The huge blow of the Greens! – Dbrief and COMMENTS from the players (ASSE 1-0 FCM) – Football

In the game of fear between teams fighting to keep, Saint-tienne Metz (1-0) took over this Sunday during the 27th day of Ligue 1. A short but costly success that allows the Greens to climb temporarily to 16th place with now three points ahead of the Grenats, 19th.

Bouanga released the Cauldron.

The game of fear, a game of six points. Whatever this shock was called, there was no need to lose Geoffroy-Guichard this Sunday. Thanks to a better overall performance, Saint-Tienne eventually won against Metz (1-0) as part of the 27th day of Ligue 1.

The Greens dominate and are doing a massive operation in the standings to keep it up by temporarily climbing to 16th position, now 3 points ahead of the Garnets, who are stuck in 19th place.

ASSE ineffective

In a beautiful atmosphere in the Cauldron, the Greens immediately put a lot of pressure. Boudebouz was also not far from offering the decisive pass of the season with a ball in a bell above the defence. Sharp clearly dominated the debates on the property but failed to get Caillard into trouble, only to be defeated by Bouanga with a goal from the hand which was logically denied.

Despite continued support from fans, ASSE, who multiplied right-wing breakthroughs with the very restless Thioub, struggled to get closer to the opposing team’s goal. The Grenades, for their part, almost never crossed the center line, except for a play from the right that ended with a volley that was far too soft from Mafouta.

Bouanga blows up the kettle

When he returned from the locker room, the match was unblocked. Bouanga put in a perfect volley at a Sacko dvi center to capsize his supporters (1-0, 52nd). Forced to play higher, the Garnets offered absolutely nothing. They could even have conceded another goal had it not been for Caillard’s back-to-back saves for Bouanga and Camara.

Suspended, Frdric Antonetti did not hide his frustration about the poor performance of his partners. The addition would also have been dirtier for his men if Bouanga hadn’t found the post low to the ground during his heavy charge. And to make matters worse, the referee canceled a penalty that De Prville had been awarded for Sarr’s foul on Camara. The nightmare for Metz and his coach.

The score of the match: 5.5/10

A wonderful atmosphere in the Cauldron, where the Greens put in a good performance. Proactive and determined, the locals sought victory by constantly exerting pressure on their opponents. Granted, not everything was perfect, but the desire was there to punish Garnets who missed it again.

The target :

– Shift through Gourna-Douath on the right, Sacko walks over and centers in the box. The ball is deflected by a defender from Messin, but it reaches Bouanga, who puts in a powerful little academic volley at the far post to mislead Caillard (1-0, 52′).

COMMENTS from the players

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) of comments to each player.

Man of the match: Denis Bouanga (7.5/10)

Without Khazri kicking off, the Gabonese striker took on the task of carrying his team. First goalscorer by hand, the former Nmes player freed the Cauldron by returning victoriously with a volley from a center away from Sacko. He could have sent his people away for good if his powerful shot hadn’t hit the post late in the game. A full game for the Panther, who gave a lot on both sides of the field.


Paul Bernardoni (5): the Forzian goalkeeper had almost nothing to do with this part. Other than a shot that was too crushed by Mafouta, he didn’t have to work.

Falaye Sacko (6): an interesting example for the Malian, who was more offensive than usual. It was on one of his climbs that Bouanga, receiving his cross, opened the scoring. However, he was very scared towards the end of the game by conceding a penalty to De Prville, which was eventually canceled due to Sarr’s previous foul on Camara.

Eliaquim Mangala (7): a boss match for the French international, who left his opponents no chance. The central defender, passed by Porto, was clean in both duels and passes and did not admit the slightest mistake.

Mickal Nade (6.5): strong. If initially inaccurate in his memories, which had a knack for irritating his coach, the young central defender recovered well afterwards. He managed to intimidate his opponents by often playing the limit.

Sada Thioub (6.5): A great debauchery of energy for the Senegalese right piston, which was untenable in the first period. Though he was imprecise in his crosses, the former Croco bit both sides of the field. Replace the 87th minute with Aimen Moueffek (not)

Zaydou Youssouf (4): a mediocre match for the Saint-Etienne midfielder, who was taken over by his coach several times due to missed memories. Replace the 46th minute with Lucas Gourna Douath (7), whose entry was much noted. It is he who shifts Sacko on the action of the goal and who takes the keys of the game in the second period. A nice half.

