The conference of financiers to transform sport

On May 9, the plenary of the regional sports conference of Île-de-France allowed the installation of the conference of le-de-France Funders (CdF-IdF).

In Île-de-France, the regional sports conference is one of the most advanced in the national territory. At the beginning of May, during the plenary meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Île-de-France region, the Regional Conference of Financiers was established. “We very quickly set up projects that are shared jointly and that align with the interests of the four universities of applied sciences that are part of the CRDS. These projects were in the works, pending the Conference of Funders »explains Evelyne Ciriegi, president of the Regional Sports Conference. “This CDF will play a key role, it will make it possible to carry out and implement actions and projects in the service of sport in the Ile-de-France region. † Projects that can be found within the Territorial Sports Project. “We set up a territorial diagnosis study, from which we developed a PST. We first defined the strategic orientations of this PST, before finally voting on this Territorial Sports Project »explains Evelyne Ciriegi. “At the same time, we have set up the Conference of Funders, which will make the various projects financially operational. This plenary session took place in conviviality and perfect understanding, especially since all the people who are part of the CdF voted unanimously. †

“The Region was an important support for the sport”

In Ile-de-France, the sports movement, communities, the state and economic players are moving in the same direction. “We are aware of the importance of local authorities in the context of this new governance of sport. This is why we immediately appointed the Vice President of Sport of the Seine-et-Marne Department, Bouchra Fenzar-Rizki, as Vice President of the CdF-IdF”, confides Evelyne Ciriegi, also president of CROS Ile-de-France, determined to give an important place to all actors. This regional conference of financiers was chaired by Bernard Cohen-Hadad, President of the CPME Paris Île-de-France and member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of le-de-France. “It is a recognition of the importance of economic actors in an area”rejoices Bernard Cohen-Hadad. “The crisis that we have experienced has shown on the one hand that the Region has been an important pillar of support for sport, but also for all possible bridges between the State, the Region, the different communities and the economic actors. Everyone worked together for the benefit of the inhabitants of Ile-de-France. That is exactly the purpose of the Regional Sports Conference. †

“It’s very recent and it’s a great first”

As for the regional conference of financiers, “it’s a ‘work in progress’, it’s very recent and it’s a great first”says its chairman. “The Conference of Funders is an important pillar in the reorganization of sport in the regions. It is therefore a great challenge for the sports movement, communities, economic players and of course the people of Ile-de-France. Presiding over is a great honour, I didn’t expect it. The goal is to work together, to live better in our region and above all to have a strong action in the sport. † With of course the PST as a guideline for the coming months and years, without forgetting the Paris 2024 meeting. “Paris 2024 makes it possible to put our region in the spotlight, but also to develop everyday, local amenities”emphasizes Bernard Cohen-Hadad. “So the high level will be at the service of the sport for everyone. Our role will therefore be to ensure that this high-quality equipment can be produced and financed, and above all that it can be useful to the inhabitants of Ile-de-France in the future. † A sport at the service of the inhabitants of the region: that is the challenge of this new administration.