the MHSC pushes after a failed panenka

Thuram replaces Lemina

By return. Fourth substitution for Galtier to replace Khephren Thuram instead of Mario Lemina.

Sambia replaces Souquet

Second substitution for Olivier Dall’Oglio: Junior Sambia replaces Arnaud Souquet.

Release of Mollet

Mollet leaves. Delay takes its place.


At the end of a supersonic counterattack, Kasper Dolberg tries his luck from the right side of the box, but his attempt is not on target.

Savanier tries it right away!

Savanier tries his luck on this corner! Lotomba fends off the danger at the nearest post, while the La Paillade captain’s shot was on target!

Corner for Montpellier!

Corner was to follow for Montpellier, the ninth of the game, after being countered by Savanier.

Dolberg replaces him

Kasper Dolberg replaces Delort. Bilal Brahimi replaces Gouiri.

Delort strike

Shoot Delort out of the picture on this free kick. The former attacker of Montpellier comes out from under the whistle.

Yellow for Wahi

Late in his intervention, Wahi is shown a yellow card and can endanger the Gym from a free kick.

A great opportunity for the people of Nice

On a superb throw from Amine Gouiri, Morgan Schneiderlin tries to get the ball back, but the MHSC defense reverses the danger.

Very quiet second period

Sterile predominance of the MHSC in this second period. While evolving in numerical superiority, Savanier’s teammates struggle to open the target’s doors. On the Nice side, we stop projecting ourselves so much and turn our backs…

calf strike

From the left, turn low to the ground for Florent Mollet. Nice parade of Benitez who is very eager to keep the zero today.

Nice intervention by Schneiderlin

Superb intervention by Schneiderlin in the penalty area while Mollet appeared alone in front of the goal.

Corner for nothing

Benitez, master of the air, steals the ball from the Montpellier players.

The MHSC defense remains alert

Gouiri dribbles a player and tries to control Delort. Nice interception by Cozza who starts the counterattack. Corner follows for the MHSC!

Savanier long pass

Pass too long from Savanier who was looking for Wahi in the penalty area. The ball goes out of the goal.


Germain gives way to Todibo on Savanier’s cross, but his effort hits the left post and ends up in Benitez’s gloves.

Ristic center

Ristic tries to create danger in the penalty area, but Benitez gets in his way. Impec for the time being the Nice porter.

The gym doesn’t defend

If the question was whether OGC would defend Nice in this second half, the answer is NO! The Gym is dangerous like this shot from Lemina.


Superb save from Benitez on this Mollet attack. The MHSC is still pushing through!

Savanier, not a fan of penalties…

Sanctions, certainly not Savanier’s best exercise.

Schneiderlin input

Morgan Schneiderlin enters Hicham Boudaoui’s place.

Here we go again !

Kick-off of the second period in the Mosson!

HALF TIME: the two teams back to back!

The Gym bends but does not break. Dominated from the head and shoulders but especially reduced to ten since Dante’s eviction in the 35th minute, the Niçois struggle to play the game alone. We’ll have to be a bit lucid for the goal on the Montpellier side.

2 minutes extra time

The line umpire indicates that there are (only) 2 minutes left in this very eventful first act!


After a pass from Savanier, Mollet stands out and sends a devastating header into the penalty area. The ball passes a few centimeters from the left post.

Free kick played fast!

Savanier quickly plays a free kick and surprises the entire defense of the opposing team. Germain fails to complete this great inspiration.

The people of Nice no longer see the light of day

At 11 to 10 after Dante’s expulsion, Montpellier pushes and dictates the game. De Niçois no longer touch the ball.

Missed penalty!

Savanier tries a panenka but Benitez stays in place. The captain of the MHSC can blame himself…

Penalty validated!

Savanier takes care of it!

VAR busy…

Turpin listens to the video truck to validate the red card and penalty…


Double punishment for the gym! Turpin signals the penalty spot! Dante and Galtier are mad with rage!

It still looks pretty intense…


Dante is sent off after an intervention in the penalty area!

Delort target of the names of birds

With every touch of the ball, Delort becomes the target of bird names. MHSC supporters eagerly awaited the return of their striker.

Technical Approaches

The encounter becomes more and more visceral. Errors and technical approaches appear and prevent one of the two teams from becoming dangerous.