Mahdi Camara (6): a good example for the Stphanois environment. In the kiln and at the mill, he constantly pressed the Messins to prevent the first recovery. In the second half he was almost doubling the lead, but overall he was solid.

Timothe Kolodziejczak (6): a sober but effective match. The left, captain today, has secured his job where Nguette and Delaine have never been able to make the difference.

Ryad Boudebouz (4.5): A lot of waste for the Algerian attacking midfielder. He was not far from the decisive pass of the season with a brilliant ball over the defence. But aside, the Green lost a lot of balls (26) and weighed little on his team’s play.

Arnaud Nordin (4): good intentions but few actions that have contributed concretely. The Stphanois striker weighed much less than in his last appearances and lost half of his balls (16 out of 33). Replace the 78th minute with Wahbi Khazri (not not)

Denis Bouanga (7.5): Read comment above.


Marc-Aurle Caillard (7): big game for the Metz goalkeeper, who kept his team in the game for a long time with 4 decisive saves. Clearly the best player on his team today.

Dylan Bronn (5): Messin’s captain encountered some difficulties against Bouanga. He was often overwhelmed by the speed of the Gabonese striker.

Boubakar Kouyate (6): A game with two sides. Many duels won (10 out of 15) but a tendency to make too many mistakes. Still, his presence prevented the green attackers from passing into the ashes.

Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik (5): less visible to Kouyat, the Cameroonian lacked sharpness in the duels. He could have done much better on the action of goal, where he is twice feverish between the deflection of Sacko’s cross and his failed save on the line.

Grandpa N’Guette (3): a scandalous performance for the Senegalese winger, who lost ten balls in this event, but mainly 8 of his 9 matches. He didn’t bring anything into his hallway. Replace the 54th minute with Thomas Delaine (not not)

Boubacar Traore (6): The Malian midfielder was one of the least bad players on his team. Present in the impact, he somehow tried to slow down the opposing offensives. Fairly clean on the ball, he was not ashamed of his performance. Replace the 65th minute with Pope Matar Sarr (not not)

Ibrahim Amadou (5): A game that is too neutral. He was clean in his passes, but he didn’t take many risks. An encounter with no taste for the medium passed Lille. Replace the 78th minute with Papa Yade (no not)

Fali Cand (4): A complicated competition at all levels. The left side narrowly faced Thioub, who made many tumbles in his lane. Offensively he hasn’t contributed as he has since his arrival in Metz.

Farid Boulaya (2): The Algerian playmaker is completely overlooked. Unable to prove himself, he lost a third of his balloons. Inevitably, his attackers struggled to excel with his mediocre level. Replace the 54th minute with Kevin N’Doram (no not)

Nicolas De Prville (4): the only striker in Metz who does not hesitate to switch to coal. He could have been awarded a penalty at the end of the game, but the referee reneged on a pre-fault on this action.

Louis Mafouta (3): Another very difficult game for the Central African striker, who touched only 17 small balls. Little served, he was easily destroyed by the Saint-Etienne defenders and lost 10 of his 12 matches in this match. Replace the 64th minute with Lenny Joseph (not not)

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ST ETIENNE 1-0 METZ (interim: 0-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1/27th day
Stadium: Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint Etienne – Referee: France Jeremy Stinat

goals : D. Bouanga (52nd) for ST ETIENNE
Warnings D. Bouanga (20th) L. Gourna-Douath (62nd) A. Nordin (74th)for ST ETIENNE – N. de Prville (38th) D Bronn (44th) T. Delaine (58th) B. Traor (64th)for METZ

ST ETIENNEP.BernardoniaF. SackoE.MangalaMr NadeMr CamaraZ. Youssouf (L. Gourna-Douath, 46th)S. Thioub (A. Moueffek, 87th)T. KolodziejczakR. Boudebouz (A. Aouchiche, 90+1st)A. Nordin (W. Khazri, 78th)D.Bouanga

METZMr CaillardB. KouyatoJ. Kana-BiyikD. BronnFali CandiI. Amadou (P. Yade, 78th)O. Nguette (T. Delaine, 54th)B. Traor (P. Sarr, 65th)F. Boulaya (K. N’Doram, 54th)N. de PrvilleL. Mafouta (L. Joseph, 64th)

The Saint-Etienne public reacted

Bouanga scored the winning goal for ASSE (1-0, 52nd)

VIDEO: the community of the Greens with the audience of the Cauldron