the Bretons showered, but not sunk


The winning helmet shot from the French defender on the corner that follows! Clear of marks, Fofana places a perfect cross header that leaves Alemdar helpless and enters using the pole!

Sublime Alemdar!! (1-0)

What a parade from Alemdar up close on a powerful header from Amartey, higher than anyone on a corner fallout!! The young Turkish goalkeeper, 19, exudes impressive confidence!

Cardboard for Laborde

The Rennes striker launched a generous defensive play, but a somewhat clumsy sliding. He gets a yellow card, the first of the game.

Here we go again at Roazhon Park! (1-0)

No change to the break, we leave with the same.

A barrier collapses, a big scare for Breton supporters

A barrier separating the Breton head from the lawn of Roazhon Park collapsed on Thursday evening during the celebration of Benjamin Bourigeaud’s goal in the round of the Europa Conference League’s 16th leg. According to our information, two minor injuries, one to the ankle and the other to the wrist, were treated by emergency services.

In the images of RMC Sport we clearly see that the barrier collapses and several dozen Breton supporters fall into the void.

>> The shock of Rennes supporters after a barrier collapsed

The half-finished “Rennesmontada” mission

Driven by a boiling Roazhon Park, Rennes came halfway through and narrowed the gap to Leicester (2-1 over the two games) thanks to Benjamin Bourigeaud, scorer in the 8th minute. The Bretons brought the necessary intensity to this encounter, crowding out the English, threatening counter-attacks. The only thing missing is an extra goal for Rennes!

English set piece

The Foxes have a corner on the right. They play hard towards the first post, where a Rennais covers well and pushes back with a header. The counter then does nothing.

Extra time

Three additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

Breton rage

The whole Leicester team is curled up in or in front of the surface, facing the Bretons who hit the accelerator again. Everywhere is red.

What a pity for Rennes

After intensive pressing and at the right moment, Laborde jumps up and recovers the ball in the last 35 opposing meters. He sees the opening to the surface on the left, but his pass to Majer is too deep.

Punishment for Rennes?

Roazhon claims a penalty as Traoré collapses in the penalty area, closely followed by Barnes. The referee is not fooled, the Rennais fell well alone.

The concerned referee

Play is interrupted for a few moments when the referee is hurt. Seeing no Rennais in his path, he took his shoulder full.

Suffering English

Another corner from the English about to break, this time to the right. Bourigeaud distils a supercross that is deflected too little by Aguerd’s head, which, however, had flown away.

Laborde inspired

It was played subtly by Laborde who cleared himself on a pass supported from the side to the axis. Bourigeaud followed, but the English defense intervened.

Alemdar have a good night

The Rennais play very intelligently, alternating periods of possession and acceleration. This is exactly the attitude you should have. Only downside is the depth which is not always well managed by the central defence. Alemdar reads a situation well and goes way outside his box to stay ahead of Iheanacho.

The bad English free kick

We are going from one goal to another in this first half of the first period. It is the turn of the English to get a free kick, eccentric left. It has been extremely hard hit by Dewsbury-Hall.

A good cartridge for Majer

Hand of Amartey not far from the surface, who offers Rennes a good free kick. Majer hits directly but the wall of the opposing team bends for a corner.

Big fear for Rennes!! (1-0)

We only see the Rennais on the lawn, and there are real shots to play… but also for Leicester. With a high recovery, the Foxes have a 3v2 to play, after which Alemdar knocks out Barnes’ shot which is blocked in passing by Aguerd’s huge return!!

The tile for Leicester

Big blow to the Foxes, Albrighton has to give way already, hit at the start of the action of the goal. He makes way for Lookman.

Light Bulb Roazhon

What an atmosphere in Rennes! On the opener, some head supporters even went over a collapsed barrier, but everything will be fine. The fans take their places and keep pushing!


It’s madness in Roazhon Park!!! The Bretons already find the opening thanks to Bourigeaud, well placed in the pack on a low cross from Terrier. The Rennes striker pushes the ball deep from close range with some success, but it’s 1-0!!

Leicester collect these first minutes

The Foxes are cautious and feel it is best at this point to stem the very voluntary start to the Breton game. However, the English remain ready to recover quickly.

We start on a high foundation

The Rennais put a lot of pressure on their opponents, pushed by their audience. The Bretons, all in the other half, do what it takes at the start of the game.

Let’s go to Roazhon Park! (0-0)

In front of a brilliant tifo and a swarm of flags in the stands, it was Rennes who kicked off this round of the 16th leg of the Europa Conference League!

Kick-off is near!

The players make their entrance on the lawn of an absolutely BOU-ILLANT Roazhon Park. Referee of the match is the Greek Anastasios Sidiropoulos.


Rennes has never reached the quarter-finals of a European competition and will now have to topple the English mountain. Note that the away goals rule, which counts double in the event of a tie, has been abolished since this season.

Little Bretons

Bruno Genesio has let go of his best possible team, given the injuries. Alfred Gomis, who broke his left hand in the first leg, took Dogan Alemdar’s place in Rennes’ goal. Jérémy Doku is suffering from a calf injury. Kamaldeen Sulemana, Loïc Badé, Romain Salin and Jérémy Gélin are still absent.

Leicester bets everything on Europe

Largely dominated by Arsenal (2-0) and Alexandre Lacazette, the Foxes are rising to 12th place in the Premier League and have nearly bid farewell to Europe via the Championship. Not necessarily good news for Rennes, as Leicester will bet everything on a C4 overall win to play another European season next year. The Rennais continue to achieve a flashy success on the lawn of Lyon (2-4) in the Ligue 1.

The compositions have fallen!

Rennes: Alemdar – Traoré (cap.), Omari, Aguerd, Truffert – Bourigeaud, Martin, Santamaria, Majer-Laborde, Terrier.

Leicester: Schmeichel (cap.) – Justin, Amartey, Fofana, Thomas – Tielemans, Ndidi – Dewbury-Hall, Barnes, Albrighton – Iheanacho.

Rennes not painted on the way

Bruno Genesio and his Rennais want to believe in the performance against Leicester to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Europa Conference League. “We will do it”, the Rennes coach assured in conf’, despite the frustrating scenario of the first leg: after conceding the opener in the first period to a cannon shot by Marc Albrighton, the Bretons gave up a second time in the dying seconds on a goal by Kelechi Iheanacho.

Kick-off at 6.45pm.

Hello, welcome to this live RMC Sport to follow the round of 16 second leg of the Europa League conference between Stade Rennais and Leicester City. Kick-off is scheduled for 6:45 PM in Roazhon Park.

In the first leg, at the King Power Stadium, the England team won 2-0.

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