without support (JAP 8-7 FRA)

On a melee combo, Mauvaka goes alone on the closed, but gets caught by the foot! He tries to give but no one followed him and the Japanese scratch a penalty!

Superb kick by Lee (JAP 8-7 FRA)

Good Japanese scrum and we open on Lee who finds a touch of almost 50 meters! Perfect getaway from Jamie Joseph’s men.

Lebel makes the difference (JAP 8-7 FRA)

Found at the end of the line, Matthis Lebel puts Van den Heever on a massive gear but fails to give in properly! Shame on the Blues!


Punishment for the Japanese who exerted enormous pressure! Bamba is in an offside position and it will be “just” a penalty. However, the Japanese flirted with the test. Lee investigates, 8 to 7!

Big Japanese print! (JAP 5-7 NL)

Very bad play at the foot of Jalibert who fails to lob Van den heever! Suddenly the winger soars, takes speed Cretin, kicks and forces Lucu to cover disaster! Five-a-side for the Japanese!


The amazing response from Japan that releases all the balloons! All backs hit the ball and Riley wedges a chistera for Van den Heever! The winger, at the cradle of the action, offers Yamanaka the test of a two-on-one! Just fantastic, Lee misses the mark… 7 to 5!


And here is the French team’s first test in two stages! We first send Mufana to the center of the attack to re-establish the defence. Then we open quickly on Lebel’s wing stopping a massive acceleration over five meters and ending the action. In the corner Lucu investigates, 7-0!

The diagonal of Jalibert! (JAP 0-0 FRA)

Superb staircase by Jalibert that sends a diagonal that does not come out! Yamanaka is on the cover but has to hand in the key!

Japan takes action (JAP 0-0 FRA)

Big turnover for the Brave Blossoms with a hand fault from Jolmes and we send for the wing of Fifita! He kicks for himself, but it’s in touch!

The Blues miss big opportunity (JAP 0-0 FRA)

We were not far from the first French test of this encounter! The Blues play a two-on-two with Vakatawa who wants to fix the two defenders and then tries a chistera! Penaud commits an attacker!

Japanese collapsed scrum (JAP 0-0 FRA)

First scrum of the Japan introductory meeting! We immediately play it again and then it collapses. Punishment for the French team!


And let’s go for this Japan-France, the second and final race of the Summer Tour! The Blues can finish the season undefeated and can also take a 10th consecutive win!

The players arrive on the lawn

The two teams will enter the grass field of the Japan National Stadium and will attack with hymns. A minute of silence will also be held just before the singing for Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister, who was assassinated during a rally yesterday.

A minute of silence for Shinzo Abe

This second test match between the XV of France and Japan will take place in some context, the day after the assassination of Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese prime minister. A minute of silence will be observed before kick-off, as specified by the FFR. At the end of the match, captain Charles Ollivon will present a flower garland to his Japanese counterpart, as well as a blue jersey named Shinzo Abe, in his memory.

Jump in the back, goalscorer Lucu

So on arrival only one change from the victorious players of the Japanese for the first game of the summer. The usual incumbent, Melvyn Jaminet, leaves his seat at Max Spring. As the author of a promising Top 14 season, the Racing 92 player will be living out his first tenure with the Blues. A nice reward for those who recently distinguished themselves among the British Barbarians, led by the coach of the XV of France. Not surprisingly, third-line Charles Olivon will chain a second game as captain of the Blues, either.

An uncertain time, Mufana will hold his place well and Damian Penaud will therefore remain on his wing.

The composition of the Blues with just one change

Spring – Penaud (or Buros), Moefana (or Penaud), Vakatawa, Lebel – (o) Jalibert, (m) Lucu – Ollivon (cap.), Tanga, Cretin – Jolmes, Flament – Bamba, Mauvaka, Gros.

Replacements: Bourgarit, Priso, Falatea, Lavault, Diallo, Macalou, Couilloud, Hastoy.

3 changes for the Brave Blossoms

Warner Dearns (3 caps) and Sanaila Waqa (1 cap) take their second row places to replace Van der Walt and Cornelsen, the latter dropped to the third row instead of Tevita Tatafu. Author of the first test of the Brave Blossoms, this time replacing Tatafu. Cornelsen finds former captain Michael Leitch (74 caps) and Ben Gunter in the cage.

The other change comes from the position of scrum half where Naoto Saito (7 caps), who replaces Kaito Shigeno (15 caps), is associated in the hinge with the young Seungsin Lee (2 caps). Also, keep an eye out for the return of legendary hooker Shota Horie (36, 61 caps) who missed the first match after testing positive for Covid-19, like scrum half Naoto Saito.

The composition of Japan!

Yamanaka – Van den Heever, Riley, Nakano, Fifita – (o) Lee, (m) Saito – Gunter, Cornelsen, Leitch – Waqa, Dearns – Valu, Sakate (cap.), Inagaki

Replacements: Horie, Morikawa, Kizu, Tsuji, Tatafu, Shigeno, Tamura, Gates


Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the second game of the Blues Summer Tour against Japan live. Easy winners of the first game (23-42), the Blues are looking to take an incredible 10th win in a row. Kick off at 7:50am!