The Fise Academy makes babies

Created in collaboration with Alex Jumelin, Hurricane Group and the City of Baillargues, the BMX Flatland School democratizes the discipline and trains the champions of tomorrow.

In 2017, Élodie and Alex Jumelin returned from the United States with their two sons Nathan and Gabin – a third was born three years ago – to settle in France. Returning to Paris where they come from is then out of the question. The small family then chose Baillargues, an ideal place for Alex to continue his extraordinary career in BMX Flat and open the Fise Academy. A joint will built with the mayor of the city and Hervé André-Benoit, founder of Fise. “The planets are aligned, Alex Jumelin recalls. It’s a story of encounters and opportunities. I have royal training conditions compared to other riders. I’ve always found it easier to train in a dedicated space. From an early age, Jumelin has , now 44 years old and a recent silver medalist in the X-Games, always had a desire to transmit and created a school of his discipline.

“Transmission is exchange”
Today about fifty riders, more than half from Baillargues, come into contact with the legend of BMX Flat. “Transmission is bartering,” he exclaims. BMX is a lonely sport that I want to share with others. We have a lot of young girls, the average age is 16. We offer lessons for beginners, amateurs and experienced riders. I teach the lessons, sometimes my son Nathan helps me to take over. We work on the placement of the feet and hands on the bike. Flat BMX is a very technical sport. , exactly. You have to repeat the gestures a lot.”
Alex Jumelin shares his passion within the Fise Academy with the younger generation and with the family. His sons Nathan (18) and Gabin (15) are also Flat enthusiasts. “Ils s’entraînent avec moi, mais aussi à l’extérieur pour devenir encore meilleurs, poursuit-il. C’est incroyable de vivre ça en famille, ce sont des moments intenses de bonheur. Élodie est d’un immense soutien pour toute the family.”

The Fise Academy is well established in the landscape and will soon have children. Projects will see the light of day this summer. A BMX Park and scooter academy is about to get off the ground in Baillargues with a skate park to be inaugurated on July 2. “The Fise Academy also wants to develop in France and the rest of the world,” adds Alex Jumelin. With the Fise team, we want to develop this spirit among beginners, transmission and schools. Even if these sports take time to master, they are accessible, you have to come and try it.”

To get an idea and see what’s best in the world, the Fise Montpellier returns to the banks of the Lez. Like Alex Jumelin competing in the BMX Flat events in the semifinals next Saturday (5:15pm) with a final scheduled for Sunday.

Mélissa Droll, the fruit of the training

The work of the Fise Academy is already bearing fruit, revealing talents trained by Alex Jumelin: Mélissa Droll (15 years). The girl was not destined to ride BMX Flat, but attended an event in her village. “She has been growing up with our structure for five years, explains Jumelin. Mélissa is the perfect example of a girl from the village who was not allowed to practice this sport. It is the best plan. Her parents are following her. This will be her first competition as “Prof. She dreamed of it last year, but she was too young. Mélissa wins all the competitions she participates in. She’s going to have fun, it’s going to be a great moment. She’s focused and looking forward to going there.”

Thanks to the Fise Academy in Baillargues, the BMX Flat for women is progressing. A large third of the working population is represented by girls. “It’s very interesting, Jumelin rejoices. The sessions with the girls, it’s a different approach with a more emotional side, less in the ego, more in parts.” On the banks of the Lez, Mélissa Droll is ready to show what she is capable of.