The fashion alliance of luxury and sport: the new winning bet

The worlds of fashion and that of sports seem to have become one in recent years. Through prestigious collaborations between equipment manufacturers and fashion houses or sponsorship of sporting events, the luxury/sports alliance is intensifying and attacking all areas, from Fashion Week to sports grounds.

By confronting their universe with that of sport, luxury designers are helping to desacralize the notion of ‘luxury’, which has long been the exclusive preserve of a few. happy couple† Result: sportswear blends with luxury codes, as initiated Virgil Ablohaat the launch of his Off-White label in 2012.

The most popular sports and luxury collaborations

To symbolize this sport/luxury union, fashion collaborations are multiplying. The concept: collections consisting of pieces that reflect the signature of a fashion house as well as that of a sports equipment manufacturer. When two such forces are combined, the result can only be explosive.

And that’s exactly what French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus demonstrated when he announced his partnership with Nike, with likes and comments on his Instagram account. Between the Frenchie style of the maker of the Chiquito bag and the sportswear imprint of the American label, the union was not clear. And yet, followers of Jacques style responded present. Just like the sports fashion fans who have run out of sneakers, the coveted piece of the collab’.

Another fashion/sports collaboration, same enthusiasm: that ofAdidas and Gucci† The two giants have literally merged their worlds and transformed their respective logos into one. First presented to the public on the catwalk of the Gucci fashion show, the collaboration is also accompanied by a playful and retro campaign, reflecting Alessandro Michele (Artistic Director at Gucci) for vintage fashion.

A few years earlier these are: Balmain and Puma who bet on a common collection. Olivier Rousteing had thus imagined a whole arsenal of pieces, including thick-soled sneakers that symbolize this union of a new kind. To embody the collection, the designer had enlisted his good friend, Cara Delevingne, who had posed in boxing gloves, the collab’s famous pair of white sneakers and high socks with the logo for the occasion and revisited the universes of the two claws.

Luxury brands involved in sports

From the catwalk to the Formula 1 circuit there is only one step. For its Cruise 2023 collection, whose parade was held in Monaco, the Chanel house integrated allusions to motorsports into its silhouettes. Leather gloves, helmet, cap, jumpsuits, typical checkerboard pattern… All mixed with the emblematic tweed and the double C logo.

For its spring-summer 2022 Haute Couture collection, the French fashion house paid tribute to the equestrian world this time. Indeed, the Chanel ambassador and licensed rider, Charlotte Casiraghi, was invited to open this parade on horseback.

And the links between luxury and sport don’t stop there. We are thinking of Rolex, sponsor of various sporting events, including the Grand Slam tournaments but also motorsport. As for Louis Vuitton, two collections were conceived in 2020 and 2021, under the impetus of Virgil Abloh, then Artistic Director of the Men’s Collections, in close collaboration with the NBA.

If the link between sport and luxury does not seem obvious at first glance, it is more than ever anchored in our news. Fashion continues to free itself and become more democratic, targeting both the front row of the parades and the simple lovers of this dream universe, as a desire to bring together a wider audience.

The sporting world is undeniably endowed with a unifying force that only the great luxury players can take advantage of. The worlds of sport and luxury converge at one point: their rich history led by outstanding personalities, be it a top athlete or the artistic director of a large house.