The Korfbal, an almost mixed basketball

The ASPTT Caen Korfball in full training ©DR

It is 7 pm in the Albert Camus gymnasium in Caen (Calvados). Antoine, Marie and Gregory train to shoot into a basket 3m50 off the ground. By comparison, classic basketball hoops are 3m05 high. On the same court, men and women compete, passing, runs and shots, but it is impossible to move once the ball is in their hands.

This somewhat special sport is korfball. Originally from the Netherlands, he arrived in France in the 80s. And in 2016 he settled in the Caen region.

“I was a Korfball player in the Paris region,” says Antoine Salmon, founder, trainer and player of the club. I had to come to Normandy for personal reasons, but I really didn’t want to stop this sport. I knew Caen’s ASPTT wanted to open parts of original sports so I contacted them to be a part of it. †

The collective and diversity above all

Antoine had discovered korfball a bit by accident during a club day. “This discipline intrigued me, because I played basketball in my youth and it is very similar. The mixed side of the sport really interested me as it allows family members to play together. For example, my partner is part of our team and that is very pleasant. †

Because yes, during a korfball game, men and women are on the field together. “Our sport is practiced with 8 per team, with an equal number of men and women. The field is divided into two zones: attack and defense. We are with equal numbers of each gender in each part, for total equality. In addition, the rules are made in such a way that the physical difference is absolutely not visible. “No contact is allowed between the players and the men have to defend against the men, the same goes for the women.” The purpose of these rules is to promote the collective (dribbling is not allowed, the only way to advance getting on the field is the pass), and to let everyone play together without being disadvantaged.

A fully competitive first season

When the korfball section of the ASPTT was founded in 2016, it only entered the official circuit 3 years later. “It’s very difficult to have a full squad, it took time, but we managed. In 2019, the team will therefore participate in its first season in the French third division Honor Nord. “It is divided into geographical areas and we are connected with clubs like Massy and Amiens. But COVID has been there. This season 2021-2022 is therefore the real “first”. “We play a total of 6 matches a year. “We’re second, it’s going pretty well. Our last game will be played on June 12 at 10:45 AM.”

The future looks bright for korfball, although recruiting is not easy. “It really hasn’t been published, so it’s hard to know it exists. But there is a bit of enthusiasm and we try to respond to that. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested! †

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Training on Thursday from 7 pm to 8.30 pm in the Albert Camus gymnasium, Boulevard de la Charité. [email protected], Facebook page on behalf of the

‘ASPTT Caen Korfball.

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