The fake ticket scandal affects not only sports, but also concerts

In a report submitted to the interior minister on Sunday, Paris police chief Didier Lallement estimates between 30,000 and 40,000 spectators showed up at the Stade de France on Saturday night with fake tickets to the Champions’ final. Competition between Liverpool and Real Madrid. He took legal action over massive fraud, while Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin denounced “industrial fraud” after a crisis meeting at the Ministry of Sports.

The fault, it seems, of the English club who had asked UEFA, the organizer of the match, to get tickets on paper. “UEFA had offered blockchain ticketing with tickets arriving on your mobile phone. Liverpool refused, they wanted thermal paper, but that opens the door to fraudulent platforms,” ​​explains Angelo Gopee, head of Live Nation France, organizer of gigantic concerts.

Anglo-Saxon platforms with dubious practices

However, it is precisely the Anglo-Saxon countries that authorize these platforms with dubious practices to turn the secondary market into a source of possible duplication of banknotes. “This plague of counterfeit tickets plagues all major concerts in Zeniths, Arenas, stadiums,” said Aurélien Binder, head of Fimalac Entertainment. This is currently the case for the Orelsan tour, produced by Astérios.

In particular, the Viagogo platform is in the crosshairs of Prodiss, the producers’ and turners’ union, which has been fighting against it for years. “But it’s not easy, because it’s an international company, based in the state of Delaware, a tax haven in the United States, with European offices in Ireland and Switzerland, and an army of lawyers. “This kind of illegal platform can sell a ticket of 100 resell euros for 500 euros, with a net profit that goes in his pockets, without paying VAT, neither the artist, the rooms or the organizers, nor is it very attentive to the double tickets”, protests the president of Prodiss, Olivier Darbois.

The nominative ticket solution

According to him, the parade would be to issue nominative tickets. “With a big obstacle, however, because ‘if the holder has an obstacle, he cannot transfer it,” he admits. However, this is the solution that Angelo Gopee, director of Live Nation France, has chosen. “Today we check it e-mail address, the bank card and we send the ticket to the smartphone by locking the transfer,” explains the latter. “This poses a problem for works councils, for those who want to make a donation, Angelo Goppe acknowledges, but we want this concert where people from the province were forced to pay back a ticket at the entrance no longer relive. . »

For Olivier Darbois, who as director of Corida is also a victim of these fake tickets on the PNL tour, “to protect yourself it is essential to buy your ticket on the networks with which the producers have agreements: Fnac, Ticketmaster and SeeTickets “At the risk of holding a ticket whose barcode has been duplicated several times, only the first spectator to report to the checkpoint can cross the entrance.

Increase of the subpoena

Thanks to its strike force, with artists under contract such as Mylène Farmer, Angèle, Stromae or Florence Foresti, Fimalac Entertainment is the only producer that has decided to market its concerts itself, at cost price. “Our own platform mobilizes no fewer than 45 employees. And we have set up a litigation department of three individuals who systematically take legal action against issuers of counterfeit banknotes,” explains its director, Aurélien Binder.

Since the law of 12 March 2012 criminalizing the marketing of tickets without the producer’s consent, lawsuits against illegal resale platforms by Prodiss have multiplied, usually with convictions at the end of the day. This does not discourage fraudsters. Thus, last Friday, the DGCCRF ordered the company Ticketbis to stop offering tickets for cultural and sporting events on its site, without having obtained the necessary permissions. Will the shock caused by the incidents at the Stade de France enable the authorities to put an end to its practices? Nothing is less certain.