Big offense by Rosario

Turpin put the flute in his mouth after Rosario’s muscular intervention on Savanier. No cardboard.

Montpellier dictates the game

It is the Montpellier players who have paused the game since the beginning of the game. Savanier’s teammates exchange short passes and try to make the difference.

Projectiles thrown on the lawn

The announcer asked supporters not to throw projectiles onto the lawn.


Montpellier pushes and Benitez prevents Esteve from opening the score on this corner. After a pass from Savanier, the MHSC defender tries his luck, but the Gym goalkeeper lies perfectly on the ball! It was very very hot!

Nice defense from Todibo

The Gym defender fends off the danger. Mollet was about to find Germain close by after a corner with two.

Yellow for Lotomba

As Savanier projects and launches a counterattack, Jordan Lotomba involuntarily deflects the ball with his hand. Logical yellow.

Yellow for Esteve

First cracker of the game. It’s for Maxime Esteve, responsible for a too heavy tackle on Delort. The Mosson likes it!

It does not matter

The helmet shot from one of the MHSC players fails to find the frame and Benitez will be able to free himself.

New angle!

The Gym does not succeed in clearing the ball well and a new corner for the MHSC!

Ristic strike!

Montpellier pushes and Olivier Dall’Oglio’s players don’t hesitate to try their luck once the ball is near the surface of Nice. Ristic’s is countered and corner follows.

Lemina Strike

Lemina tries his luck from the entrance of the penalty area, but his shot goes too far over Omlin’s cage.

Delort whistled

Andy Delort is constantly whistled by all the supporters present in La Mosson at the slightest touch of the ball.

The Savanier show continues

The Montpellier captain is in top form and has adapted perfectly to the conditions. Lemina has to make a foul to stop the French midfielder.

Corner for nothing

The Nice hinge is more observant this time and the ball is clear.

Whoa strike!

Wahi takes advantage of a lack of communication in the opposing team’s defense to try his luck. His bet on the nearest post is blocked and the MHSC gets a corner!

Gouiri tries his luck!

Amine Gouiri wiped out several players on the left wing before going in and trying his luck. His shot is blocked. Tap to follow for OGC Nice.

Savanier’s Magic Pass

Without momentum, from the outside, Savanier launches Elye Wahi with a breathtaking pass. The MHSC attacker cannot find the frame. Montpellier reacts immediately!


After a great inspiration from Hicham Boudaoui, Andy Delort tried his touch from the right side of the MHSC penalty area. The ball hits the post!

First big big chance of the game!

The angle doesn’t matter

Corner cleared by the Nice defence.

Grimace of Savanier

After a first stroke of genius, Savanier sees his cross countered. He takes his time before turning the corner and shudders upon contact with Melvin Bard.

Here we go !

Kick-off at the Stade de la Mosson! Montpellier will face OGC Nice this afternoon.

Tribute to Souleymane Camara

Tribute to Souleymane Camara before the start of the match. Second top scorer in club history with 76 goals.

Player input

The 22 actors enter the lawn of the Mosson, under the heavy rain of Montpellier. About 10,000 spectators come.

Andy Delort and Montpellier in numbers

Number of matches in all competitions: 106

goals: 47

assists : 21

yellow cards: 14

Best season: 2020/2021 with no less than 15 goals and 10 assists in 30 appearances in the French top league.

The Elf of Montpellier

The composition of Montpellier: Omlin – Esteve, Chotard, Cozza – Souquet, Mollet, Ferri, Ristic – Savanier, Germain – Wahi.

The eleven from Nice, with Delort holder, but without Kluivert on the match form

The composition of Nice: Benitez – Lotomba, Todibo, Dante, Bard – Boudaoui, Lemina, Rosasion, Stengs – Delort, Gouiri.

Tense reunion for Delort?

This southern race is of course dominated by Andy Delort’s return to Montpellier, after his eventful departure to Nice last summer. The Aiglons striker said in an interview before the match that he expected insults and asked his relatives not to go to the stadium.

good morning all

Welcome to this live commentary from RMC Sport dedicated to Montpellier-Nice, as part of the 28th day of Ligue 1. The Gym is 2nd in the standings, the MHSC 11th. Kick-off at 5:00 PM!