The French music market increases sales volume…

Turn up the volumeTurn up the volume) sang the group Marrs in 1987. An order followed by the French recorded music market with double-digit growth for 2021 (+14.3%), a first in 20 years. This good news for the sector was revealed on Tuesday by the Snep (National Union of Phonographic Publishing), with the presentation of its annual report at a press conference in Paris.

these results”give little opportunity for celebrations because of the events in Ukraine“, however, noted Alexandre Lasch, general manager of Snep. And the music industry is still a long way from the golden age before the start of the record crisis: music sales in France (digital and physical) find only “a turnover level equal to more than 50% of the historical level of 2002‘ urges Snape.

But how to explain it?good grades“, expression of Bertrand Burgalat, chairman of Snep? The turnover of 861 million euros is driven by streaming that “to consolidate its performance“, with what “subscriptions up by 15%“, Alexandre Lasch underlined during the presentation. For audio streaming, Snep now provides a list”nearly 10 million paid subscriptions, which together with family accounts bring together 14 million users of premium offers“. Of “the 8 million users of free offers, 22 million French listen to music through audio streaming today‘, the representative body continues.

While weekly music listening in France has increased by almost three hours in two years,”listening time via subscription streaming doubled at the same time“, or now 3:36 a week, still mentions the sector’s union.

Alexandre Lasch also greets the producers who “actively working on increasing partnerships with platforms, investing in new technologies, new applicationsMarie-Anne Robert (CEO of Sony Music France and member of Snep’s trade union council) also describes an “éexciting time for music, with close dialogue (thanks to new technologies and social networks) between artists and fans

Snape also welcomes the “restructuring of the recorded music market“: this sector”is thus one of the cultural and creative industries, one of the first to make digital the growth engine it is today“. In 2021 “for the first time digital exceeds the EUR 500 million mark, i.e. the 2015 market value alone“, states the union. Its contribution “in sales is 70% compared to 20% just 10 years ago“, in terms of sales (digital and physical, without taking into account neighboring rights and synchronization).

In detail, the digital therefore weighs 506 million euros, compared to 223 million for the physical (CD, vinyl). Add to this 109 million for neighboring rights (other than copyright, they reimburse music producers, among others) and 23 million for synchronization (combination of music and audiovisual work). 2016 (and 50% more than in 2020).

The still ongoing rise in revenue generated by streaming is combined in this way”remarkable resilience of physical sales“, the union further exposes.”There is a complementarity between streaming and physical“, Bertrand Burgalat analyzes. Antoine Monin, manager at Spotify, confirms that”consumption patterns (streaming and physical) are not against” among music lovers today. Snep thus points to a “21% recovery of revenue generated by physical media (cd, vinyl)that had fallen by 10% before the pandemic

In “strong increase for the first time in 20 years (+10 %)cd sales”are still the second largest source of market revenue“, behind streaming, we can still read in the 2021 report. Finally, with 5.2 million units sold in 2021, vinyl remains a niche market (one third of physical sales) but in full health, with sales that tripled since 2016 (and more 50% compared to 2020).

Ugly, polluting, fragile: it is all faults to blame and yet the CD is experiencing a renewed vitality in France, as evidenced by the market in general and the success of OrelSan’s sales in this area.

The details of the Norman artist are revealing. The party is over (his penultimate album released in October 2017) resulted in 235,000 CD sales. Civilization (last opus released in November 2021) has so far achieved a total of 250,000 CD sales, according to figures provided to AFP by the 3rd Bureau label, a structure associated with the rapper. That’s more in a few months before Civilization that in several years of operation for The party is over