The large RMC Sports file (part 8)

FILE RMC Sport – Despite the promise of a solid future, Luís Campos will become disillusioned with the city of Roosters. In the space of a few weeks, the wind will turn. A mix of scrambles, punchlines and csc.

Motivated and reassured by the project to “consolidate Gil Vicente in the Portuguese League”, Luís Campos – who has signed up for the next three years – is more active than ever. In the summer of 2004 he stood out on all fronts. In Senegal to guide players, in Ofir for the preparation of the season, in his office in the new stadium inaugurated in May of the same year. And there is work. About ten arrivals, as many departures and files that Campos follows individually and personally.

In July, during the official presentation, he sends: “I am ambitious and we are looking for eighth or ninth place.” A few days after the final that Portugal lost during the European Championship, Campos unfolds: “I hope that we will play better football than Greece’s, but that we will win as much as Greece. I would like to see us with the third best finish defense and third best offense.” A passion shared by Vice-President António Fiúza: “To be honest, I think there are very few clubs today that are ahead of Gil Vicente.”

Praise rains on Professor Campos: “He is a man with a capital H. An exemplary professional, a modern coach. This project will bring him great stability. We believe he will have a great future.” LC thinks he can finally work. He polishes his game model, in Ofir, and warns: “If you have experience with this sort of thing, you know that it is impossible to build a consistent structure in such a short time, with so many new elements.”

“Shut up, you and your bad grades!”

The official season starts in Alvalade. Sporting won 3-2 but the score did not reflect the suffering of the Roosters. Campos’ tactical audacity – in 3-4-3 – is thwarted by “the fabric of nonsense” committed by his team, exemplified by the goal against his camp by Marcos António (future player of Auxerre). A few days later, it was Rui Baião who, in his own words, “would make the biggest mistake in [sa] career”.

During a training session, Gil Vicente’s creative player – who had already managed Campos at Varzim – is tired of the small blows of his teammates and lets his coach know. Campos lets it flow. The cleats keep falling. Rui continues to scream. Campos asks him to shut up and orders him to keep playing. Show on. Baião, who will narrate the episode in an interview awarded to Expresso in 2021, explodes “for the whole group”: “Shut up, damn it and your bad results, you’re going to fuck this club for me!” The teacher sends his foal back to the locker room. Rui Baião, who casually apologizes, is fired.

The results are as immersive as the atmosphere. Defeats to Boavista and Beira-Mar. Success escaped the Gilistas and President Martins is (already) forced to consolidate Campos in his position: “It would be worrying if we didn’t play well and we didn’t have any scoring opportunities, which we didn’t.” As a sign of support, the ultras Kaos Barcelos go so far as to offer their coach a scarf that has lain in the heart of Santo António Church for three days. The relegated Rui Baião is back and Gil Vicente finally wins (3-1 to Moreirense). First win for the club in its new setting. Amen. Could the first selection interview of Jorge Ribeiro (brother of Maniche) be a new message of hope? shit. De Gil dives back to Coimbra (1-2), while leading 1-0. The Académica has just handed the dunce cap to its opponent. The Estudante Zé António congratulates the professor: “Congratulations Gil Vicente. The teams of Luís Campos always play very well.” The person concerned regrets the arbitration. He strengthens the sessions, organizes training matches, the results of which serve both to reassure his attackers (5-0 against Ribeirão) and to make his defense think (5-5 against Aves).

“I’m a man with big tomatoes”

After 5 days, the management of the GVFC has already ended up in a downward spiral for his coach. Setback against Braga (0-1) on a new csc. A match in which the referee signals and then cancels a penalty in his favor. Suddenly, yuck, Luís Campos unleashes: “They want to exclude me from football, but we won’t succeed! One day they will fall and I’ll still be there. I’m a man with big tomatoes [expression familière portugaise désignant les testicules]Vice-President Fiúza (re)confirms him in his post for the other derby against Guimarães. And another disappointment (1-2), with a missed penalty and (again!) a CSC from António. The next day, in Record : “The Gil Vicente should start thinking about using a parapsychologist to bolster his staff and exorcise his lack of luck.”

Nothing goes right at Barcelos. The elimination in the Portuguese Cup against Odivelas – who plays in the third tier – only confirms it. But this time no one confirms Campos in his position. Luis is fired. With an ax. The man “with a capital H”, the gondola head “of the Gil Vicente project for the future”, jumps after seven days. Like a deja vu… This time they didn’t even wait for Christmas to send it to the log.

“The results were not there and Luís Campos had the dignity to ask for his resignation. It’s a shame because Professor Luís Campos is a good technician who had bad luck,” Fiúza tries to justify. A few days later, at a general meeting, the sócios gilistas demand explanations from their decision-makers. Ulisses Morais taking the bench will have more success. He keeps the club in La Liga. At the same time, Luís Campos started work on a new galley. At the coast…