the Minister of Sport seizes the labor inspectorate after the revelations about France 2023

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the Sports Minister, on Wednesday seized the labor inspectorate over the Public Interest Group (GIP) France 2023, which is responsible for organizing the next Rugby World Cup after The Team’s revelations about certain practices within the organizing committee.

The Ministry of Sport reacts to the revelations made this Wednesday in L’Equipe about the social climate within the Public Interest Group (GIP) France 2023, which is responsible for organizing the next Rugby World Cup. Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has decided to seize the labor inspectorate “without delay” on “disturbing elements”.

In a press release, the ministry also states that it has seized the opportunity of the GIP’s ethics committee “to ensure respect for the values ​​that should form the basis of collective work”. Amélie Oudéa-Castéra wants to “shed light” on the situation within GIP France 2023.

The FFR also calls for an investigation

According to L’Equipe, the head of the GIP, Claude Atcher, and his chief of staff, Marie Houzot, reign supreme within the organizing committee, with humiliations, insults and a management based on fear. Various employees, current or past, testify anonymously on a daily basis to the treatment reserved for the entire team present on site.

The French rugby federation also communicated in the evening and indicated that it wanted to carry out a social investigation “as soon as possible”. “The FFR agrees with the wish of the State to shed light on the internal situation”, concludes the federation.

Behind’s “leadership” necessary according to the GIP

The GIP France 2023 also responded. “The organization of an international event such as the Rugby World Cup de facto implies a sustained work pace within particularly tight deadlines, which are the norm in the event industry,” the committee wrote in a statement.

The GIP also highlights the number of employees being rehired by the commission and ensures that “given the challenges of managing such an event, Claude Atcher’s leadership and authority are essential to chart and retained until ‘the end of the Rugby World Cup’.

The press release concludes with an initiative designed to respond to “the discomfort of certain employees”: a system will see the light of day to “ensure an anonymous and effective collection of testimonials in support of a listening cell accessible to all employees ; use an independent committee to handle reports received; provide appropriate support to those in need; and appoint an outside and specialist advisor to diagnose the organization’s social climate.”

‘The GIP and Claude Atcher must be held accountable’

Contacted by RMC Sport, Loïc Hervé, senator from Haute-Savoie, member of the “qualified personalities” who participated in the 2023 General Assembly of France, responded: “I saw Claude Atcher twice, but I never went to the headquarters of France 2023. I hope the state will seize it. The least we can do is for the government to intervene now.”

“The GIP and Claude Atcher should be responsible for these problems, it’s really the least we can do,” he added. We need a healthy entity to host the World Cup, which is now a year from now. I am surprised. the Stade de France and the Senate, we should not wait until there are major problems to initiate proceedings.”