the CAPS Festival combines street art and sports

The CAPS Festival (Clichy Arty Playground Street), organized by bureau rentingART and association CO42, took place on Saturday 2 July and Sunday 3 July 2022 in Clichy-la-Garenne (92).

Born of a new kind of partnership between private, public and associations, it aims to transform the entrance to the city into an open-air cultural space through dialogue between urban art and contemporary art.

After a successful 1st opus in 2021 (1,000 visitors, 400 m² of frescoes and 200 liters of paint), the theme of 2nd edition was the “Urban Illusions” with creation of frescoes, performances, sports, street art workshops, DJ set and dance.

The CAPS Festival is part of the cultural olympic regional program, highlight events that combine artistic practice and sports culture

Meeting with Éric Lévy, founder of the rentingART agency and the CO42 association, which aims to create events for bring the public closer to the art world and artistic creation.

3 questions for Éric Lévy, organizer of the CAPS Festival

What is the CAPS Festival?

Eric Lévy ©rentingART

Eric Levy: It is primarily the acronym of Clichy Arty Playground Street and it is also the name of the small capsules on the sprays of graffiti artists. So it is a name that is very well known in the world of graffiti. This is the 2nd edition of the CAPS Festival, on a small football field and a small basketball court in Clichy. We also raided a space under the ring road at Porte de Clichy. 11 artists painted the 9 pylons there.

They came to express themselves and above all to redefine this space, decorate it and give it a rather surprising dimension.

The event is truly inclusive, free and only lasts 2 days. We want to bring people together, it is made for all inhabitants of Ile-de-France and especially lovers of art and street art.

So there’s street art, but also other activities, including sports?

EL : Yes, the CAPS festival is part of the Cultural Olympiad, a label of the Île-de-France region. In this way we mix different artistic and sporting practices. There is currently a swing dance class, later there is a batucada, we are really trying to get the local actors to work.

There are also street art workshops for children, to make them aware that making beautiful frescoes is not that easy. We also play sports, like a tournament 5-a-side football, or a blind football demonstration

Who are the present artists?

EL : We have Nasty who is from Paris 17 who is really a reference in street art, we also have Serty 31 who is an artist from Clichy, Darel Carey who is from Los Angeles, Soda from London, Los Pepes from Portugal… So that is enough heterogeneous and international.

We want to do something of quality, it’s not graffiti, it’s really contemporary art in the city. It is therefore imperative to walk between the Porte de Clichy and the Fanny Stadium to discover these frescoes.

The Cultural Olympiad in the heart of summer in Île-de-France

As an important partner of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Cultural Olympiad, the Île-de-France region has mobilized all players and all the arts to promote the alliance of sport and culture in Île-de-France, in addition to the sites that will host sporting events in 2024.

This summer, like the CAPS Festival, in towns and villages, on recreational islands, in working-class neighbourhoods, nearly 80 events offer a wide range of experiences for all audiences. Music and dance performances, hip-hop fights, film screenings, lectures, concerts, shows, they will all promote the values ​​of olympism such as brotherhood, respect, etc.

Discover the program of events labeled Cultural Olympiad.